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to be hacked off at yet another example of rip-off Britain

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clam · 18/06/2008 21:27

Can someone please explain why Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Body serum retails over here at £25, yet in the USA, you can get it in Target for 25 dollars? (approx £12.75). WHY, WHY, WHY?? It's manufactured over here, fgs. I am SO FED UP with this. Why do we put up with this and just pay up every time?

OP posts:
TheArmadillo · 18/06/2008 21:28

YANBU. The way to stop this is to import the stuff (if it works out cheaper) or to stop buying it full stop.

Is the only way it will change.

Flashman · 18/06/2008 21:31

Because us brits are idiots - we never actual DO anything - we all just piss and moan!

clam · 18/06/2008 21:38

well I suppose I am veto-ing it in a way, in that I get my friend in the US to buy products I like for me and bring them back when she comes. And I point blank REFUSE to buy a car at the moment until this credit crunch really hits home and retailers get realistic with their ridiculous prices. How do other people afford it?

OP posts:
Tortington · 18/06/2008 21:45

i predict a riot
i predict a riot

Flashman · 18/06/2008 21:46

Cars I think are an interesting one - while the price of a new car is high - it keeps the price of second hand cars higher - would you want your current car to fall in value?

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 21:48

Lol at 'we never actually do anything!'

Apart from inventing almost everything on the globe currently invented, no .. I guess you're right

Just don't buy Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect Body Serum.

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 21:52

In the States, you have to pay through the nose for private medical insurance. They don't have an NHS, as you know.

So, it's swings and roundabouts. You might save £12 on a bottle of serum, but a broken leg might cost you $2000.

tissy · 18/06/2008 21:53


you don't have to put up with it; it's not exactly vital, is it?

It may be cheaper to import the stuff from the States, but think of the carbon footprint!

francagoestohollywood · 18/06/2008 21:58

Doesn't it depend on the value of the pound? ???

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 21:59

Yes, let's all fly to New York for £500 and save some money on pointless consumer goods

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:02

Or, you could buy it on-line from the States, and the Postman will baffling charge you £27.50 to deliver it. Something to do with American Customs & Excise duties??

nametaken · 18/06/2008 22:20

Hi Clam just wanted to let you know that Boots Timedelay products are exactly the same as the Protect and Perfect range but are half the price.

Next time you're in Boots, get the Protect and Perfect body lotion, then find the Time Delay body lotion and look on the ingredients list on the back. Exactly the same!!!!

Same goes for the famous beauty serum. The Time Delay one is exactly the same but half the price.

I kid you not.

Flashman · 18/06/2008 22:26

Desiderate - I mean as in We never do anything - US the great British public - we just piss and moan and just take the crap servie the general rip off

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:32

But the great British public are responsible for the crap service. It is we who are providing it!!

What do you propose? That we demand the cost of non-essential stuff is brought down?

Nope. You just vote with your feet. Nobody's skin actually needs serum, so just don't buy it.

The grass isn't greener in the States. Other, more essential things, cost a great deal more.

This is a consumer society. If you don't buy what you don't need, none of it actually matters.

Flashman · 18/06/2008 22:36

But that is my point we don't vote with our feet - we just moan. i bet if I check in 6 months the sales of Boots serum has not dropped

mazzystar · 18/06/2008 22:36

lol at getting so het up about serum

well, those lucky yanks may get their superflous beauty products at 40% off but they have to pay for their own healthcare. take your pick

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:41

Precisely, mazzy.

SenoraPostrophe · 18/06/2008 22:42

hear hear mazzystar.

and do you know what? I wouldn't pay £12.75 for a tube of moisturiser anyway.

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:42

Of course the price will drop if nobody buys it, Flash. That's what sales are all about.

I don't think I've ever bought anything top-dollar in my life. I just wait until the price comes down ... and if it doesn't, I don't buy it.

pointydog · 18/06/2008 22:46

market forces. It got a good press so people will pay silly money. Buy another cheaper one. As gok says, there's really nothing better about an expensive one

MKG · 18/06/2008 22:48

Don't worry we're paying $1.20 for the same pill you get for $0.60.

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:49

That is so true, pointy. Extensive research has repeatedly proven that, for instance, expensive tooth pastes are no better than own-brand, that cheap bog paper doesn't wipe your arse any the worse, and that laboratory moisturizer, if you use it, has no long-term effect on your complexion.

In fact, some expensivie moisturizers have been proven to thin the skin, and make it more susceptible to UV rays, despite the claims on the box.

Flashman · 18/06/2008 22:51

Desiderata I will try again - yes I understand that if people do not buy it the price should come down - however generally in this country people do not boycott goods to force the price down. I can't think of a product where WE the people have done that. And I stand by my 6 month forecast on the serum.

And pointy dog - Indeed other wise companies are wasting millions on ads otherwise.

Desiderata · 18/06/2008 22:53

Well, I boycott products to bring the price down, as I've mentioned earlier.

If I can't buy it in a sale, I don't bother. Doesn't that equate to the same thing?

And if everybody did that, then your prices would come down, surely?

If you're guilty of buying non-essentials at top-notch prices, don't take it out on me, kid

SenoraPostrophe · 18/06/2008 22:55

actually flash, we do it all the time.

lots of us didn't buy houses because they were too expensive, and guess what?

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