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How long do you sleep at night?

185 replies

missbluex · 15/10/2022 19:45

Posting for traffic, how long do you sleep at night?

I’m studying full time for a degree and managing a part time job whilst often caring for my elderly father. I need around 10 hours each night but my DP complains it’s too much?!

Baffles me how some manage on 6 hours of less!

OP posts:

StrawberryQuartz · 15/10/2022 21:20

5-6 hours, have 2 young DC. Permanently exhausted but always too busy to sleep earlier. Sleep as long as you need, if you have time for 10 hours that’s brilliant, good sleep is key to feeling your best.


PrincessSpanky · 15/10/2022 21:20

Between 6-7.


PanettoneMoly · 15/10/2022 21:21

6-7 hours. I was a solid 8+ hours before DD, couldn’t function with less. DD went through a phase of waking up at 5:30am, then our cat got ill and went through a phase of meowing loudly at 4:30am so now I tend to wake about 5 and can’t get back to sleep. I have to be in bed by 10pm or I’ll turn into a pumpkin


ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/10/2022 21:21

Mybestyear brilliant that you’ve sorted your sleep problems. Insomnia is bloody awful, very isolating and affects everything in your life so much. Everything feels so negative.

I’m fine now as well thanks. I think mine was a mixture of menopause, lockdown worries, adjusting to dcs leaving home, work being a pain, and yes, drinking too much to cope with it all! I’m much calmer now, drinking a lot less, and sleep is much better for it. I normally get 6/7 hours a night now which is absolutely fine.


Justcallmebebes · 15/10/2022 21:22

Aim for 8 but can function fine on 7


Bouledeneige · 15/10/2022 21:24

6-7 hours with bits of insomnia thrown in. Late 50s.

I thought adults didn't need 10. It seems a lot.


tiger2691 · 15/10/2022 21:24

Bad night 3 - 7, I suffer from sleep clinic diagnosed hyper-arousal insomnia.


Bbq1 · 15/10/2022 21:25

8 is probably my ideal but more likely to be 7ish. I can manage on 6 for a day or two then it catches up. Occasionally I sleep for 9. 10 hours is a lot, Op. I work ft, I have a family and I also have underlying health conditions byt I don't need that much sleep.
End of the day though, sleep is a personal thing. If you need 10 hours and are able to sleep for 10 with your commitments then why not?


Hersetta427 · 15/10/2022 21:27

Aim for 7 but it's generally less. Don't even get 10 at a weekend - that's far too much for a fit and healthy adult.


Dallasdays · 15/10/2022 21:27

Prob 6 hours on average, quite often less but stock up when I can!


OhNoOhDearOh · 15/10/2022 21:28

8-9. Used to be 10, post kids I get by on less. DH is more like 6-7


XAQ · 15/10/2022 21:29

I can get away with 6 hours occasionally, but usually I need 10 -12 hours a night. I have Multiple Sclerosis for transparency.


Coyoacan · 15/10/2022 21:29

I hace a friend like you, OP. She needs to sleep ten hours a night but hardly stops during her waking hours


AlbaDT · 15/10/2022 21:29

I average 7-8 - slightly less Mon-Fri and slightly more at weekends.


Ratherperplexed · 15/10/2022 21:30

63, 6hrs max


Dallasdays · 15/10/2022 21:30

Whereland · 15/10/2022 19:51

Young, not hound. But also kind of hounds.


Lisa3344 · 15/10/2022 21:31

Usually 4-7 hours broken sleep due to DC. 10 sounds like heaven


Newmum738 · 15/10/2022 21:32

9 is right for me but I struggle to get that!


PaperMonster · 15/10/2022 21:36

I function best on ten hours. I usually get 7-8 hours.


WhatTheFlap · 15/10/2022 21:37

I like to have 8 but usually get around 7. I have a 15 month old and am beyond lucky that he’s slept through the last few months, but is usually up for the day at 6/6.30 so if I’m not asleep by 10 I stress about it a bit!

I don’t think I’ve had 10 hours since I was a teenager!


GarlandsinGreece · 15/10/2022 21:38

6-8, and that’s medicated.


Theroad · 15/10/2022 21:39

I've never heard of an adult needing to sleep 10 hours per night. That does sound excessive but everyone's different so if that's what you need and there's no underlying medical reason for such tiredness then do what you need to do and get it if you can.

I aim for 7hours but more often than not it's around 6. I have young DC but they now sleep quite well so it's my own fault - I stay up too late and had somewhat got used to surviving on less than optimal sleep since my youngest was a disaster sleeper for the first three years of her life. I should try harder to get 7/8 hours.


JaceLancs · 15/10/2022 21:40

6/7 of interrupted sleep
most nights I wake 2-3 times if I’m lucky I can get back to sleep straight away
other nights I feel like I see every hour


Dunnoburt · 15/10/2022 21:41

I get around 6 hours in total but all broken....wake throughout the night..... its horrible 😔


VioletInsolence · 15/10/2022 21:41


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