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How long do you sleep at night?

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missbluex · 15/10/2022 19:45

Posting for traffic, how long do you sleep at night?

I’m studying full time for a degree and managing a part time job whilst often caring for my elderly father. I need around 10 hours each night but my DP complains it’s too much?!

Baffles me how some manage on 6 hours of less!

OP posts:
UpToMyElbowsInDiapers · 15/10/2022 19:46

I aim for 8 but usually get 7. 10 feels like a lot, but you need what you need, I guess. Do you have underlying health conditions?

Hugasauras · 15/10/2022 19:46

Between 6-8 hours depending on baby, both not a solid chunk. Ten hours is a lot!

Thrownunderabus · 15/10/2022 19:47

Monday night was 5 hours but generally I get around 7.
Not through choice, I’m permanently exhausted but hardly ever sleep well. 10 hours would be amazing!

Overthebow · 15/10/2022 19:48

6-7 hours. I wouldn’t have time for more really with work and my DC! I have no idea how people have time to sleep for 10 hours.

ofwarren · 15/10/2022 19:48

Usually between 6 and 8

Doublevision5 · 15/10/2022 19:48

I function well on 8, but feel better if I have 10. I have mental health issues and low iron which are both reasons I need more sleep. I can manage on 6 for a day or two, but feel crap.

ShowOfHands · 15/10/2022 19:48

9 is my ideal but usually get 7-8 which is enough to cope.

AloysiusBear · 15/10/2022 19:48

10 is a lot. I manage on 7 but need 8 really, being constantly sleep deprived has left me gaining weight and so much slower mentally.

If DH expected 10 hours of "sleep" a night I'd be very suspicious that at least an hour of it was him lazing a bit having a lie in but largely awake.

DashboardConfessional · 15/10/2022 19:49

About 6. Ideally I'd do 11 to 7 but DS wakes up at 6 to get in our bed then I can't drop off.

If I go to bed earlier than 11 I feel like I get no time to myself.

CentralLondonLife · 15/10/2022 19:49

5-6 hours probably
Late 50s.

During lockdowns I did 12!

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/10/2022 19:49

I have been suffering from insomnia recently so been reading loads of articles about sleep and how much is needed.

My take from all this reading:-

1 consistently less than 4 hours is life threatening
2 consistently over 8 hours is bad for you
3 7 hours is the best amount
4 anything between an average of 6-8 hours is fine

CloseYourMouthLynn · 15/10/2022 19:49

Between 4-7 depending on children waking and/or insomnia. I've never been a good sleeper. I envy those who can sleep for long stretches!

cliffdiver · 15/10/2022 19:51

8 hours during the week.

9-10 at weekends.

I would love to get 10 hours sleep every night.

What time do you go to bed and get up to manage 10 hours mid week?

Whereland · 15/10/2022 19:51

Eh, I've got three hound children under 4 so generally a broken 5-6 hours max. Sleep as much as you want.

Tacocatgoatcheesepizza · 15/10/2022 19:51

10 hours IS a lot for an adult. Isn’t the average 8?

I usually get around 6.5 hrs a night as I’m terrible at going to bed at a decent time. I wake up grumpy every morning, could definitely do with more, but I find it really hard to get to sleep.

Whereland · 15/10/2022 19:51

Young, not hound. But also kind of hounds.

Darbs76 · 15/10/2022 19:52

wow 10hrs? I’ve not had that since I was a teenager. I have about 6-7hrs absolute max - I am an early bird these days

Lovemusic33 · 15/10/2022 19:52

8 hours

Energypanic · 15/10/2022 19:52

Usually 8 hours in order to function properly now. I used to need 10+ hours but I found being strict on when I go to bed and NOT setting an alarm in the morning actually made me need less once I was used to it. Since I wake up naturally instead of being jolted awake I feel much less groggy and it's a lot easier to get up and start moving around

The rare few times I do need to use an alarm now I really struggle to get started and feel shitty and foggy-brained all day.

Chikapu · 15/10/2022 19:52

Between 8-9. A lot of people my age have sleep issues, night sweats, getting up to pee etc, but so far I've been extremely lucky to sleep through all night every night.

IconicKitty · 15/10/2022 19:52

I think it's not the length but the quality of sleep that counts. I am much more tired after 9 hours interrupted sleep than I am with 7 hours deep sleep.

NatalieH2220 · 15/10/2022 19:52

6 hours during the week (11pm-5am) although less in reality as there's at least one wake up per night from DC usually more. Weekends is probably 7/8.

Charcy · 15/10/2022 19:53

Ten????? TEN????? 🤣

I'd get tested for medical problems tbh. I can't remember the last time I had more than 6. Not that it's a competition, but I function perfectly well on 5 to 6 hours sleep and hate the idea of wasting my time sleeping. I feel bad now as I take the piss out my OH if he has a lie in (would take him to about 8 hours).

Crazy how different people are.

thenorthsea · 15/10/2022 19:53

10 hours sleep is basically a luxury most people can't have.

Good for you if you need it and can get it - good sleep is linked to good mental and physical health.

7-8 is what most people need

luxxlisbon · 15/10/2022 19:53

Between 7-8 hours. Most of the time I’m still tired.
To get 10hrs sleep I would have to go to bed at 10pm which just wouldn’t be at all realistic.

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