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Judgy re UV vests / getting a suntan?

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PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:29

We're currently on holiday in America. It's very hot and the sun is very strong. We're all very pale skinned, freckles and fair hair. We're all wearing long sleeved UV tops in the pool, beach and at the water parks. Have heard a variety of "look at those crazy people in their tops" comments and had more than a few odd looks.

Even before we left my mum was raising eyebrows at us buying UV tops for adults, she is very much of the opinion that if you're somewhere hot it's practically compulsory to get a tan, or how would neighbours, friends or the woman in Tesco know you'd been away?Hmm

Getting a tan isn't even on my radar on holiday - dare say I'll go home with more freckles than I came with but I'm not actively trying.... no desire to end up like some of the battered old bits of leather I've seen lying by the pool.

OP posts:
Leicesterpiggott · 21/07/2017 16:30

Battered old bits of leather? Nice.

dementedpixie · 21/07/2017 16:31

Meh, I wear a bikini. I'm sweaty enough wearing that so couldn't bear wearing sleeves

Witsender · 21/07/2017 16:31

You all sound equally judgy.

2014newme · 21/07/2017 16:31

I wear them in USA and Mexico. Never heard any comments but wouldn't care if I did!

2014newme · 21/07/2017 16:32

I only wear it in the pool or sea

DrWhooves · 21/07/2017 16:33

I've got a UV top for myself as well as DD, last time I went to a water park in Florida the tops of my shoulders burned so badly they blistered, and that was with suncream. I also got a few funny looks from the locals but its better than a painful burn.

PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:33

Only wear long sleeved tops in the water, sitting around the pool we're always in the shade and the tops come off to reveal very ordinary swimwear.

And some of the older people around the pool looked exactly like battered leather - kind of like David Dickerson with another coat of creosote.

OP posts:
TheHodgeoftheHedge · 21/07/2017 16:34

Who gives a damn what anyone thinks about something like that?

oblada · 21/07/2017 16:34

I couldn't be bothered with UV tops but I fully agree with you that it is the sensible thing to do! I'm naturally a bit tanned and my husband is Indian so we are fairly resistant to sun burns however we should probably take more precautions against UV rays nonetheless.. And it is a widespread misconception that in a hot place you need to get naked to be comfy, loose clothing is usually much better for you.

Strokethefurrywall · 21/07/2017 16:40

Are you not having fun on your holiday? Is this why you're bothered by this?

I can't imagine getting worked up about anything as dull as this...

Tiptoethr0ughthetulips · 21/07/2017 16:43

UV suits give about SPF 25, so as an adult I'd just wear a good SPF 50 cream with 5 star UV rating. For kids I'd use same and UV suit/ hat on top, as they're more likely to be in the pool longer.
Sit in the shade as much as possible and siesta during hottest part of the day.

PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:43

Having a lovely time and now worked up in the slightest :-)

OP posts:
Edsheeranalbumparty · 21/07/2017 16:43

UV tops are great.for the kids as you don't need to bother about suncream on their back which is the most sensitive bit. But I might raise an eyebrow at a whole family wearing them, especially the full length ones, what's wrong with the bottom of your arms showing, I presume they get quite a lot of sun anyway?

A couple of years ago we went on holiday in Eastern Europe and our UV suited kids stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the naked/nearly naked kids!

PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:43

NOT worked up!

OP posts:
kali110 · 21/07/2017 16:50

Agree, you don't sound any better.

I'd rather wear the cream. I get sweaty and irritated in clothes when it's hot.

Pretenditsaplan · 21/07/2017 16:52

Your complaining that people are judging you for wearing a UV top but then judging other people for how they they look? Wow.

PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 16:53

Don't trust the creams to be honest- even the best rated water resistant ones don't seem to last as long as they say when the kids are in and out of water. Tops are much easier!

OP posts:
kali110 · 21/07/2017 16:54

But yet they don't give you as much protection as stronger creams?

GhostsToMonsoon · 21/07/2017 16:57

I've taken to wearing a long-sleeved UV top if I'm at a beach or pool somewhere hot and sometimes shorts or leggings as well. I don't care about getting a tan anymore, and hate being sunburnt. It means I don't have to worry about reapplying suncream, it washing off in the water or causing what looks like an oil slick in the pool.

kaytee87 · 21/07/2017 16:57

Have you tried p20 op I've never been burned wearing it

PoppyPopcorn · 21/07/2017 17:04

No have never tried p20 but there was a thread on here last week about a child who had been burned using it and many poster confirming it didn't work for them either. So we do Uv tops which are 50 spf and 50 waterproof cream on faces and legs. Youngest DC also has a legionnaires style hat made from the same sort of UV fabric.

OP posts:
kaytee87 · 21/07/2017 17:14

Strange, I've been using it for years with no issues.

DoneInn · 21/07/2017 17:19

I come home as white as I was before but don't bother with UV tops. I sit in the shade all the time and lather on F50 for swimming. If I'm walking about I put on a long sleeve kimono type beach top.
I've vests for tots are good as they reduce the torture of sun cream application.

WhooooAmI24601 · 21/07/2017 17:22

DCs here both wear rash vests and long surf shorts when we're abroad. DS1 is the palest, blondest thing imaginable so it's unthinkable to leave him without a top on. DS2 just likes wearing them (he has my darker, easily tanned skin) so we just let them get on with it.

Different attitudes to sun safety are fine; let them get on with judging. You may not look like a leather shoe by age 57. They might.

GhostsToMonsoon · 21/07/2017 18:47

Can you really burn through UV tops? I have never burned through clothing.

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