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You must do something it's your birthday

18 replies

DestinationSofa · 21/06/2017 17:39

Is it antisocial to not want to arrange a huge get together for a birthday ?! As an adult I don't have any desire for this.

OP posts:

TotallyWingingIt · 21/06/2017 17:41

No it's your birthday it's completely up to you what you want to do. If others don't agree that's their look out!

Guessing it's your birthday soon. Happy birthday if it is Flowers


Crunchymum · 21/06/2017 17:42

It was my birthday at the weekend and I did nothing. Didn't even leave the house on the day.... my choice.

You don't have to do anything OP.


Wattyyyy · 21/06/2017 17:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ilovecoleslaw · 21/06/2017 17:54

This annoys me SO much! It's your birthday, you should be able to choose whatever you want to do!!


DestinationSofa · 21/06/2017 19:06

Thank you! Yes end of the month and had loads of pestering messages and shock that I don't want to do anything !!!

OP posts:

Notknownatthisaddress · 21/06/2017 19:15

Yeah it is annoying. One of my friends said this week that her entire birthday weekend (10 days ago,) was spent entertaining 23 family members (including children aged between 2 and 12,) who visited in 2's, 3's, and 4's IYSWIM, over the two whole days. A few of the small groups stayed 3-4 hours, and then just as they left, another group came in. To see her, to spend time with her, to go for a walk, to have a bite to eat, to have a glass of beer yada yada.

By the Sunday night, she was shattered and fed up and hadn't enjoyed her birthday at all. She needed another 2 days to get over it. She said she is telling everyone she is going away next year! And she will meet them at the pub for 2-3 hours a few days before it. (To celebrate it!)

Do what YOU want. It's your birthday after all. Smile


LivingInMidnight · 21/06/2017 19:15

Same here crunchy! It was lovely Grin. What's the point of a birthday if you spend it pleasing everyone but yourself?


Tinseleverywhere · 21/06/2017 19:19

Yes tell them you are off for a posh weekend away as you aren't keen on big parties.


Davros · 21/06/2017 19:20

Exactly, tell them you ARE doing something but spending your time and money on a push private treat


vincentaroony · 21/06/2017 19:23

I feel like this on birthdays too, and NYE. There's such pressure to be doing something! If you don't have plans you get pity and no one seems to believe you are happy doing nothing. Happy birthday, do exactly what you fancy Flowers


MyFavouritePlace · 21/06/2017 19:24

You should do what you want.
I am getting some pressure to hold a party for my big birthday but I really don't want to. I'm on the verge of being made redundant and celebrating is the last thing I want to do :(


DestinationSofa · 21/06/2017 19:27

Oh gosh that's exactly what I don't want the stress of trying to organise something with different groups and a location that suits. Posh wkend away sounds like a good excuse , rediculous that you have to make an excuse. In this day and age I feel like everyone just wants to show off on social media.

OP posts:

winterinmadeira · 21/06/2017 19:33

I agree with others - you do what you want, especially if you don't want to have to organise it etc. This always happens to me and I get pestered to organise it all too but this year was blissful - I was on a plane all day. I watched a Movie, had drinks, food and snacks plus no phone contact. It sounds antisocial was the best birthday in years!


triplesalco · 21/06/2017 19:40

Your day, your choice.


HildaOg · 21/06/2017 20:00

Do exactly what you want. It's your birthday. Make yourself happy.


harderandharder2breathe · 21/06/2017 20:04

Yanbu, i rarely do anything for my birthday. This year I will probably be sad thinking about last year when I had a romantic weekend away with my then-partner who broke my heart months later.

I do refuse to work on my birthday though... it was always in the school holidays as a child so I book it off work as an adult even if all I do is have something nice for lunch

I choose to spend Christmas on my own though, so maybe I'm just an antisocial cow Confused


Reow · 21/06/2017 20:12

I left the country for a significant birthday a couple years ago.

People kept threatening to arrange things for me. Had a lovely weekend out of reach of everyone Smile


JessieMcJessie · 21/06/2017 20:18

I hate my birthday, getting old depresses me and I have no desire to celebrate it. It also seems (to me, just my personal opinion) a bit childish to make a big deal of it as an adult except for milestone ones. I'll start celebrating them again if I live till I am 80 as every one after that will be an achievement.

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