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spoonfulofgoodness · 16/09/2015 12:39

Prenuptial agreement. My partner and I own property. We live in the house I own and he has a house he rents out. We're getting married in January. We're both good with money and both stand to inherit money as well. He's happy to have a prenup but isn't willing to pay for it. So I guess my question is AIBU unreasonable to want one and AIBU to expect that he contributes to half the costs if it's protecting him too?

OP posts:
ImperialBlether · 16/09/2015 18:45

But surely a pre-nup would only cost under £100? It's just a document you sign - surely you can agree what's going on it?

ImperialBlether · 16/09/2015 18:47

OK I've just found a firm that will do them for £750 plus VAT, so ten times what I thought!

ImperialBlether · 16/09/2015 18:48

Are you planning to have children? If he's tight, will he expect you to contribute the same for bills etc when you're on maternity leave?

spoonfulofgoodness · 16/09/2015 20:24

No he'll pay for maternity leave. When I say he's tight I am just joking. It will cost roughly £400. I just don't think he expected it to be that much. I think he had estimated the same as you. With money we share it's all in the one pot. Holidays, bills, presents for birthdays and Xmas, MOTs, car finance, food etc is "our money" but we save separately and have investments that are worth a fair bit. We have good pensions and property so I honestly don't see the issue with protecting our assets.

OP posts:
Athenatina · 03/11/2022 10:21

RachelZoe · 16/09/2015 15:08

Quite right OP

Some people like to live in a fairy tale land where everyone who falls in love stays there, and nothing bad ever happens etc. A pre nup is no different to making a will, obviously nobody wants to die, and nobody would say you were enticing death by writing one, it's no different really.

Of course it is different from a will because everybody dies but not everybody goes into divorce?

Hotpotatotoe · 03/11/2022 10:23

spoonfulofgoodness · 16/09/2015 12:57

Pretty simple. That in the event of a divorce we split and our assets are kept separate. I don't see it as sad as much as I see it as prudent. I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him but you really don't know what's round the corner. I'm very much a realist.

You can love him and spend your life together without getting married.

Seriously, why are you getting married? It's a legal contract.

SoupDragon · 03/11/2022 10:31

This is from 2015!!

stevalnamechanger · 03/11/2022 13:01

I think it's sensible

Check out the Dura Society , Lottie can help

TheWayTheLightFalls · 03/11/2022 13:21

Well I’m delighted to see that I concur with my own advice from 2015. Excellent.

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