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To ask those on Cambridge/Slimming world etc diets their weight loss?

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Ghostlife · 04/07/2015 15:22

Looking to find out week 1 loses and then average loss after that.

I am done with long term diets for now.

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Ghostlife · 04/07/2015 15:23

Sorry meant Cambridge and Slim and save or those types of diet.

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mintpoppet · 04/07/2015 15:41

I lost 2 lbs in the first week. I was really annoyed. I'd done everything right. I lost nothing for the following 5-6 days and was beside myself! Somehow I kept going and had lost a stone in a month. Lost 2 stone in total and have kept it off. Still need to lose a lot more but Cambridge is a short term thing. I will try it again sometime.


elderfloweriver · 04/07/2015 15:44

After the first week (big loss) between 3 and 4lbs p/w with the odd 5lber in there!


Ghostlife · 04/07/2015 16:01

Elderflower what was your first week big loss?

OP posts:

mmollytoots · 04/07/2015 16:03

slimming world first week 5lbs loss.

I need to lose 3 stone in total


CakeIsABreakfastFood · 04/07/2015 16:04

Slimming World. First week 7lbs lost. One year later 10st lighter.


troubleinstore · 04/07/2015 16:10

Cake ...10st!!!!amazing well done you! I lost 3st in a year on SW - well happy with that!


elderfloweriver · 04/07/2015 16:10

8lbs I think :)


elderfloweriver · 04/07/2015 16:11

Wow cake! Cake


Ghostlife · 04/07/2015 16:21

Thanks for your replies I really want to lose as much weight as I can in 5 weeks and then go onto a lowish carb version of 5:2.

OP posts:

lilacblossomtime · 04/07/2015 16:22

Actually it's quite interesting to compare SW (or other diets) to the VLCDs in terms of weight loss. I would like to hear people's results.


LaurieFairyCake · 04/07/2015 16:29

1 stone in 9 weeks Smile that means 3 more by Christmas

No deprivation, just lots of nice food on slimming world


HelenaDove · 04/07/2015 16:30

I lost 10 stone on slimming world It took me two years. I lost a stone a month for 7 months and it took over a year to lose the final three. 3 and a half stone in i got gallstones and spent ten months in excrutiating pain. Two doctors and a surgeon told me it was due to fast weight loss. I was 29 when i started this in 2002.

Gained 4 and a half stone over a few years due to giving up smoking and having to live on a very low income.

Went back to SW two years ago and have lost 3 stone 9 pounds in two years. AND IVE STUCK TO IT.

it works but works a lot slower a second time and after the age of 40 Having no gall bladder probably doesnt help either.

And SW were not that interested when i got ill. FACT!

When i started this LONG LONG journey in 2002 i was a size 28 Ive now stabilised at a size 14 to 16. Yet im a 34 HH in bras Dropping into a 32 back size. I DONT lose off my chest but it falls off everywhere else. Unless i stop and stabilise here im going to have back problems.


PoptartPoptart · 04/07/2015 16:39

On Slim & Save I lost 7lbs the first week and then a steady 3lbs every week after that. Very hard though and not sustainable long term. It's good for a big initial weight loss, but to keep it off is another matter!


Nixen · 04/07/2015 16:41

First week on slimming world I lost 2.5lbs, started in September last year and now lost 3 stone 10lbs. Only 7lbs to go til target!


Fiddlerontheroof · 04/07/2015 16:44

First week SW, 3lb... 1 year later, 5 and a half stone x


AnImpalaCalledBABY · 04/07/2015 16:44

The last time I did a vlcd I lost 11lbs the first week and then 3-4 lbs a week after that. I lost 4st in 3months but then had to stop because I fell pregnant


MrMacadoo · 04/07/2015 16:47

3 and a half pounds in week one, 5 stone in total in one year on slimming world. Been at target for 2 months and still losing about half a pound a week so am fine tuning.


MadisonMontgomery · 04/07/2015 16:49

I can't remember how much I lost on Cambridge but I went from a 16 to a 12 in about 2 months. It was seriously seriously grim though, and it piled back on as soon as I stopped.


HelenaDove · 04/07/2015 16:52

mintpoppet i went to see a doctor who said these kinds of slower weight losses are perfectly normal.

Same doctor also told me she hates slimming clubs for this very reason.....that they skew what is normal. She didnt think much of the competitive aspect either.

She told me not to worry about other ppls losses and to just focus on myself. It was good advice.


bertsdinner · 04/07/2015 16:53

Lost an average 2lb a week on Slimming World.
Ive lost about 6 stone in total, taken me about 3 years, though I maintained at 11 stone for over 18 month before losing the final 1 1/2 stone this year.
I liked SW as I could eat normal food with a few tweaks and you can eat loads of fruit.
I did switch to calorie counting this year as I felt it gave me more flexibilty, but didn't do a very low cal diet.


HelenaDove · 04/07/2015 16:53

I wouldnt touch Cambridge or Lighter Life with a barge pole.

My DM suffered hair loss on Cambridge 25 years ago.


LaurieFairyCake · 04/07/2015 17:11

I don't think a stone in 9 weeks is particularly slow weight loss Confused

I'm very happy with it - for me


WorktoLive · 04/07/2015 17:14

I've lost half a stone on SW in 5 weeks but I only have about 20 pounds to lose in total and I've gone way over the syns allowance most weeks.

SIL did lighter life, lost about 7 stone in a few months but ended up in hospital with heart trouble in her 20s. She regained most of the weight within a couple of years.


HelenaDove · 04/07/2015 17:40

Thats fab Laurie.

WorktoLive Fast weight loss is incredibly dangerous.

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