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To wonder why so many people spell poo as pooh on MN

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KellyElly · 14/05/2013 14:22

Is it a joke I have missed? Is it now an alternative spelling to poo? To me 'poo' is what comes out of your bum and 'pooh' is a bear called Winnie Grin. Someone enlighten me please!

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LauraShigihara · 14/05/2013 15:03

Poo and yoghurt in the same thread makes me feel a bit sick.

My favourite recent mis-spelling was someone describing how unfair life is and said 'It's a doggy dog world'

Brilliant Grin

magimedi · 14/05/2013 15:03

i am old - and I've always spelt it 'pooh'. Have seen 'poo' creeping in in the last 10-15 years or so.

But I usually have a crap or smell shit.

magimedi · 14/05/2013 15:04

Rather than use the poo/h word. I've always thought it was for children.

LauraShigihara · 14/05/2013 15:06

It bloody spelled yogurt too - I can't believe it. All these years I've been spelling it wrong...

valiumredhead · 14/05/2013 15:08

Tesco's products spell it YOGURT.

I prefer the correct spelling Wink

KellyElly · 14/05/2013 15:43

Isn't yoghurt the English spelling and yogurt the US spelling?

OP posts:
KellyElly · 14/05/2013 15:45

Back to the good old Oxford Dictionary Yogurt can also be spelled yoghurt or yoghourt: all three are correct.

OP posts:
KellyElly · 14/05/2013 15:46

You can tell I'm just snowed under at work today Grin

OP posts:
Dawndonna · 14/05/2013 15:55

Those of us who are a tad older were taught pooh and yoghurt.

LilacBreastedRoller · 14/05/2013 15:55

I was always taught 'pooh' and regarded 'poo' as newfangled.

The full OED online lists 'pooh' as a noun meaning 'Excrement, faeces', noting 'Now usu. in form poo'. 'Poo' is not listed separately for this meaning. So they are acknowledging that a change of spelling has become predominant, but the OED is very much anchored in 'pooh'.

GibberTheMonkey · 14/05/2013 16:06

Always thought it was poo=shit
Pooh=disgust Pooh=bear of very little brain

And it's definitely yogHurt

FunnysInLaJardin · 14/05/2013 16:23

yoghurt here too.

am reeling at the thought of yoghurty pooh

alienbanana · 14/05/2013 16:26

I think some people consider 'poo' to be vulgar, and spell it 'pooh' because they think its nicer and fluffier. Or something.

Its poo!

DrinkFeckArseGirls · 14/05/2013 16:46

Oh god, yes. It drives me nuts. Grrrr.

waikikamookau · 14/05/2013 16:48

I THOUGHT Poo was an Americanism

I write pooh, tis correct. so there

and yoghurt

waikikamookau · 14/05/2013 16:49

but I am not a tad older, at all

MsJupiterJones · 14/05/2013 16:56

I thought pooh was the Americanism and poo was the English spelling (to differentiate from Pooh, innit).

There is clearly some confusion here beyond any of our wildest dreams.

I am right though Wink

waikikamookau · 14/05/2013 17:00

but winnie the pooh was written before American was discovered Wink

and he is winnie the pooh because he is the colour of pooh

TheSurgeonsMate · 14/05/2013 17:06

Really? He's actually Winnie the Poo? Who knew?

InLoveWithDavidTennant · 14/05/2013 17:07

"its a doggy dog world" Grin

that is brilliant! i may have to start saying that instead

ShatnersBassoon · 14/05/2013 17:11

You need a Tupperware and Gillian McKeith if your poo is the same colour as Winnie. He's a bit 'newborn nappy'.

GibberTheMonkey · 14/05/2013 17:14

He's not the colour of poo(h). He was a goldenish colour, Christopher Robin's (Christopher Milne's) bear is still around.
Unless of course your poo(h)s are an odd colour

waikikamookau · 14/05/2013 17:16

have googled and it seems I am wrong Blush tis poo, pooh apparently is childish.

however whenever I google poo it automatically replaces it with poop. where did that come from Confused

GibberTheMonkey · 14/05/2013 17:16

He was called Pooh because he had to blow flies off his nose because his arms wouldn't bend
People need to read more

LauraShigihara · 14/05/2013 17:25

InlovewithDavidTennant Grin

I laugh every time I think of it.

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