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To want to set fire to all my clothes

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Theyoniwayisnorthwards · 23/04/2013 21:59

5 months post caesarean and still can't wear jeans (they hurt my scar) so practicality demands I wear ugly stretchy leggings to wrestle my toddler and baby on and off buses and in and out of playdates. I seem to manage to showcase my enormous postnatal arse at least once a day despite wearing long vests and tops. I am usually covered in baby sick and assorted toddler muck. I feel like a cliched frump of a Mother today. AIBU to want to just fucking whine about it?

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HungryClocksGoBackFourSeconds · 23/04/2013 22:00

I'm 2 yrs post vaginal birth, so have no excuses re jeans but still blame DD for every wobble. YANBU whine away.


maddening · 23/04/2013 22:00

summer is coming - maxi dresses?

yanbu to want to whine or even Wine


Theyoniwayisnorthwards · 23/04/2013 22:15

I love maxi dresses. But I fear I am too fat to pull one off. I've started running with the couch to 5k programme so I am trying to do something about it but I am sick of feeling dishevelled and gross and genuinely wonder how other parents of young kids manage to look put together.

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katkit1 · 23/04/2013 22:19

6 months post c section here and snap! Feel rubbish, nothing fits. Finally so fed up that I've started cycling again and cutting out snacking. There was no way I could do that with a new baby and a long winter - but the time feels right now. Good luck to you, it's difficult when you have more than 1 child too.


katkit1 · 23/04/2013 22:21

My scar is fine it's just the huge belly and even more huge bum that is stopping from wearing normal clothes - still wearing mat clothes which is so depressing. Can't wait to throw the lot away.


Theyoniwayisnorthwards · 23/04/2013 22:25

Yep, winter with a tiny one made it hard to work out and easy to eat cake but dressing was easier in some ways. Today I felt stupid wearing leggings in the sunshine.

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imustbepatient · 23/04/2013 22:29

YANBU. I start back at work in less than two weeks after my mat leave with DC2 (nearly six months old) and I don't know what to wear! Nothing fits! Sob.


katkit1 · 23/04/2013 22:32

I ate cake everyday - and night throughout winter.
I have on leggings, a long mat dress which has short sleeves with a long sleeved t shirt under - not my best look but the baby threw up on my one pair of trousers yesterday so that was that. I figure by the time summer really arrives I will hopefully look a bit better...


Theyoniwayisnorthwards · 23/04/2013 22:43

I'm wearing grey pyjama bottoms that could pass as yoga pants (maybe), a maternity vest and a five month old baby hanging from my right boob. Today I wore the same outfit (including baby) but with grey leggings and a maternity shirt over the top.

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