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To find this sexist but I can't articulate why

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popuphairbrush · 17/04/2013 11:13

Probably because I have baby brain and had no sleep and my mind is mush.

But Morrissey recently said that because of Thatcher (sorry, I know) there will never be another female prime minister. And that struck me as sexist. No one would ever say that after an unpopular male PM. But I can't really articulate further than that - does anyone agree, though?

OP posts:

scarredpierced · 17/04/2013 11:17

Seems to me he is saying, "we did an experiment and let a female be PM, she wasn't very popular (or whatever, not getting into it) therefore the experiment failed and we won't bring a female into power again"


BeerTricksPotter · 17/04/2013 11:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AKissIsNotAContract · 17/04/2013 11:19

Morrissey is a dickhead. I thought he'd moved to France to get away from immigrants.


aldiwhore · 17/04/2013 11:20

Morrissey is, was and always will be just a miserable old twat.

I don't think Thatcher would have been SO hated had she been male though, and I loathed her politics.


MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel · 17/04/2013 11:24

He is a wankstain, I wouldn't give any comment he makes any headspace whatsoever, he deliberatly sets out to be offensive to get himself in the papers, then complains about being in the papers, attention seeking twat.


squeakytoy · 17/04/2013 11:26

Its not sexist, it is just Morrisey who is a washed up bloated has been, now only in the media for making outrageous comments rather than for his (dubious) musical talent.


BlastAndDalmatians · 17/04/2013 11:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GobShizz · 17/04/2013 11:31

God, I fucking hate Morrissey. I will never understand why anyone ever takes his stupid opinions seriously.

And yes, he's being a big old sexist.


LessMissAbs · 17/04/2013 11:34

Yes, its sexist. It suggests something that's never been proven in fact, and is based entirely on the gender of the subject. He also seems to implicity be suggesting that if she had behaved herself and acted in a way that was acceptable to male sexists, another woman might been "allowed" to become prime minister.


LessMissAbs · 17/04/2013 11:35

Isn't he a singer anyway? So hes only got a platform due to some pop songs and doesn't have any kind of academic background or relevant achievements behind him?


cantspel · 17/04/2013 11:36

Does anyone listen to what Morrissey says? The man is a knob


ParadiseChick · 17/04/2013 11:36

Who gave him an opinion anyway?


Rosesforrosie · 17/04/2013 11:37

Yep big, nasty, old fashioned sexism there!


TravelinColour · 17/04/2013 11:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seeker · 17/04/2013 11:39

However. It is an example of a phenomenon that happens a lot.

A woman screws up- it was because she was a woman,thereby proving that women aren't up to the job.

A man screws up- it was because he made a mistake/ the job was too difficult- thereby proving that he as an individual wasn't up to the job.


StephaniePowers · 17/04/2013 11:40

Perhaps he is saying that the electorate will never vote for a woman no matter how promising she is, because Thatcher damaged the status of women in the heads of the unthinking masses?

Which makes him a misanthropic git, but not necessarily a misogynist.

However, because it's Morrissey, I'm willing to believe that he is both misanthropic and misogynistic Smile because he is all kinds of unpleasant rolled together.


aldiwhore · 17/04/2013 11:40

Very true Seeker


HolofernesesHead · 17/04/2013 11:41

Of course it's sexist, outrageously so - just swap 'female' for 'black / jewish / gay / etc' and there'd be a huge response, Morriset would be shamed etc - but because it's sexism, it goes unchallenged.


Mabelface · 17/04/2013 11:43

Morrissey is a whingeing, miserable knobhead and always has been.


badtasteyoni · 17/04/2013 11:45

Why would anybody listen to the opinion of a sad old 80's twig-shagging whiner? Confused


OhLori · 17/04/2013 11:46

Strangeways Here We Come, probably one of the best albums ever.

He didn't explain what he meant, so I think people are jumping to conclusions. But why miss an opportunity to call people names, so grown up Hmm

Personally, I am OK with his outspoken ways, even if I don't always agree with them. I see him as an eccentric, and an individual.


HolyMackerel · 17/04/2013 11:47

What seeker said.

YANBU it's sexist, he's a miserable misogynist.

Has anyone suggested Germany would never elect another male to power after Hitler for example?


badtasteyoni · 17/04/2013 11:49

OhLori fair enough, if I'd thought he was any good in the 80's I probably wouldn't be calling him names.

But I don't think he was - so I will call him a twig-shagging whiner Smile


MadamePenguin · 17/04/2013 11:56

I read it as him saying that voters would be put off the idea of a female prime minister because of Thatcher- so he's not so much being sexist himself as accusing the British public in general as being sexist. (I don't know the context he said it in though.)

HolyMackerel, surely the reason no one would say people wouldn't elect another male to power after someone like Hitler because there have been many male leaders, and we know they are not all like Hitler. Thatcher is the only female prime minister we've had in the UK. People will generalise from her.


Mabelface · 17/04/2013 11:58

OhLori, I've always thought that, so my opinion is the same as in the 80s.

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