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to ask what are the most loathed topic starters for mumsnetters?

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KarmaBitch · 10/04/2013 11:04

I'm a new poster although I've lurked for a good while. So what are the loathed topics that keep resurfacing time and time again? Or ones that get on everyone's tits?

[braces self for this would probably be one of those threads] Grin

OP posts:

LibertineLover · 10/04/2013 11:05

Two have resurfaced....ear peircing babies, and parent and child parking...yawn


KellyElly · 10/04/2013 11:07

These ones. Only joking Grin


Mrsrobertduvall · 10/04/2013 11:07

Bf versus boring.
Children misbehaving in cinemas....always ends badly


mumblechum1 · 10/04/2013 11:08

  1. how did you choose your nickname

2. bf/ff (snore)
3. wahm/sahm (doublesnore)
4. t&c parking

Loislane78 · 10/04/2013 11:09



AMumInScotland · 10/04/2013 11:10

Eating grapes in the supermarket before they've been weighed and paid for
Misuse of disabled parking bays
FF vs BF
State vs private schools
Grandparents not involved / too involved


AKissIsNotAContract · 10/04/2013 11:10

Who is your favourite MNer.


ShatnersBassoon · 10/04/2013 11:12

The ones in AIBU where the op knows they're not BU, they just want a pat on the back. For example, "AIBU to feed my family nutritious food when everyone around me is eating lard?"

So needy and tiresome.


LadyBeagleEyes · 10/04/2013 11:14

The BF/FF threads for me.
They have their own topic but time and time again it turns up on Chat and AIBU.
I hide or ignore, but it's irritating.
What's the point on having a specific topic if you're just going to ignore it?


magimedi · 10/04/2013 11:16

Right now - Margaret Thatcher.


AMumInScotland · 10/04/2013 11:17

Oh yes and - "AIBU to go to the GP with this..."
"AIBU to buy this pram"
"AIBU to send my child to this school"

YABU to pick a topic in the vain hope of catching the attention of people who have deliberately chosen to hide the health/prams/education topics!


thebody · 10/04/2013 11:18

The ones who ask aibu and then get mightily pissed off when told that they are.


KellyElly · 10/04/2013 11:18

Right now - Margaret Thatcher Yes!


MixedBerries · 10/04/2013 11:19

I know this woman who's defrauding the benefit system
Babygros Vs mini costumes


AMumInScotland · 10/04/2013 11:19

medi YY - also any thread that makes it obvious the poster hasn't even glanced at the boards but is convinced she will be the first person to think of posting about today's hot news story, so you end up with 20 threads in a variety of topics all containing variations on the same conversation.


DorcasDelIcatessen · 10/04/2013 11:23

Pink vs Blue (toys, clothes etc - not the music acts smart asses :o )
Shall I get/sack/pay more/pay less/punish/smile at my cleaner?
Parking threads
Buggies in the wheelchair space on the bus
Was I wrong to tell this person to stop punching their child? ( they know they weren't wrong they just want the kudos and virtual back patting)
OMG! Guess who slagged off MN Now? (I really couldn't give a left one)
I saw a fatty buying lard in asda! Was I wrong to man the harpoons?!


PoppadomPreach · 10/04/2013 11:23

The ones that start "to not understand why...."

And are usually followed by

......people hate doing crafts with their kids
.......people don't cook every meal from scratch
......people who don't sit down and eat every meals
.......mothers would want to return to work when their babies are tiny

To me they are judgemental and actual stealth boasts - look at me, I'm such a fab mum. They have no interest in understanding why others would not do the same as them, they just judge them.

I've picked the points above at random btw, they are not personal bug bears of mine (except crafts, I fucking hate doing crafts)


IThinkOfHappyWhenIThinkOfYou · 10/04/2013 11:24

I hate the 'aibu to just potter around in the holidays. Everyone else is going to legoland/advanced tightrope walking/the great wall of China but my dcs seem content to play in the garden and do craft. Am I doing something wrong?'

Followed by 'I saw someone talk to someone at the school gate. They are all so cliquey' followed by 200 posts declaring that anyone who has a child at the same school as yours must be dull as fuck and you can't have anything in common and if you wouldn't rather pull your arm off or gouge your eyes out than engage in any form of social nicety then you are wrong


elliejjtiny · 10/04/2013 11:25

buggies/wheelchairs on buses
anything negative about people with disabilities/special needs esp motability cars
other people's badly behaved children
the coalition


EverythingIsTicketyBoo · 10/04/2013 11:29

I hate the 'should I call the police/ss after seeing a naked and starving toddler being forced to sleep in the shed and being beaten with a rotten stick daily, or is it none of my business' followed by 14 pages of posters begging op to report it for the op update to be 'decided not to report but have discussed it with another friend and think maybe I could be wrong or missing something'


MissyMooandherBeaverofSteel · 10/04/2013 11:30

Yes to bf/ff and the MT ones, especially the 'AIBU to be pissed off with MT' threads, why start another one if you are pissed off with them, parent and child parking, AIBU to ask you to sign this petition (especially the page 3 ones that crop up every month), should I report my friend who doesn't feed her kids to SS, of course you shoukd, and the 'I saw a woman with a crying baby in a supermarket and she didn't pick him up and cuddle him and I can't stop thinking about it' ones, I also agree about the AIBU, followed by a unanimous yes, then the op either disagrees or drip feeds some vital bits of information. I always go onto the ones that I know will annoy me for some silly reason though Grin


Mrsrobertduvall · 10/04/2013 11:35

Changing room safety....aibu to leave my 8 yr old son to get changed in a gent's changing room and invite paedos to have a field day, or take him to the ladies one and incur the wrath of body conscious women.


edwardsmum11 · 10/04/2013 11:36

Mrs t atm
Or parents expecting everyone else to look after their children while they ignore them.


DesperatelySeekingSedatives · 10/04/2013 11:40

Who is your fave MNetter. Partly coz i'm never on anyones list because its such a shameless sucking up opportunity.

P&C parking spaces- don't even click on those.

BF v FF- ditto


DorcasDelIcatessen · 10/04/2013 11:42

People talking about "Playdates". Ugh. I find that term very infantile and creepy.

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