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to hate people who go to farmers' markets

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kittensrockmyworld · 07/04/2013 09:39

I went past a famers market yesterday and the kids were totally sucked in by the cake stall, it was at this point that i had to drag them away due to the prices!

£5 for some chilly Jam & £10 for some pasta. Maybe I'm slightly jealous of people being able to afford it, however it is just plain annoying that people can waste so much money on the stuff!!!

OP posts:
Mimishimi · 08/04/2013 08:43

You're not being completely unreasonable. When I was small, farmer's markets were for local farmers who couldn't sell their produce to the big chains because it didn't look pretty enough. It was far less inexpensive to buy there than at one of the majors with their glossy, perfect produce. Now it seems to be more of a trendy thing for affluent baby-boomers and prices have risen accordingly. My mum gets a few odd complaints from the stallholders because she gives her plum and apple chutneys away to people around town (she doesn't sell at markets) but, really, it's only tourists buying that sort of thing there anyway, not locals.

ArtemisatBrauron · 08/04/2013 08:44

I used to go to one every Sunday before we moved - it was in a primary school hall and had great veggies from a local farm (sold by the farmers, who we got to know and in fact who supplied the flowers for our wedding); the other stuff (bread, cheese, meat) was fine but we went for the veg. Totally worth it for super fresh, local veg and to avoid the hell of the supermarket wherever possible!

Confuseddd · 08/04/2013 08:45

I think ihearsounds is exaggerating to make a point. If you've really seen jam at £25 a jar and fudge at £18 a square, do tell us, but I don't believe that for a moment.

My DH sells at a gourmet Market, and his regulars are mostly professionals, affluent middle classes and a few mega rich types. Some people buy as a treat. It's his livelihood so I don't complain!

I totally agree with points about supporting local farmers and eating real food. I used to get brilliant veg for £12 - enough for the week for a family of 4. And the meat was a reasonable price too.

And if you don't like the prices of the condiments, cakes etc. Make them yourself!

FryOneFatManic · 08/04/2013 21:47

We are in the Midlands, and our farmers market is fine. Jams, etc selling at about £3.50 a jar, but I make my own, along with a couple of chutneys.

Butchers sell in the market and are a little more expensive than the supermarkets but the quality is good. However, local butcher in town cooks his own hams and sells sliced hams of a better quality than the supermarkets and it works out cheaper.

Couple of lovely local bakeries sell at the market too, along with other local producers.

A jar of jam selling for £25 would be laughed out of the market.

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