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about terrorists the Royal Wedding and Geocaching!

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GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 11:35

i am taking some teens down to London to watch Royal Wedding....

a bit worried about the terrorist thing now,i wasnt previously but i am now!! just niggling feelings really. but feeling more worried due to seeing on the news police apparently 'scouring' London looking for hidden bombs and weapons

However,if thats reassuring for everyone,it makes it worse for i know for a fact there are hundreds and hundreds of geocaches hidden across London!!

and they have been there for years! some large enough to hold devices or weapons or whatever!!

so,terrorists....its more possible in my mind now i've realised this.


OP posts:

BaronessOrczy · 19/04/2011 11:36


Er - yes.



SurreyDad · 19/04/2011 11:37

What's a geocache?


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 11:38

a great hobby surreydad......hidden treasure all over the world.

OP posts:

MumInBeds · 19/04/2011 11:39

I'd imagine they will be using dogs and or/high tech to sniff out explosives - it won't just be a case of them having a good look around.


Finger · 19/04/2011 11:41

They have sniffer dogs searching for explosives. Sniffer dogs, like SurreyDad, don't know what geocaches are and aren't looking for them.


SurreyDad · 19/04/2011 11:41

I'm sure the police will be well aware of these geocaches. I'd be more worried about spending hours waiting for a train back home...


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 11:44

not too worried about train home. dd and i were planning on geocaching a bit whilst in the station too

we might look a bit suspicious to the other muggles tho!

OP posts:

Bathsheba · 19/04/2011 12:10

I'd imagine the vast vast majority of urban caches will be micros or nanos and unlikely to be found by muggles and definately not seen as a threat


5Foot5 · 19/04/2011 12:20

I am a geocacher though I have never cached in London. It was my understanding, based on various posts I have seen on geocaching forums, that many of the geocaches in Central London had been disabled by request of the police long before the Royal Wedding hove in to view.

Could be wrong though.

Echoing Bathsheba - as with most city and town centres I imagine they would be urban micros anyway. It is hard to see how you could hide a nice chunky ammo box or even a decent sized lunch box in the centre of a busy city!


Tinkerisdead · 19/04/2011 12:25

The police do indeed know about caches. I was delighted once to find a constabulary business card in one where the pc had written "see we geocache too!"


sausagesandmarmelade · 19/04/2011 12:26

How strange..........

Have to say that police carry out thorough checks of roads, drains (whatever else) before any state occasion, trooping the colour, royal event...

It's standard!

I can't understand how anyone would not go anywhere because of the potential terrorist threat.

I speak as someone who lives in London. We just get on with things here.


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 13:04

yes,used to live in London sausages.....i LOVE London.

funnily enough the first geocache we found was just over westminster bridge and was hidden in a large crevice type place. this is what got me and dd thinking about hidden objects!

so some might be dis abled for the wedding. doubt we would get much time,but if the oppurtunity arose we were going to do a few. might stick to those around the station then

OP posts:

iamaLeafontheWind · 19/04/2011 14:18

Some of the most imaginative geocaches aren't boxes. There's a couple in Edinburgh that are great to find & definitely no terrorist threat.


GloriaSmut · 19/04/2011 14:37

You are probably safer in London on the day of the Royal Wedding than on any other. Precisely because of the intensive security searches and stuff and yes, of course the OB know about geocaches. .

However, I am always intensely irritated by anyone who allows their lives to be limited by the highly unlikely possibility of some sort of terrorist attack and the assumption that London is in a constantly explosive state.

Oh, and while I'm having an Irritable Moment, people who refer to other people as "muggles" get right on my tits - because if you want to interpret that expression correctly, you are also muggles. Except that none of us are. It's only a work of fucking fiction!!


rainbowinthesky · 19/04/2011 14:42

Shit, I live in London. Do I need to move?

No, I dont do I. That would be stupid.


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 15:49

fiction? gloria you are confusing the harry potter muggles.

i have every intention of going along....but if we get bored,will the museums all still be open? assuming so

OP posts:

sfxmum · 19/04/2011 15:51

leave off the geocaches they are well logged most checked daily and everyone (non Muggle) knows where they are, it is the least of your worries I should think


MrSpoc · 19/04/2011 16:04

I wouls love to give Geocaching a try. Any tips on how to get started? i live in Manchester are there many there?


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 16:06

sign up mrspoc at just put your postcode in the website and see whats in your area....hundreds i expect!

do you have a gps device?

OP posts:

MrSpoc · 19/04/2011 16:07

sat nav, blackberry or do i need a GPS?


GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 16:07

i fancy doing some today and my 14 year old has just asked if we can go and do some. (my 14 year old wants to spend time with me today,i'm flattered!!!)

sadly my iphone is being repaired,so cant really!

OP posts:

GypsyMoth · 19/04/2011 16:08

i know nothing about blackberry,do they have gps??

OP posts:

MrSpoc · 19/04/2011 16:10

It seems like a very fun idea to get kids into. How did you get into it?


MrSpoc · 19/04/2011 16:12

i am singinng up and it asks if someone has recomended me and asks who. Would you like me to put you down?


sfxmum · 19/04/2011 16:14

go to website get started it is treasure hunting for the 21st century children love it and mostly a very nice community, it even makes long car journeys bearable as we can fit in a couple of caches at least.

last Christmas we found one near a service station and met 3 other families trampling around the snow doing the same

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