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Been back on wheat/gluten for 24 hours and.....

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wangle99 · 11/07/2007 18:50

DS now has bad diarrhoea again he is asking why he has to eat wheat because it makes him poorly so am telling him 'special doctors wants him to'.

I'm so worried they still won't be interested when we go for his paed appt in August.

At least we know we are along the right lines anyway so that must be getting somewhere.

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Piksiminx · 11/07/2007 18:59

It is hard isn't it? Keep your fingers crossed that you get taken seriously and don't take no for an answer, poor lad.

We have our DD back on a complete wheat/gluten free diet for the past week or so and she is so much better- still we await her test results tho'.

clerkKent · 12/07/2007 13:01

Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance are not well known by a lot of medical practitioners. If the paed is not helpful, perhaps you could ask for a second opinion.

wangle99 · 12/07/2007 20:56

Oh I will be asking for a second opinon, now having done this off my own back I feel alot stronger about it. Plus I have a very good friend who has been through it already with her son and has alot of good advice - a bit of support makes all the difference.

Well day two and definately 100% confirmed it was wheat/gluten - poor Billy has a really distended stomach, is back to being grumpy and tired all the time and smells worse than our dog!!!

Thanks everyone to the help and advice on here!

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