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Can anyone point me in the direction of where to apply for the long birth certificate after adoption?

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Fergus425 · 21/07/2017 08:51

I'm trying to find a link to do this online but all I can find is a link to apply for an 'original birth certificate' which I presume isn't the same thing (im assuming the one I want will have both birth parents' details as well as some reference to the adoption in order to stop fraud???)


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tldr · 21/07/2017 09:12

Think this is it;

Didn't take long when I did it. (Which after the whole adoption process stunned me...)

Fergus425 · 21/07/2017 09:21

Thanks tl;dr... is that a birth certificate or adoption certificate?

Basically, I need to get a passport for my two in their new name and am completely confused about the process!

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EatSleepRunRepeat · 21/07/2017 11:19

That's the long adoption certificate.
Which is what you need to get passport. We did it after DDs adoption order came through to change her passport into her forever name.

Nell6 · 21/07/2017 12:21

I had to do ut with both my sons and ended up phoning the passport office who then told me which documents I had to send. After that the passports came quite quickly. From then on renewal is exactly the same as for anybody else.

flapjackfairy · 21/07/2017 13:55

If you have had short ones through there is a leaflet in the same envelope explaining how to order them. And yes they are v quick !
As you have said tldr a bit surprising !
You can do it online or over the phone which is what i did.

tldr · 21/07/2017 17:55

IIRC, it doesn't say on it what it is (ie it doesn't say 'adoption certificate' or 'birth certificate' on it in big letters.

But it's what you use to apply for passports and in other cases instead of birth cert.

And applying for passports was easier than I expected too. ๐Ÿ˜€

fasparent · 22/07/2017 01:06

Southport Do all Adoption's , should be able too do over the phone will need Adoption certificate No.
They also do the passport's.
Did our 5 on one phone call.

ac73 · 22/07/2017 20:03

We got ours recently - did it online via the link mentioned above. Was pretty quick - I didn't pay for the fast version but they were back much quicker than they said. Passports were very quick too - back in just over a week (again, quicker than they said).

Fergus425 · 23/07/2017 17:38

Thanks all!

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Kr1stina · 25/07/2017 15:58

The doc you want is called an extract from the adopted children's register. There is no new " full birth certificate " but there's an abbreviated birth certificate your child can use for other purposes if they want to keep their adoption private .

Mintylizzy9 · 11/08/2017 13:36

When you order remind them it's an adoption Cert and that you can have it on the express delivery but at the standard price, not everyone I spoke too knew that, thankfully the first ever person I spoke to at the reg office told me ๐Ÿ˜

We ordered passport last June and had it within a week!

Emillee · 11/08/2017 21:13

I had a nightmare getting passports , because DD had a passport in her birth name.

We had to provide

Adoption certificate
Adoption order
Letter from DH and me consenting to name change
Letter addressed to DD dated in last 3 months proving her adopted name was in official usage

Plus all the standard stuff like countersigned photos.

The only advantage was I was umming and ahhing about paying for 1 week fast track (didn't know that minty), but ended up paying standard. Got it in 5 days anyway.

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