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Approval Panel 11th March!!

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Rosex86 · 24/01/2015 16:22


Hope you don't mind me joining you?

Me and DF are in stage 2 at the moment, we've just completed our 3 prep training days and we have a panel date of 11th March!

We have another 2 home study appointments, next week is to talk about what we feel were able to cope with, conditions, learning disabilities etc so i'm quite nervous for this one as I don't want to rule anything out and miss our perfect match!

hope your all well xxx

OP posts:
Penthesilea1498 · 25/01/2015 09:04

We have ours on the 23rd of April, which we are very excited and nervous about! We are 2 home visits in. Good luck! Virtual very non mumsnet hand squeeze to you! ??

sarahlux · 25/01/2015 21:57

Good luck :) we have approval panel this Thursday coming. Really nervous and massively worried about what to wear lol

RaspberrySnowCone · 26/01/2015 10:59

We were nervous but it really was ok. I wore jeans and a jumper, DH wore a TShirt and combats. I thought were massively under dressed but they still approved us :) Your SW is there to support you and the panel will ask a few questions and probably make a bit of informal banter. Our panelists were really very nice. Don't get me wrong I was glad when it was over but it was fine! Good luck both of, it wont be long before we can say congratulations :)

JudysMummy1972 · 03/02/2015 12:17


We were approved December 2015 and have been matched with a child.

Good luck! x

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