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Recommendations for gifts for a 2 year old please

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HKmummymoo · 27/09/2020 22:09

Any idea what is a good idea to buy a 2 year old please? Ideally gifts that are good fur 2-3 year olds.

Thank you!!!

OP posts:
Leeds2 · 27/09/2020 23:33

Something from the Happy Land toys. I bought the police car and ice cream cart for my two nephews, then 18 months and nearly 3, last Christmas and they seemed to go down well. I will be buying something else from the Happy Land range this Christmas.

Fivemoreminutes1 · 28/09/2020 05:25

Mega bloks
Julia Donaldson book collection
Personalised kids dinner set
Bubble machine
Magnetic fishing game
Play tent and tunnel

Guineapigbridge · 28/09/2020 05:27


(our duplo set still gets pulled out by my almost 9 year old!)

Doginabandana · 28/09/2020 05:49

Little tikes car
Balance bike
Playmobile 123
Play doh
Play tent /teepee (lots of toddlers enjoy a den.
Dressing up outfit
Play food/kitchen equipment (pans, utensils etc)/supermarket trolley/basket.
Train set (preferably with a bridge.)
Dolls pushchair
Car transporter/toy cars/building vehicles
Hats - hard hat, police helmet, firefighter helmet and high vis waistcoat and a tool set.

BritInAus · 28/09/2020 05:53

Duplo or decent toy food which joins together with Velcro and you can 'chop' it up. My DD loved her toy birthday cake she got when she was 2 so much that I always buy the same one for any second birthdays.

And at 5, her Duplo still gets played with most days, even though she plays with Lego too now.

CVGap · 28/09/2020 06:22

Duplo - can interconnect with Lego so great when they're starting to play with both.
Choppable food DC had a fruit set they loved.
Playmobil - the younger version 1-2-3 is yellow rather than blue.

faithfulbird · 28/09/2020 06:26

Play dough, paint, character plush toys...

Fivemoreminutes1 · 28/09/2020 06:36

Aquadoodle mat
Animagic dog

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