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Would boots let me return some Estée Lauder moisturiser that is unopened and unused with the receipt ?

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Lardlizard · 16/09/2020 15:47

Just I’ve realised if I had bought it from Debenhams
I could have got a great free gift ! 🙈🙈

OP posts:
SionnachRua · 16/09/2020 18:46

There was a sign in my local Boots (Ireland) saying that as the testers aren't out atm, you can buy items and exchange them if you open and they don't suit. Not sure what the policy was on skincare though.

XiCi · 16/09/2020 18:46

How do you know Boots are going to do this deal @ididntmeanit. Is there a list of upcoming deals somewhere?

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