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Has anyone ever won anything from online gambling?

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KenAdams · 15/06/2019 11:38

Online bingo, betting sites etc? I've never done anything like it but they seem to be really popular so I wondered if people actually win on it?

OP posts:
Avocadodance · 15/06/2019 14:58

My DH lost our life savings and some. Just don't go down that road.

MT2017 · 15/06/2019 15:45

Op have you seen the Sheridan Smith series Cleaning Up about a woman addicted to online bingo/gambling?

As pp says, don't do it.

SharonBottsPoundOfGrapes · 15/06/2019 22:43

Yes. I would regularly win but when I added up how much I spent I was breaking even at best. Then I signed up to a site and won the £2000 jackpot and thought I was the shit and had beat the system but as I had won using bonus funds it meant I had to play the amount I won 50 times over to be able to withdraw it. It took me days to do it and only ended up with 350 of it. Then had to send them all kinds of ID to verify myself. As I didnt have a passport they demanded birth certificate, utility bill, a picture of the card I used, etc etc. Then my marriage certificate?! I asked them why they didnt request all this before people signed up and deposited but it's obvious why. No one is actually supposed to request their winnings. If you do want them then you had better work hard for them. I took the money and closed the account (I insisted all my info was deleted). The fairest site imo is Tombola. The welcome offer is generous, you cant withdraw the bonus but anything you win using it is yours. Just stick to the smaller rooms. I dont play at all now but would return to Tombola if I did.

mynameisMrG · 15/06/2019 22:45

I won £400 on tombola but probably lost more over the year than I won. It’s a bit of a slippery slope I found. Not worth it

Whisky2014 · 15/06/2019 22:47

Yes about 15k over 2 years but it is addictive and when I've lost money I chased it and tried to make it back and haven't. But luckily I'm still "up".
I agree with others, don't do it

juls1888 · 15/06/2019 22:53

I won £10k on Tombola bingo a few days before Christmas a couple of years back. I've had quite few other big wins there too. Grin

StinkinDrink · 15/06/2019 22:57

I have had a few wins, £2k, £1250, £800 over the last few years but I would say I have only broke even if not lost a small amount in that time. I wouldn't bother as it does suck you in, if you do have a go and win then take it and run and enjoy it!

Ohnotheinlaws · 15/06/2019 22:58

Have won a fair bit. 2K on bingo after receiving an offer and I never played again as I am convinced these things are rigged to entice you. On horses I won 10K and 14K a few years ago but no wins bigger than 4K since and in the last year have only evened the books. Think my luck has ran out since dear children came along so can't afford to play anymore. Never gamble with money you wouldn't be happy to just put in a pile and burn. . .

Gooseygoosey12345 · 16/06/2019 00:17

I put the odd fiver on betfred lotto, probably around £30 over the 4 years I've had my account, only bet 50p a time, just for the sake of it. I've won £700. But I only ever put that fiver on if I'm willing to lose it, never thinking "well I'll win eventually" because I usually have rubbish luck with that sort of thing anyway. I know people who've gotten into debt or lost their savings to gambling so if you're the sort of person who can't just have a couple of bets and walk away and forget it then DO NOT even start!!

Jsmith99 · 16/06/2019 00:40

I’m a big sports fan, and I used to enjoy betting where I thought I had spotted opportunities to cash in. For example, when popular British boxers fight for world championships, they are sometimes underdogs, fighting against strong champions in their own country. The available odds often reflect the brit’s popularity, rather than his objective chances of victory therefore there is value in backing his opponent.

For example when Ricky Hatton, from Manchester, fought Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas I thought Mayweather was almost certain to win, so I backed him heavily at odds-on, and made a very nice profit when he knocked Hatton out. Bookies really don’t like this sort of thing, however, and after a few more low-risk wins they reduced my maximum stake to a ridiculously low amount which meant backing odds-on favourites became pointless.

IDontLikeZombies · 16/06/2019 08:35

My husband lost 10s of thousands of pounds gambling online. We had years of sadness and turmoil, nearly split, couldn't get credit for anything. Its grim
If you want to play online try Minecraft.

mysticpizza · 16/06/2019 09:00

Dh lost untold thousands, took out loan after loan after loan and spent the dc savings. After it all came out life was on hold for the best part of a decade. It was an unbelievable mess which I had to help straighten. The debt has finally gone now and we have savings but literally everything is in my name alone. His credit rating is trashed and I will never trust him with access to anything but the most limited amounts again.

Don't think it will never happen, OP. Gambling can and does take people to places they never dreamed they'd visit. They take those they love along for the ride too. Go and read some of the stories on gamcare or the gamblers anonymous forum. You'll be struck with how many started with a bit of a dabble on the slots.

Laulaurycroft · 30/09/2019 17:04

I have free fiver codes for tombola if anyone would like one. Deposit 20 and play with 60 keep what you win absolutely no wagering requirements necessary. theres bingo and slots i really enjoy the site never play anywhere else now

LeslieSeeger · 23/04/2020 20:07

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Pippin2028 · 23/04/2020 20:15

I go through phases of using them, it can be fun but I have probably lost about £50-£100, however I can see how people get addicted. Just know that it is not a way to make money, the only winner is the website.

JeremyIronsBenFolds · 23/04/2020 20:29

You will win bits here and there but it’s very unlikely you will come out on top, and be warned it’s a real time hoover. I’m gambling far more than I should during this lockdown period and it’s making me really stressed. I strictly don’t bet more than I can afford to lose, and have had some good wins, probably adding up to 1.5k over this past month, but I don’t know exactly how much I have put in because I refuse to look Grin. I only ever deposit £20 at a time, so know it’s certainly a lot less than 1.5k. Probably 300 if I think about it. But unless you have know you have rigid self control about how much you can safely deposit I wouldn’t recommend it. Plus, as has been said above, those bonus offers have a lot of ties attacched - if you win then you have to play through your winning amount, usually x35 times, it’s very hard to actually extract the money (though I have done so on occasion!).

Bagelsandbrie · 23/04/2020 20:32

I spend about £10-20 a month (not always) and occasionally win about £200 ish. I enjoy it and have done it for years and never spend more than that. Sometimes I don’t go on it for months.. I think if you have an addictive personality it’s not worth it though. I lose more often that I win but I enjoy it and find it relaxing.

KimOstin · 25/04/2020 20:39

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HairyFloppins · 25/04/2020 20:45

I am matched better so have had a few big wins. Best one was £2000 off a 20p spin.

I only play slots as part of an offer though to give the house edge. I don't gamble for fun.

GenderApostate19 · 25/04/2020 20:59

I do it as part of Matched betting, although with no sports running currently, it’s hard going.
The basic premise is that you only do offers for free spins or bonuses that are +ev ( expected value)
So for example, wager £10 for 10 free spins - you expect to lose maybe 50p from your tenner ( always do the minimum spin size for your own cash) then make £2 from the free spins (on average) I’ve made £800 on a 40p spin before.
I’ve made @£15k since Xmas 2018.
It’s very slow at the moment but I’ve made £600 this month on only 2/3 offers a day, I’ve been ‘gubbed’ by most major bookies so only have about 20% of available offers.
It’s all about basic mathematic probability.
Bingo is an absolute mugs game , less than 50% rtp ( return to player) .
You can join various sites that provide all the information but they are subscription, I pay £17.99 a month to oddsmonkey but they do free trials.
You can expect to make @£1000 from all the sign up offers.
I wish I’d found out about it years ago.

stefyeber · 07/05/2020 11:17

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superstressy · 07/05/2020 11:25

Lost more than I've won.

superstressy · 07/05/2020 11:31

I can't believe some of you have stayed with your husbands after they've gambled family money/life savings away. That's unforgivable to me. I would divorce.

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets · 07/05/2020 11:41

I stick between ten or twenty pounds on online national lottery scratch cards. I’ve won a few hundred and I usually cash out either up or breaking even. Last night I put in a tenner and played for nearly an hour winning £2 or £5 then losing, never went below a fiver in my pot and then won £20 so cashed out, £15 up.

My sister won £5k last year on these. My day will come 😂

EllaAlright · 07/05/2020 11:44

I’ve always been interested in matched betting, but I don’t really understand it, I joined a Facebook group on it but still couldn’t get to grips.

Never done online bingo. I’m really impulsive and I worry that I may make stupid decisions and become addicted.

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