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New Blog Posts Sunday 26th Feb to Saturday 3rd March

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BaronessOrczy · 26/02/2012 12:06

Hi folks

I can't believe I'm the first to post today! Someone must be ahead of me, but I couldn't see another thread.

Short one from me today on an object of kitchen lust

OP posts:
MmeGuillotine · 26/02/2012 13:08


Today I have blogged about twenty signs that you are writing historical fiction. ;)

FiveHoursSleep · 26/02/2012 13:23

I've done a Silent Sunday
It illustrates a new method of time out...

BsDad · 26/02/2012 14:05

This week, I blame the parents:

YoungDebbie · 26/02/2012 14:18

How do YOU cope with the growing mountain of digital photos on your computer? Here's my twopennorth on the issue....

My Kodak Moments

Just hoping I don't get sued by Kodak...

singlemarriedmum · 26/02/2012 18:10

DAY 6 Cider bread - honestly, it's a winner! Definitely the best find of my Charity Challenge week.

Perfect for that gorgeous bread basket Baroness!

solidgoldbrass · 26/02/2012 18:21

I'm slightly cheating as this was really meant to go up yesterday

DillyTante · 26/02/2012 21:09

Fivehourssleep that is sooo funny!

BaronessOrczy, the mumnetter who makes those baskets that I mentioned on Twitter is Overmydeadbody.

Mine is post about spring which is ubiquitous in the blogosphere at the moment! One hint of sunshine and some crocuses poking through and we are all obsessed!

Lifeofanexpatparent · 26/02/2012 21:15

SMM - Cider bread sounds freaking amazing!

And fivehours, she looks a bit too comfortable in there, doesn't she?

A little concoction that The Duchess and I are currently enjoying at lunchtime.

DillyTante · 26/02/2012 21:21

Gah, I hate blogspot - or it hates me!

SGB I was trying to comment on your blog. Here it is instead:
'Occasionally I get a bit naffed off at the many leafleters who stuff their wares through my door, mainly because it seems such a waste, of money and paper. Sometimes I want to run after them and say 'I'm just going to put it in the recycling so save it and give it to someone else' (I don't), but then like you say, I realise they are promoting local businesses and keeping people in work so I give them a cursory glance before chucking them in the recycling. Happy leafleting :)'

DillyTante · 26/02/2012 21:21

Oh, and that was a comment for your Jan 13 post!

solidgoldbrass · 26/02/2012 21:41
Flubba · 26/02/2012 21:50

My forays into crocheting. Thanks to Dilly for the inspiration Hmm. She is now responsible for the masses of knots collecting in my craft bag. And my headache. :o Wink :o

justaboutisnowakiwi · 27/02/2012 00:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FiveHoursSleep · 27/02/2012 08:54

justabout I can't reply on your blog as you don't have the URL/name option, but wanted to ask where you get the idea that kiwis think Maori is an easy language to learn/
I've now asked all my friends, some of whom can speak it quite well, and none would class it as easy! But we are of the generation who were hardly taught any at school, just enough to make sure we can pronounce the place names correctly. Maybe it makes a difference if you've learnt more at an earlier age.
I really enjoy your blog though, it reminds me of home!

justaboutisnowakiwi · 27/02/2012 09:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

trulymyrtle · 27/02/2012 09:46

My little ballerina is finally warm...

fivehours - love the box!
flubba - I want to master crochet flowers too... might have to take a leaf.

Flubba · 27/02/2012 10:19

It's gorgeous truly! And Nelly looks very pleased with it too.

MmeGuillotine · 27/02/2012 10:56

I've given in to all the rather flattering clamours and announced a sequel to my Young Adult novel about Marie Antoinette.

I say 'Young Adult' but its readership appears to be about 90% adults...

BaronessOrczy · 27/02/2012 11:30

Thanks Dilly! I'm definitely going to give that cider bread a go SMM.

Truly, I'm very impressed - Nelly looks lovely and cosy. Any chance of a grown up version

A bit of a whimsical one from me today on cooking over an open fire with Cher

OP posts:
CoffeeMummy · 27/02/2012 11:58

I've spent the weekend finishing my breastfeeding volunteer training and sympathising with some really shattered-looking new mums, so here are my thoughts on the topic - slight fear and trepidation!

trulymyrtle · 27/02/2012 13:18

Thanks flubba and Baroness! I'm sure a grown up version can be found - I'll see what I can do! Wink
coffeemummy - well done. I've spent the last six years volunteering as a breastfeeding supporter and it is really rewarding - have fun!

annelg1 · 27/02/2012 13:55

I've published the last of my 'How to Write An Article Online' series. It's a really helpful group of 5 articles showing what's important when writing articles online.

FiveHoursSleep · 27/02/2012 14:36

How to be a Fertile Friend

MissPB · 27/02/2012 17:30

Just a quick one from me today - I have made sticky chicken with mango and edamame beans for tea!

MrsS89 · 27/02/2012 18:16

I'm having a rather stressful week so I thought I'd offload on my blog. Enjoy!

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