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I'm a stranger - ask me anything

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Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 18:25

Ask away if you want to, yes I'm a little bit bored

OP posts:
Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:17

Tell me about someone you love, who doesn't know you love them
An old friend, perhaps I didn't show my love and appreciation enough but there's always a place in my heart for her despite almost being a stranger to her too now (apologies for the soppiness)

OP posts:
FreshlyWashed · 06/01/2019 19:17

Do you entice others with puppies?

toldmywrath · 06/01/2019 19:19

SecretWitch has been through The Doors of perception.. when you're strange

Twickerhun · 06/01/2019 19:20

What’s your bank account details? I have a few million left by a Nigerian aunt...

Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:20

Who did you last kiss, and when.?
My DH about an hour ago

OP posts:
flummoxedlummox · 06/01/2019 19:21

Should dolphins be banned?

Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:24

Can you verify that people are strange when you’re a stranger?
Maybe not if I'm a stranger to them and they're a stranger to me but then everyone is a bit strange so yes, I'd say people are strange

OP posts:
Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:26

Do you entice others with puppies?
No but then i don't have any puppies to spare

OP posts:
Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:29

What’s your bank account details? I have a few million left by a Nigerian aunt...
I only accept cash

OP posts:
Looopyloo · 06/01/2019 19:30

Should dolphins be banned
Banning humans would be a much better move

OP posts:
SecretWitch · 06/01/2019 19:38

@toldmywrath, tried to get through but couldn’t find the door knob.

toldmywrath · 06/01/2019 20:03

@secretwitch that Jim Morrison definitely went through!

waywardfruit · 06/01/2019 20:04

Do people hold doors open for you?

Bagadverts · 06/01/2019 20:08

Which is stranger truth or fiction?

MollyHuaCha · 06/01/2019 20:26

When people say 'Hello Stranger' is it because they know you or because they don't?

LipstickHandbagCoffee · 06/01/2019 20:45

There’s nowt as strange as folk,please elaborate

Wauden · 06/01/2019 22:43

Why do I get the same irritating adverts at the bottom of this page?

amyk91 · 16/01/2019 23:02

Samsung or iphone?

Mner2019 · 16/01/2019 23:40

Excuse me, do you know what the time is?

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