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TwinGo Air review

Lightweight, but strong, the newly released TwinGo Air eliminates the need to choose which baby to hold at a time. We think the TwinGo Air is a best buy for carrying twins.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Twingo baby carrier main

Verdict in 10 seconds

  • Allows you to carry both of your babies at once

  • Straightforward to operate

  • Genuinely comfortable

  • Brilliantly adaptable – detaches as two single baby carriers if needed


  • Evenly distributes the weight between front and back

  • Less bulky than wearing two separate carriers at once

  • Cheaper than buying two separate carriers

  • Lightweight and breathable so ideal for summertime

  • Can also be used to carry two children of different ages


  • Written instructions are difficult to understand

  • Learning curve involved in getting to grips with putting two babies into the carrier

What are the key features?

  • Can be used as a double carrier or two singles

  • Suitable as a double carrier from four months or older as babies must have strong and consistent back and head control to sit in the back carry position

  • Can, however, be used as two separate single carriers from 10-40 lbs or two to four months old

  • Offers a back carry position for one baby and a front inward-facing carry position for the other

  • Babies supported in recommended ergonomic position

  • Safety belt between wearer and baby

  • Mesh panel for warmer weather

  • 100% cotton removable zippered panel for cooler weather

  • Sleep hoods provide added neck support, shade from the sun and privacy for breastfeeding

  • Infant insert is available to enable single carrier use from 7 lbs

  • Available in three colours: teal, black and grey

What are the specs?

  • Suitable as a double carrier from four months to four years old or as two single carriers from approximately two months

  • Can be used from birth with a newborn insert

  • Maximum dual carry combined weight: 70 lbs

  • Waist and shoulder straps enable a custom fit for adults from 4'11" to 6'5”

  • RRP: £189.95

  • Estimated resale value: £80+

  • Extras you can buy: teething pads (£11.50+)

How easy is the TwinGo Air to operate?

The TwinGo Air is a straightforward twin carrying solution. Anyone familiar with buckled carriers will likely find it intuitive, with the added challenge of having to get the second baby in with one already in place.

Essentially, it functions as two separate baby carriers that connect to carry one baby on the back and one on the front with a waistband fastened at your hips. The carrier easily holds both babies in the recommended ergonomic position and can also be used for two wearers to carry one baby each at a time.

While the TwinGo Air is quick to learn and easy to make comfortable and secure, it has a lot going on for the obvious reason of doubling up to carry two. Our tester found the written instructions confusing and instead relied on the much clearer YouTube video. She consulted the video three times – first to initially assemble the carrier, then to use the sling for the first time and finally to double check.

To take the babies out, you first take off the front baby and swivel the back baby to the side before removing. Our tester felt a helping hand would be reassuring for the first use but not essential in a calm setting.

How adjustable is it?

Our tester found the straps well-designed and easily adjustable, which made getting one of her babies into the back carry position simple.

One of the straps is significantly loosened so you can bring the back panel behind your baby and move them with the fabric onto your back before tightening up. The clips are well designed and placed for accessibility and the straps glided smoothly to get an ideal fit for both our tester and her partner.

The shoulder straps can be tightened after your babies are in the carrier so you can make any further adjustments as and when.

Twingo air carrier dad

How comfortable is it?

You might think that carrying two babies at once is a good idea in theory, but a logistical nightmare in reality.

Surprisingly, though, our tester and her partner both found the TwinGo Air very supportive for two babies. Its secure waist and padded shoulders make wearing this sling for extended periods of time a breeze.

Carrying one baby on the front and one on the back helps to even out the weight distribution and a chest strap is included for added comfort.

“The carrier feels great. It takes a bit of getting used to when getting babies in as you can’t rush that bit, but it’s comfortable and secure once they’re in.”

How does it look?

The TwinGo Air has a minimalist design. The product our tester tried out was teal, which she found clashed with some of her wardrobe – a small price to pay for a comfortable way to carry both babies at once.

This carrier is, however, also available in black and grey, which will suit a variety of wardrobes.

What’s it like to use day-to-day?

Once you’ve got the hang of getting your babies in and out, using the TwinGo Air is a practical solution during day-to-day life. You can be truly hands-free with this carrier while you get jobs done around the house or take your babies on a day out. Our tester’s partner found he could carry their babies for hours.

The TwinGo Air features a lightweight mesh, which is designed to keep you cool – no mean feat when you are surrounded by body heat – and the design of the front carrier allows you to breastfeed your little one.

This could well be a twin carrier for the long haul. Our tester’s babies were four months at the time of testing, but she felt confident that she would continue to use the TwinGo Air until her babies no longer wanted or needed to be carried.

The combined weight maximum on the carrier is 70 lbs. So, assuming the babies were of a similar weight, you could potentially carry them in the TwinGo Air into toddlerhood.

Unfortunately, you can’t wear a coat with this carrier so it may be fair weather-only option and a rucksack is out of the question if that’s your usual changing bag.

"I'm very satisfied now the babies are older and we’re coming into summer - we’ll use this twin carrier a lot."

How safe is the carrier?

Once the babies are secured in the carrier, they are held firmly in position with freedom of movement for their heads and limbs.

However, our tester felt that practice would be needed to feel confident about moving one of the babies from the side into the back carry. A wriggly baby might arch backwards as you’re trying to get them into the back sling, but this is likely to pose less of problem as the babies grow older.

Seeking advice from a sling library or asking someone nearby for help when familiarising yourself with the carrier could help to speed up the learning process.

The TwinGo Air doesn't feel cheap thanks to its large, sturdy buckles and wide comfortable straps. Although there are buckles for the babies to fiddle with, our tester didn’t think their fingers could get caught.

Safety elastics around buckles and a safety belt between you and your baby further improve safety, as does taking care to always put the heavier baby on your back if there is 3 lbs difference or more.

Twingo dad

How easy is it to clean?

Double the passengers mean double the mess, so it’s a godsend that the TwinGo Air is machine washable at a low temperature.

Our tester’s carrier is teal, which she felt didn’t show up the dirt at all. She washed the carrier on its own, securing the buckles and placing each carrier in a pillowcase for protection and air dried as recommended by TwinGo.

After washing, the carrier looked slightly wrinkled but undamaged. It’s worth noting that the babies might soak the straps by sucking on them, but TwinGo teething pads are a quick fix for that.

Final verdict?

We were generally thrilled with the TwinGo Air’s performance across all categories.

Even though it's an expensive option compared to many single carriers, it costs less than two carriers combined, without the bulk of using two carriers in tandem.

As a result, get more bang for your buck from this twin carrier as you could wind up using it long-term if your twins like being carried and you like carrying them.

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