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Quiz: how much do you know about your stove or open fire?

Do you own a stove or open fire? Test your knowledge with our quiz to discover if you could be burning better.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Dec 15, 2023

Quiz: how much do you know about your stove or open fire?

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The Burn Better campaign from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, aims to educate owners of stoves or open fires about the environmental and health impacts associated with burning. 

Stoves and open fires emit harmful particles known as PM2.5. Recent findings highlight that emissions from household burning contribute to 27% of all PM2.5 emissions in the UK. 

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So, this winter, the campaign is increasing awareness and encouraging households to adopt three simple steps to help them burn better, including: 

  1. Check it regularly 

  2. Sweep it professionally

  3. Feed it the right fuels 

But how much do you know about burning etiquette as a stove or open fire owner? Do you get your appliance serviced and chimney swept regularly? Do you take the necessary steps to protect both your health and the environment? We’ve partnered with DEFRA to come up with this short quiz. So, put your knowledge to the test and learn how you can burn better this winter!


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is the government department responsible for improving and protecting the environment. We aim to grow a green economy and sustain thriving rural communities. We also support our world-leading food, farming and fishing industries.

DEFRA is a ministerial department, supported by 34 agencies and public bodies. 

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