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Campaign for home use of abortion pills

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Cwenthryth Sat 31-Mar-18 08:51:04

Re-posting this in chat as I originally posted in feminist activism but don’t think anyone noticed!

Please share & sign this open letter to Jeremy Hunt & Vaughan Gething calling for home use of abortion pills, so women are not forced to miscarry their pregnancies in public.

IStillMissBlockbuster Sat 31-Mar-18 08:53:19

Signed. I think this is just an old fashioned rule that needs updating.

Vickxy Sat 31-Mar-18 18:23:00


I did not realize it was like this for people

I had an abortion 13 years back now, and it was by these pills. How it worked for me was I had to take one in a hospital setting and then return 24 hours later for the second pill. But then I had to remain in the hospital until it had taken effect. We had to pee and stuff in those sick bowl type things and leave it to be examined. And they did not let us go home until we had passed the fetus. Then we had blood tests and stuff before being told we could go home and told what to expect in the coming days. It all seemed so wrong and intrusive at the time, but I do understand why it was that way and did actually think it was the same for all women. Was I just 'lucky' in this?

LineysInTheSand Sat 31-Mar-18 18:26:27

This finally seems a sensible position from WEP.

AreYouTerfEnough Sat 31-Mar-18 18:27:53

So women who have missed miscarriages can take the pill home to manage things there, but women who are terminating their pregnancies can’t?

TimbuktuTimbuktu Sat 31-Mar-18 20:36:03

Signed. Thanks for sharing.

IStillMissBlockbuster Sat 31-Mar-18 21:48:28


Afreshcuppateaplease Sat 31-Mar-18 21:52:37


WiltedDaffs Sat 31-Mar-18 23:27:05


LineysInTheSand Sun 01-Apr-18 09:32:31

I've signed

FarFrom Sun 01-Apr-18 09:41:39

I actually think all women should have the option to be in hospital for both. Have heard of too many very distressed youngsters having to deal with in effect a forced miscarriage at home. They needed looking after and instead had to deal with something very traumatic alone.

Cwenthryth Sun 01-Apr-18 10:23:50

Personally I don't disagree there, FarFrom, the key point being women having the option, and that would be something to lobby abortion providers about as I don't believe that current rules prevent that. But certainly the status quo needs to change from having to take the medication 'under supervision' before being able to go home. I heard one woman speak on this issue about passing her pregnancy in the toilet of a cafe as she didn't have time to get home, others with symptoms starting on buses, in taxis etc. Just not acceptable.

FarFrom Sun 01-Apr-18 11:15:01

I’m not disagreeing with you cwenthryth. I just think that cuts mean that people who should be being looked after are not being. If people want to be at home that should be possible too but I think many don’t realise how distressing and disturbing it can actually be.

HairyBallTheorem Sun 01-Apr-18 11:20:06


Dancingbea Sun 01-Apr-18 17:04:42

So the abortion providers can give women the option of staying in a clinic (though it would need to be one of the bigger ones), but to be honest most women want to bein the comfort of home when it happens - that is part of the reason why women choose early medical over a surgical. It is discrimination against - and punishment of - women for having an abortion. The government has the power to change this overnight but they won't unless there is pressure on them. So pleased wep is campaigning on this.

Cwenthryth Fri 20-Apr-18 17:25:01

UPDATE!!! Vaughan Gething has listened to this campaign and has instructed the Welsh Assembly to start work on making home use of abortion pills happen in Wales.

Now we need Jeremy Hunt to follow suit! WEP are asking us to tweet Jeremy Hunt to keep the pressure on.

OvaHere Fri 20-Apr-18 17:42:39

This is great. Well done.

LassWiADelicateAir Sat 21-Apr-18 00:09:19

Signed (although did not opt into WEP mailing list)

Bespin Sat 21-Apr-18 01:31:05

Signed Jeremy hunt never does anything though unless it can be shown to save some money 😕

EveningHare Sat 21-Apr-18 01:48:48


HaruNoSakura Sun 22-Apr-18 12:36:28

Signed and bumped.

Really surprised that this isn't picking up more traction here.

R0wantrees Sun 22-Apr-18 12:39:07


DancingLedge Sun 22-Apr-18 12:42:08

Women's Hour had a good piece on this issue on Friday.

LassWiADelicateAir Sun 22-Apr-18 12:47:00

Really surprised that this isn't picking up more traction here

Me too. I meant to bump it but forgot.

OvaHere Sun 22-Apr-18 13:00:58

I signed a couple of days ago but definitely needs more awareness.

2054 signatures currently.

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