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alphaMale22 Wed 07-Sep-16 16:35:26

is it ok to post here?

usual Wed 07-Sep-16 16:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WheelofPan Wed 07-Sep-16 16:42:24


Blistory Wed 07-Sep-16 16:42:38

Why wouldn't it be ?

Grimarse Wed 07-Sep-16 16:42:58

Course it is. I'm a man too. Let's rip this shit up. Whaddaya want to talk about?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usual Wed 07-Sep-16 17:38:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usual Wed 07-Sep-16 17:43:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blistory Wed 07-Sep-16 18:02:23

And to think this thread held so much promise


Grimarse Wed 07-Sep-16 18:15:35

He may have popped out to do a bit of oppressing/subjugating. I'm sure he'll be back.

PovertyPain Wed 07-Sep-16 18:19:43

Shit! There's a man in the room and I haven't done a thing with my hair! blush

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 07-Sep-16 19:47:57

How very cryptic...

Grimarse Wed 07-Sep-16 19:56:05

Maybe his mum called him?

Soubriquet Wed 07-Sep-16 19:57:55

I can actually raise one eyebrow!

Only my left one though...can't do it with my right

elQuintoConyo Wed 07-Sep-16 19:59:31

Hang on, hang on, i've only shaved one leg... Can you come back in an hour?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xenophile Wed 07-Sep-16 20:23:30

I can raise one eyebrow.

It may, or may not be something I practiced for hours to look like Mr Spock.

Is this man going to speak at any point? Inquiring minds need to know what Alpha Males have to say. We just don't hear enough of men's voices these days.

<adjusts dungarees>

Gruach Wed 07-Sep-16 20:26:19


He's probably got a dozen other forums waiting by their phones too ...

Soubriquet Wed 07-Sep-16 20:28:48

Oh shit sorry. Forgot there was a man needing to make some announcement

I've been too busy being smug about my eyebrow

<turns on adoring face and waits patiently>

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Xenophile Wed 07-Sep-16 20:36:43

He's probably spreading pheromones about.

60% of the time, they work, every time.

Soubriquet Wed 07-Sep-16 20:38:33

Male pheromones?


WellErrr Wed 07-Sep-16 20:51:32

<waits patiently>

MatildaOfTuscany Wed 07-Sep-16 20:53:04

You know, I don't think you really are an alpha male at all. An alpha male would have swept in here, done a Flashheart style "WOOF" while snogging us senseless (as our left foot rose inexplicably into the air the way it does to indicate overwhelming female passion in films...) A real alpha male would not have poked his head cautiously round the door and asked if it was okay to post. I'm disappointed, OP, very disappointed. You've let us down, you've let feminism down and worst of all you've let yourself down.

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