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Tweeting pictures of topless women to campaigners/ HH etc

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LadyBlaBlah Thu 22-Jan-15 09:55:15

I literally CBA to discuss the Sun's women hating antics but directly tweeting nude photos to people who had been involved in the P3 campaigning.
Surely, that can't be allowed??

theRotcod Thu 22-Jan-15 09:59:38

If repeatedly sent to the same person it should constitute as harassment. I'd hope so. angry

I was listening to Call Clegg on LBC and they spoke about this. Nick Ferrari said "well feminism is about choice." Whatever happened to equality?

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 22-Jan-15 10:51:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Thu 22-Jan-15 11:04:34

The Sun are doing the tweeting? Or randoms?

Either way it's shit isn't it.

Going out of your way to expose someone to something they have told you upsets them is shitty bullying behaviour and something that we go out of our way to teach toddlers is the wrong thing to do FFS.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 22-Jan-15 11:06:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Thu 22-Jan-15 11:07:38

They seem to be getting more extreme in their desire to say "fuck you" and I wonder how far they will go TBH.

indecisiveithink Thu 22-Jan-15 11:09:20

Nick Ferrari isn't know for his intelligence.

indecisiveithink Thu 22-Jan-15 11:12:09

Nick Ferrari isn't know for his intelligence.

LadyBlaBlah Thu 22-Jan-15 11:16:22

It's a guy called Dylan Sharpe. The sun's PR guy.

It really defies belief

OmnipotentQueenOfTheUniverse Thu 22-Jan-15 11:50:08

It's pathetic isn't it.

Just shows blatantly that the reason they want to keep page 3 is now nothing to do with the readers and everything to do with making a point and setting out to upset anyone who doesn't like it who are mainly women and girls. I mean a man sitting on the tube next to a man staring at it might feel irritated but it's not the same feeling as a 14yo girl sitting next to him while he's staring at it and pressing his leg insistently against hers for eg. Which happened to me more than once when I was a schoolgirl.

stripeysettee Thu 22-Jan-15 12:14:17

I used to think the sun was pathetic/juvenile for pg3 (ok and perhaps wilfully ignorant). Now clear they're going out of their way to upset people. Nasty, as well as pathetic/juvenile/ignorant. Repulsive.

Greythorne Thu 22-Jan-15 12:24:31

Dylan Sharpe...not very sharp. Instead nasty, petty, stalkerish and smug.

Greythorne Thu 22-Jan-15 12:30:05

Some good ripostes here:

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 22-Jan-15 12:43:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AskBasil Thu 22-Jan-15 12:47:42

So the Sun's Head of PR is engaging in online sexual harassment?

Um, someone's in the wrong job

"It's a bit of fun" is the excuse used by sexual harassers everywhere, but even our society recognises that it's not a good excuse anymore.

He should be sacked. His PR skills are crap. You can't argue that Page 3 isn't a form of sexual harassment while at the same time be openly sexually harassing women on the internet.

I'm actually surprised by that, I know many of their readers are thick but I didn't think the staff were in that little bubble too.

treaclesoda Thu 22-Jan-15 12:53:31

My world has been thrown into turmoil here because I don't think I've ever found myself sympathising with Kay Burley before. confused

But in all seriousness, I also find that very creepy and very inappropriate.

funnyossity Thu 22-Jan-15 13:06:34

treacle I was thinking the same!

HaroldsBishop Thu 22-Jan-15 13:46:07

Maybe people could return the favour by sending him pictures of throbbing penii.

PuffinsAreFictitious Thu 22-Jan-15 13:58:24

Nope, if you disagree with him about anything, he blocks you. Doesn't stop him tweeting at you though. Because he's a fuck head.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones Thu 22-Jan-15 14:00:55

I think we will all agree it's actually Dylan Sharpe who is the real victim here (take your seat right next to that other "victim" Ched Evans, Mr Sharpe):

He's been whining to the DM.

Mr Sharpe said: "That page has been tweeted tens of thousands of times and I do not see it is any different with me tweeting it.
"Given the number of people who have tweeted that page... I could not have expected that response this time.
"Look at my mentions and the number of people calling me (all) manner of nasty horrible things."

What a Grade A dick.

ClaudetteWyms Thu 22-Jan-15 14:10:45

This is disgusting.

Does Dylan Sharpe have a wife? A daughter? A mother? How would he like strangers to tweet them naked pictures of women? Would they find it amusing?

What a nasty juvenile little inadequate. He needs to be sacked.

Greythorne Thu 22-Jan-15 14:36:47

The scandal du jour is the catalogue of teachers who have abused girls by having sex with them.

I can't believe more people don't make the link between the objectification of young women on Page 3 and elsewhere (women reduced to their physical appearance, women demeaned for male sexual pleasure, women identified by their body measurements, women made two dimensional with no voice, no opinions etc etc) and the fact that some teachers now see girls as sexual targets, and really can't see anything wrong with having sex with girls they claim have consented. Page 3 reinforces these deluded men that all women and girls - no matter who they are, what trust should be in place - are available for sex.

HouseWhereNobodyLives Thu 22-Jan-15 14:39:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fayyive Thu 22-Jan-15 14:47:13

I saw the tweet. The pic has been cropped so only the winking model's face and shoulders are visible. The recipients won't see her breasts

fayyive Thu 22-Jan-15 14:48:35

I guess he thought it was funny especially since the model is winking with a big smile, I think it's more of a case of trying to mock them with an immature "haha page 3 is still here" as opposed to sexual harrassment

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