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Well-Written Filth - the thread for the newly-beKindled

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NatureAbhorsAHoover Thu 01-Mar-12 22:32:34

Any suggestions please for she who shall no longer be judged by DH on the tube for her choice of sexy racy things to read grin

But must be well-written!

EdithWeston Thu 01-Mar-12 22:56:04

Try The Delta of Venus by Anais Nin, or Fanny Hill by John Cleland.

NatureAbhorsAHoover Thu 01-Mar-12 23:14:42

thanks Edith - actually I've read both and loved bothstdavids, but neither are books that I would be ashamed to be seen reading...

I want books that I have hitherto avoided because the cover is all trashy and my new kindle will hide all sins... I'm talking Kushiel's Dart, and Jackie Collins... proper smut (but well-written, mindhmm)

EdithWeston Thu 01-Mar-12 23:17:43


PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Fri 02-Mar-12 23:57:28

Shelly Laurenston grin Start with the Magnus Pack trilogy or "the one with Des and Mace" (I can never remember which is which title wise so I go by who is in them)
Or search "The Mammoth Book of" and there are LOADS of short story collections for every perversion and fancy and damp gusset genre you can think of.

NatureAbhorsAHoover Fri 09-Mar-12 16:01:04

thanks Pom - yup, right up my alley grin and have also bought one of her dragon ones to try as well. Phwoar.

<snorts steam>

<pretends to be reading Proust or similar>

Almostfifty Fri 09-Mar-12 21:09:59

The Fifty books by E L James.

Absolutely filthy and very, very good. Fair gave me palpitations!

GrandPoohBah Sat 10-Mar-12 15:31:08

A bit of Jilly??

OmicronPersei8 Sun 11-Mar-12 14:15:22

Did you know that Fifty Shades by E L James started out as Twilight fanfiction, available freely onlne? The TSA thread read it a year or two ago - we can recommend more of the same (for free and easy to get onto a kindle) if anyone is interested. Just post on the thread, all are welcome especially if you enjoy a good bit of smut

NatureAbhorsAHoover Mon 12-Mar-12 08:09:36

Huge thank you almost and Omicron - bought the first in the Fifty series.... delighted to see it's becoming a cultural phenomenon according to the dreaded DM

Saving to read on hols next month, should spice things up?

V nice to know others have dirty minds similar tastes for earthy and robust fiction grin

Almostfifty Mon 12-Mar-12 19:43:15

Just don't tell everyone I like the dirty written word NAAH. wink

I'd get the three. I am on the last. My husband is shell shocked...

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 12-Mar-12 19:49:45

I read the fifty books when they were Master of the Universe twilight fanfiction(and FREE as Omicron says)). I simply CANNOT believe the twilight publishers aren't coming down on her, as apart from the names, and the domsub sex etc, it IS twilight. It's not even much better written. It is so so similar.

Anyhow, if you find good fanfiction and want it on your kindle, use this website:

Do you want any recs? Main problem with it is author's notes at the beginning of every chapter, and that every main couple is called Edward and Bella. But there's some great stuff, only barely connected to the twilight story at all

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 12-Mar-12 19:51:41

I read my first ever Jilly Cooper on my Kindle, as my first ever Kindle book

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 12-Mar-12 19:57:24

if you don't mind vampires (but not the sparkly kind. the hot kind), then you could try the black dagger brotherhood (this is the first book)

OmicronPersei8 Mon 12-Mar-12 20:19:07

(Apologies for brief threadjack: Hello BellaBear! Drop back in on the TSA threads, we haven't seen you in a while.)

And the BDB books are fun. But we have recs, so many recs, to share on the TSA threads (TSA stands for Twi Sluts Anonymous, which should tell you everything you need to know).

BellaBearisWideAwake Mon 12-Mar-12 20:23:57

Hi! I would love to come back but I am Very Very Bad at keeping up with any sort of long running thread. Just can't cope with it. Shall I come and say hello? For the record, still reading fanfic. M&B type romances are far too formulaic and not really graphic enough iykwim?

Grockle Mon 12-Mar-12 20:43:27

You can DL Fifty shades of grey as a free PDF

NatureAbhorsAHoover Tue 10-Apr-12 22:00:21

Thank you for the recommendations... Bella Bear I want to like the brotherhood books you rec but I am the worst kind of sad, sad pedant and they have too many aitches. I really can't do it...

<hangs head in shame>

<is ostracised by peers. Again>

AnnieLobeseder Tue 10-Apr-12 22:03:51

Lexxie Couper. My lucky friends edits her books (and similar filth) for a living. envy But at least I get to borrow loads of paperback copies whenever I see her.

NatureAbhorsAHoover Tue 10-Apr-12 22:04:03

also bella I would love to pull some good fanfic onto my kindle with the flagfic site you recommend, but I do need recommendations.. I haven't gone looking for any since my Spike/Buffy obsession of 2007...

<hangs head AGAIN>

CoffeeRevel Tue 10-Apr-12 22:11:28

If you can't do the bhrorhers because of the h's(which is a shame, cos they're great) you could try the dark series by Christine Feehan

NatureAbhorsAHoover Tue 10-Apr-12 22:26:39

thank you Annie, will have a look (must say Lexxie put me off with her exxcessive x's but god I am a sad, sad pedant) and Coffee, onto amazon now with researchy goodness... I've seen lots of Christine Feehan books around so it's definitely time to give them a try!

CoffeeRevel Tue 10-Apr-12 22:30:33

Hope you enjoy them! Let me know how you get on

AnxiousPanxious Wed 11-Apr-12 20:38:41

OK, I (lurking previously) have checked out those links, and I just don't fancy any of those. Not into fanfic, not into vampires or darkness or lusty Australian tool company owners or whatever.

Can anyone recommend something for me that's a bit more refined but just as filthy?

CoffeeRevel Wed 11-Apr-12 21:03:34

How about Shayla Black, I can't remember what the series is called, but it begins with Wicked Lovers. That might fit the bill

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