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Anyone out there 5' 6" and a size 12 - would you mind telling me your weight?

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LivingLaVidaLurker2 Sun 08-Jun-08 10:13:09

I am slowly but surely losing weight after being overweight for 14 years. I am 5' 6", now weigh 11 stone 8 and can just about squeeze into a size 14, though look and feel better in my size 16s at the moment.

Feel free to call me shallow, but I have a goal to be a healthy size 12. So.... I just wondered what my goal weight should be to reach this size. It would give me a general target to aim towards and some extra inspiration.

Oh, I know there are other factors involved.... but I thought that at least having an idea of size 12 weights could give me some motivation.

Thank you very much!

PuppyMonkey Sun 08-Jun-08 10:16:07

I'm 5ft 4ins and a size 10/12 - I weigh bang on nine stone. Hope that helps in some way!

LivingLaVidaLurker2 Sun 08-Jun-08 10:20:34

Thank you - that does help. Probably means that I need to aim for around the late nines early tens? Well, that's good to know - feels quite doable (is that a word?) Could even get there for Christmas smile

Helennn Sun 08-Jun-08 10:22:00

I am 5'7" and usually a size 12. I hovver around the 10 stone mark, sometimes a bit below but more often just over.

What I would say is, even though I am relatively slim I am totally un-fit and un-toned. To look good I really need to go to the gym as I still look flabby.

So, don't forget you need to exercise as well as diet to look good.

Good luck

zippitippitoes Sun 08-Jun-08 10:24:00

i thionk it varies we had a thread on what people weighed before and dress size and there was a big variation

tho of course some people probably wear clothes that dont fit lol

i lost lots of weight and now weigh about 9st 11 i am 5ft 4 and ten at the bottom and 10 or twelve on top 12 for a dress usually 10 for a skirt or trousers 10 for a t shirt 12 maybe for a shirt but it dpends

bra size has changed from 40 c to 36 b or 34 d

zippitippitoes Sun 08-Jun-08 10:25:10

i also have a flabby tum despite exercise but i think it is inevitable as i lost 5 stone or thereabouts and have had three kids and im 51

ButterflyMcQueen Sun 08-Jun-08 10:25:32

i am 5 7 to 5 8 and usually (now pg) 10 stone ish 10 2 - 10 4 but would be happier just under 10

i m a pretty average 12 i think

LivingLaVidaLurker2 Sun 08-Jun-08 10:33:51

Thanks everyone. I think I'll set my goal weight to 10 stone for the moment and see how I get on. Zippitippitoes, your story is great to hear. Very inspiring.

As for exercise.... I can only say I'm trying. Lots of walking with double buggy, Zoe Lucker Little Black Dress workout once a week (not enough, I know, but better than nothing, I hope!) and crunches whenever I can (do crunches actually work? I guess I will see when my tummy is no longer disguised by layers of unsightly blubber.)

zippitippitoes Sun 08-Jun-08 10:40:19

good luck with it it is definitely worthwhile

glinda Sun 08-Jun-08 10:57:21

Interesting to know how much we all vary isn't it?
I am 5 feet 10 and a size 14, but my thighs are huge so I weigh 12 stone. I am aiming to lose another stone but the size I will end up probably depends on where I lose it from!

SmugColditz Sun 08-Jun-08 11:02:23

Peacocks size 12 seems to be the same as a next size 16 - so do bear that in mind.

Generlly at your height, drop a stone and you'll drop a dress size.

SmugColditz Sun 08-Jun-08 11:03:46

And are we talking size 12 top or size 12 bottom? Because I am wearing some peacocks size 12 trousers (non stretch) right now, but I can't button a size 16 shirt....

GreenMonkies Sun 08-Jun-08 11:06:41

I am about 5'6 and a size 12 and I weigh 64 kilos which is 10 and a bit stone.

Does that help?


DazedEmma Sun 08-Jun-08 11:43:40

Before I got pregnant, I weighed 10st and was a perfect 12 and I weighed 10st exactly

DazedEmma Sun 08-Jun-08 11:44:05

I'm 5ft 6 btw lol

FoghornLeghorn Sun 08-Jun-08 11:46:22

I'm 5ft 7 but 31 weeks pregnant at the mo so wont frighten you with my weight at the minute ..... but I vary between 10st 7lb and 11st when not pregnant

KatyMac Sun 08-Jun-08 11:50:52

I'm 5ft 5 and I fit comfortably into a 12 bottom & a 14 top (which is my 34g boobs)

I weight between 10st 3 to 10 st 7

harpsichordcarrier Sun 08-Jun-08 11:53:51

in the interests of research I am 11 stone and a size 14 (but I hve big bazoomas and I think this keeps my weight/size up!)

Vulgar Sun 08-Jun-08 12:07:29

harpsichordcarrier - I'm exactly the same as you!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 08-Jun-08 12:53:55

I'm 5ft 6 and weight (today) 10st 4. I'm usually anywhere betweem 10 (haven't been in the 9s since the millenium)and 10 7. I'm a size 12.

daftpunk Sun 08-Jun-08 12:56:38

5ft 6 size 12....always between 10, and 10 and a half stone.

mankymummy Sun 08-Jun-08 12:58:31

im 5ft 6in and can get into 12's depending on shop (in Next I'm a 10 believe it or not),

i'm 10 stone 6 at the moment but apparently the ideal weight for my height, age and build is 9 stone 6 ! hmm

Niecie Sun 08-Jun-08 12:59:32

I think it depends on your build and probably how toned you are.

I am a pear-shape and even at my lightest (9st 7lb) had trouble getting into a 12 bottoms. Could wear a 10 on top and round the waist but could only just get into size 12 trousers and it wasn't comfortable - 14 was better even if the waist was ridiculously big.

I am 5ft 7in by the way.

cornsilk Sun 08-Jun-08 13:18:36

I'm 5ft 6in and a 10/12 and am usually around 9 stone.

GreenMonkies Mon 09-Jun-08 13:38:05


"im 5ft 6in and can get into 12's depending on shop (in Next I'm a 10 believe it or not),"

me too, I think they are generous sizes!!!


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