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Help, I can't stop eating crap!

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Damnivy Wed 05-Dec-18 18:28:09

So in 3 months iv gained over 2 stone. For back ground, I'm generally overweight, and over the years have done diets and done really well! Problem is I can't seem to stick to them for very long. My last stint was slimming world, I lost nearly 4 stone in 7 months. Then got comfy in a size 16 and stopped.
Now I can't seem to stop eating, it's bad, I know what I'm doing, but can't stop. Before iv even finished my dinner I'm wondering what sweet thing I can have after. I can't go into a shop without buying cakes or chocolate. And I'm doing alot of it in secret, I know how much of a pig I am being and so embarrassed about it. I'd hate my DH or kids to see me shovelling in a pack of 4 eclairs, or a whole chocolate orange.
Every day I wake up with the plan to stop and diet. I plan good healthy meals for my day, then it all goes wrong and before I know it iv eaten half a packet of buiscuts after breakfast. It disgusting and embarrassing. Please, any advise on how to stop myself, anything that could encourage me, anything would be greatly appreciated.

As not to drip feed, I have a bad relationship with food, after being bought up in a house where my parents would rather spend money on alcohol and drugs, so have always had a 'if it's there you need to fill up on it' type attitude, even though this hasn't applied for many years since i moved out at 16, and earnt our own money.

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OohOohMrPeevly Wed 05-Dec-18 21:01:07

Bless you it's so difficult. It sounds like you have a real sugar addiction and so low carbing might be your best bet and there are some great threads on here to help with that. Good luck.

Knittink Thu 06-Dec-18 07:54:21

I'm a sugar addict too. I've got no off-switch with sweet stuff - I tell myself I'll have one biscuit, but as soon as I get the sugar hit from that, I am desperate to inhale ALL the biscuits!

You just need to break the cycle. It gets easier quite quickly once you do. Start with just resisting for one day. Let yourself have other non-sugary snacks at first - you can try and break the snack habit after you've broken the sugar addiction! I stopped eating sweet stuff on Monday. Normally I don't last a day, but I'm on day 4 and am already not craving the sweet stuff! Dh brought big choc chip cookies home and I didn't eat mine. Wasn't even tempted really. shock

Knittink Thu 06-Dec-18 07:56:20

Btw I wouldn't recommend full-on low carbing unless you think you can do it forever. Been there done that. It's hard, and the weight piles back on quickly if you lapse.

HJWT Thu 06-Dec-18 08:00:23

I'm the same but not just sweet stuff! No advice sorry but just think of your health, you want to be here to watch your grandchildren grow up and if you carry on like this you won't. The only thing that stops me when I get to a certain weight is seeing my FIL he is MORBIDLY obese he can hardly walk and gets out of breath going to the car... he honestly doesn't see anything wrong but he will be dead within 5 years and it's such a shame for the grandchildren

Damnivy Thu 06-Dec-18 12:10:17

Thanks so much for your replys. Glad I'm not the only one! Felt better yesterday after just wrighting it out oddly.
knittink Thanks for the advice, will try swapping to no sugary snacks for now. Well done with doing so well yourself!

HJWT yes I'm always thinking about needing to be fit for the future too, my youngest is only just 3, and I know I need to be able to run around with her too! Maybe I need to try and think of it every time I reach for crap stuff!

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leafbud Thu 06-Dec-18 12:24:30

If you like coffee, you could replace your sweet thing after a meal for that. Get your favourite brand and savour the flavour of that. Or you could have tea. I find this replaces the psychological urge for a dessert and rounds a meal off nicely, once you get used to it.

Merrychristmasyoufilthyanimals Thu 06-Dec-18 15:31:53

Do you get time to diet OP

My sweet tooth is really bad at the moment, i've just hit my 3rd stone weight loss since January, i've joined Myfitnesspal and done at least 1hr of gym a day

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