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So today I started Exante 2 stone by Xmas

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pickledolive Tue 16-Oct-18 21:11:15

Hi everyone would you like to join me on a vlcd weight loss journey trying to lose 2 stone by Christmas . That's 10 weeks . Do we think that's doable?

LCHF2018 Wed 17-Oct-18 00:44:47

Very. I have ordered my package but delivery not till next week as i live abroad. I have 4 stone to lose but want half that gone by Xmas too. I started limiting calories yesterday in a bid to prepare the bod for exante which will hopefully officially commence next week. I am sort of doing my own spin though and planning 3 packs Monday to Thursday and 3 packs with small low carb meal at weeekends....i am 13 stone 5 and 5 feet 4 so a looong way to go hmm

pickledolive Wed 17-Oct-18 06:20:24

I'd be over the moon with 1 stone to be honest all my clothes are too tight and I refuse to buy any more . Just hoping my will power can keep up.

KingsScorn Sun 21-Oct-18 19:04:56

I think that is very doable!

I started last Sunday (Slim and Save not Exante though) and I'm now down 8.8 lbs.

Will that take you down to your target weight?

I've got a lot to lose (BMI was 36.4 - now 35.0 - will need to lose 5st to get to 25.0). In, ten weeks, with a fair wind, I should be able to get my BMI out of obese and into overweight.

The way my head is at the moment I'm planning to do this all over Christmas (I made a permanent change to plant based this year so I wouldn't be having traditional food anyway)...that could change though!

How are you getting on?

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Sun 21-Oct-18 20:24:23

2 stone by Christmas is definitely do-able.
I've been doing it for 19weeks now and lost 4stone 3lb.
I've been really happy on the plan.
Hope you get on okthlsmile

purplepandas Sun 21-Oct-18 20:30:12

Sorry to gatecrash Minnes but do you work? I ask as I am trying to figure out how to incorporate shakes etc into work life without have to explain to others. I know they will comment. I hate the bars etc. I need a major kick up the behind as have so much to lose.

LCHF I am round where you are but to scared to get on the scales ATM. I fear it is way worse than I think it is. Head in the sand is not good.

purplepandas Sun 21-Oct-18 20:31:38

Good luck Pickle and well done Kings. I did Cambridge religiously for one week last year and lost only 3.5 lbs. I was gutted as I totally stuck to it! Have some exante shakes and want to give it ago again. I am such an emotional eater and feeling so utterly crap about myself.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Sun 21-Oct-18 20:38:05

purplepandas I do but part-time and mostly on my own, so it hasn't been a problem for me, plus I like the bars.
Are you not telling people you're doing vlcd because of the questions/judgment? I didn't tell many people until it was noticeable that the weight was coming off.
Sorry I couldn't be much help.

purplepandas Sun 21-Oct-18 20:43:33

Thanks so much Minnies, I really do appreciate the reply. Yes, I don't want people judging me. I am just so very cross with myself, I can't believe I have done this after losing 3 stone 5 or so years ago. Anyway, onwards.

Well done or your loss, that is truly fantastic. Do you not get hungry? I did when i did one week of Cambridge but was so stubborn and stuck to it. I think the non huge loss really disheartened me. I can't put on any more though so am grateful for this thread to kick me when I need it!

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Sun 21-Oct-18 20:57:15

purplepandas I very rarely feel hungry.
I don't have my first shake till 12-1 because I'm just not hungry in the morning. I also make my own evening meal partly because I'm not overly keen on many of exante's meals but also because I wanted to train myself to make better choices so when I reach goal (I've finally stopped saying if I reach goal smile) I'm already in the habit of making healthy choices. I make sure my evening meal is low carb and fits within the daily 600kcal.

KingsScorn Sun 21-Oct-18 22:00:40

purplepandas The work thing is tough. I don't want to tell people either - I think I can get away with it for a while because I have a lab, a shared office (share with 2 others) and a department 'tea' room (where people tend to eat - although we have a main canteen). I tend to quickly make a shake (hid the shaker and the packets in the back of my filing cabinet!) in my office quickly whilst everyone has gone for lunch.

I did a VLCD 6 years ago (10 weeks) and was more open (only with the 3 people I shared an office with - who have all since moved on) as I had a cheap blender I kept at work for my shakes. Just got a simple shaker this time. When I feel more established with it (several weeks down the line) I may bring the blender back out...

Thinking about it more I may not have revealed the whole truth about the VLCD. I think I just said I was having a protein shake for lunch as I kept skipping lunch due to being so busy (true) and when I got home I was inhaling the fridge. I'm bound to be spotted this time around too at some point so think I may just share that.

Idontneedyourjudgement Mon 22-Oct-18 13:46:16

I started exante this morning!!
1 shake and 1bar down so far....I'm an emotional eater too, and it has got way out of hand lately.
8.8lbs off in 7 days is amazing! I'm hoping to get at least 10lbs off in the next 3 weeks as I have a night away with my DH and I want to feel good about myself.

I'm starting at 12st 10.8 and 5"6.
As they "I wish I was as fat as I was when I thought I was fat "

Good luck all!!

KingsScorn Mon 22-Oct-18 18:57:42


"I wish I was as fat as I was when I thought I was fat "

Isn't that the truth! I look back a picture now that I hated having taken and hated when I saw them because I thought I was fat and now think - wow I was so slim back then!

Good Luck! I didn't find last week particularly hard (as long as I kept busy even day 3 when I had a headache was very very mild) but this week is proving to be so easy in comparison so far. I've moved from clock watching until when I can have my next pack to clock watching to make sure I have my pack within a certain time window!

purplepandas Mon 22-Oct-18 19:58:50

Good luck kings and Idon'tneed. I am way day down too. so far so good. Have a work dinner on Weds and can't see how not to eat as external people. Figured I will go for best option (salad) and just VLCD around that meal completely.

Wow at the fat quotation, it's so true!! I am appalled but did brave the scales this morning. I have been heavier before but only recently and only a tiny bit heavier so pretty much worst ever. Agh. But one day down....

HackAttack Mon 22-Oct-18 20:09:36

I'll join, currently on the slender blend shakes having started last week. I need to buy some scales though!

purplepandas Mon 22-Oct-18 21:21:17

Hello hack.

HackAttack Mon 22-Oct-18 22:23:14

Hello, have you guys done many of these? Any opinions on best ones?

Idontneedyourjudgement Tue 23-Oct-18 09:39:20

I'm on day 2 (survived the 4pm slump and I was at softplay!) so I think I just need to keep busy to distract me from food, which sounds good In theory, in reality, I panic that I won't have time to eat (which wouldn't do me no harm) so I literally grab everything I can find and shove it in...hence me now needing 3 st offf 🤦🏽‍♀️

pickledolive Tue 23-Oct-18 17:59:29

Hi what times of day do you all eat your packs ?

Twinplusone Tue 23-Oct-18 19:31:58

Thinking about a VLCD, Exante seems a good choice as a wide variety of products and cost seems reasonable (not sure how it compares with other VLCD in terms of cost?)

I tried Cambridge diet a couple of years ago and struggled on that due to lack of products, rubbish consultant and lack of my willpower. I found meal replacements hard going, don’t think I’m cut out for 3 shakes a day. I love my food too much!

Any advice, most welcome

YeahILoveSummer Tue 23-Oct-18 19:35:18

Hi, what is Exante? I could do with loosing 2 stone by Xmas!

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Tue 23-Oct-18 19:55:14

YeahILoveSummer exante is a vlcd (very low calorie diet) its 600-800 calories a day, there is another plan that's higher in cals but I haven't looked into that one.
It's a meal replacement plan, 3 packs a day. There are shakes, bars/cookies or meals to pick and mix from.
They say you lose approximately 1 stone a month but my take longer with less to lose.
It one of the more affordable of this type of diet.

MinniesAndMickeysNeedCounting Tue 23-Oct-18 19:58:23

Twinplusone it doesn't have to be 3 shakes, you can mix the products. I typically do 2 replacements and make my own evening meal

RebelWitchFace Tue 23-Oct-18 20:02:07

@purplepandas have you tried their cereal or yogurt? It looks like a mushy breakfast type food and you only need to add water. If someone asks what I'm eating I simply reply "cereal".

Twinplusone Tue 23-Oct-18 20:19:57

minniesandmickey thanks

Why have you all chosen Exante as opposed to other VLCD?

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