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March Diet - Need to shed a stone in 5 weeks

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Moknicker Sun 24-Feb-13 15:43:09

Ive moved to the US and put on the dreaded New York stone and cant shake it off. I keep losing and putting on the same five pounds - xmas, ski trips, PIL visiting - everything keeps tripping me up.

I have a clear month till the end of March - no visitors, DH traveling so its now or never. Need lots of support to stay on the wagon. Anyone in a similar boat? What is working for you to stay motivated?

Suzietwo Wed 03-Apr-13 09:32:23

Yes I think so! I'm at 10.7 still, despite eating everything over Easter and being due on today or tomorrow so am quite pleased really. Lost half a stone. I'm keeping going until 27 April.....maybe 7 may

Moknicker Mon 01-Apr-13 15:33:06

55.9 today
start weight of 58.2
so total lost: 2 kgs.

What about the rest of you?

Time to start an April diet thread?

Suzietwo Fri 29-Mar-13 19:47:47

It's Easter....nuff said

Moknicker Fri 29-Mar-13 16:48:09

Hop - thats great that this is working for you.

54.3 today so no joy for me but will still keep going.

Suzie, Spam how are you getting on

HopAndEggRoll Thu 28-Mar-13 22:38:05

I've just done another fast day. I'm enjoying this and wish I'd started at the beginning of the month.

Moknicker Thu 28-Mar-13 12:51:20

54.4 today.

Does anyone want to join me in a 4 day very strict diet and exercise regime so that we can have a decent weigh in on the 1st of april?

No rules - just whatever works for you.

Suzietwo Thu 28-Mar-13 11:22:45

i am NEARLY under 10.7 so pleased with that. feel a lot better too! (name change)

HopAndEggRoll Wed 27-Mar-13 20:07:06

I had a feed day today and ate less than I used to - bonus.

Moknicker Wed 27-Mar-13 12:58:58

Well done Hop. 54.6 today - need some drastic action.

HopAndEggRoll Tue 26-Mar-13 21:35:28

First fast done. Will be going to bed soon mind as I feel really cold and tired.

Moknicker Tue 26-Mar-13 12:38:47

Good luck Hop. I too like the intermittent fasting one - better than low carb although it does end up being low carb.

54.2 today.

HopAndEggRoll Tue 26-Mar-13 09:07:23

It's my first fast day today on the 5:2 plan, wish me luck.

Moknicker Tue 26-Mar-13 02:53:15

Zoelda - thats a nice message to read - you are of course absolutely right - do feel a lot better that i did a month ago even if there is a bit more to go. Thank you for that.

54.1 this morning and was relatively good today as well so will try my best this week.

HopAndEggRoll Mon 25-Mar-13 08:44:27

Everyone is doing really well except me. I still check in for inspiration.

Zoelda Mon 25-Mar-13 08:29:35

Noooo. Don't feel like that!any achievement over the month should be recognised! Just put yourself back to how you felt a month ago. Don't your clothes fit better? Feel less depressed at how fat you feel?

I've lost half a stone this month. It's the difference between a fat size 12 (size 14 if I'm honest) and perfect 12. So that if I go into a shop I feel totally confident licking out the 12.

I originally gave myself until 27 April to shift the weight. I have 3lbs to go to get to my 10lb goal. Been stuck at 10st 7 for almost 2 weeks but determined to crack it this week.

Moknicker Mon 25-Mar-13 01:31:29

Hop Spam = glad to see you are still here - agree I too feel like a bit of a fraud- 54.9 today sad

will keep going for this last week fwiw. Hop + menu planning for next week sounds fab.

Spam - great that the weight hasnt gone up. everyone falls off at the TOTM ( i stand edified)

ElizaCBennett Sat 23-Mar-13 14:56:52

Yes, join us on 5:2 the easiest weight loss WOL ever! The latest thread is

Good Luck!

HopAndEggRoll Sat 23-Mar-13 14:20:35

I'm starting 5:2 next week and I've menu planned for the next 4 weeks to keep me on the straight and narrow smile

Spamspamspam Sat 23-Mar-13 10:02:48

Mok-TOTM = time of the month

Hi all I also feel a fraud on this thread this week as have felt so awful have not made any effort at all! I have not done the shred for 9 days now shock I didn't walk two days last week and have eaten crap for the whole week blush

But that was then and this is now going to start back with a vengeance this week thankfully weight has not gone up this week so I hope I can get 4lbs off in the next two weeks taking me to 11.2 which I will be very happy with for now

HopAndEggRoll Fri 22-Mar-13 20:12:15

I feel like a fraud on this thread but I'm staying on it anyway. 5:2 next week if I find my willpower and I will try do it.

Want to get a bike too. I loved my ride on thu and it will get me outside smile.

Moknicker Fri 22-Mar-13 17:53:50

Zoelda - yes i do feel much better than i did a month ago. Have started fitting into my clothes again without having to undo the top button ;)

Hullou - yes its so strange isnt it.

53.7 so going to go for gold ie. 52 by 31st although not v. optimistic as my sister is coming to vist on the 29th and we are going to visit my best friend in NY after that.

Should be fun but doubt i am going to watch the cals then smile

Hullou Fri 22-Mar-13 14:38:26

Yes people stare at you if you walk anywhere - you see them turning their heads in their cars smile

So starting now have eaten rice bagel with marmite and chocolate square and tea so on track (sort of) and going to keep it going now - body is getting stronger with classes but it is strong and chubby unfort.

Zoelda Fri 22-Mar-13 07:49:05

Bleh! My goal is blokes birthday on 27 April so have bought a bit more time to hit 10stone

Do you feel better than you did a month ago?

Moknicker Thu 21-Mar-13 23:29:49

Welcome Hullou - yes its the combination of driving everywhere and the food (sugary, creamy, yummy smile )

Zoelda - hang in there. I too had a bad week last week and found it difficult but now i feel motivated again. Only 10 more days to go so lets give it our best shot.

Hullou Thu 21-Mar-13 15:49:29

Nope sorry got it now

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