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The Big Fat List and Days Of Diom (TM) Part X - The one with multiple pregnancies shook up with hen do's, Wedding and a sprinkle of stress!

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ChocolatesSnowAngel Wed 05-Dec-12 07:19:32

Moving in over here girls, the old pad was a tad crowded!!!

SlimJimBra Tue 15-Jan-13 08:01:04

Oh dear FH, glad to hear dsis is on the mend but sorry to hear family are causing you grief.
Ria so sorry to hear about your uncle - hope you and you parents are ok ( well as ok as you can be obviously)
Hello everyone else smile
We have been manic here with getting the house on the market, went live on rightmove on Fri pm and had two viewings yesterday. I went to face the music at Group last tues and had only gained 1lb - all that lugging stuff around must have helped counteract the medicinal chocolate...

grinningbee Tue 15-Jan-13 14:37:26

Afternoon everyone smile

Still being a good Bee. It's funny but I haven't really had any cravings for "naughty" food since starting EE. How odd!

Going to make a lasagne for tea tonight. Yum.

Bright sunshine here today and the snow is melting. Hurrah!

Hope you're all ok. Weigh in day for me tomorrow... I am quietly optimistic grin

Off to look up different providers of online shops now. I have plans in the works wink

What're your plans bee? If you can share that is!!!

Glad to hear of another good day, makes all the difference doesn't it?

I'd a good day too. Weigh in Thursday.

B: fruit
L: home made veg broth
D: lasagne hea cheese
HeB 2 rocky roads

No other snacking today

kid Wed 16-Jan-13 17:18:37

I've had another good day today. I'm just about to start dinner (chicken tikka masala) but as DH is going out tonight, he wanted something heavy in his stomach to absorb some alcohol. Makes sense, he isn't much of a drinker. He has sent dd to get him saveloy and chips. That 1.5 lb he lost this week may go back on for next week!

ladyarwenevenstar Wed 16-Jan-13 18:40:21

you're going good kid, well done. Why couldn't DH have the curry?

FHF -I'm sorry I missed your birthday, hope you had a great one and that your sis is doing well.

we had the funeral today. I know it's a cliche, but it was a lovely service, and really fitting. Of course I made a FOOL of myself by putting my hand on my mums shoulder as a symbol of comfort, and she thought I'd gone to pieces and rushed back to comfort me, so we both collapsed in floods... blush Anyhow, I got through without squeaking or snorting, and my makeup didn't runwink Though the only element missing was my unclesad. My mum said the same, that ths morning was strange without him phoning to see if dad was wearing suit/jacket/tie and what time should they leave, and I had said to DH that it wouldn't be right without him there afterwards to tell his stories to make us all laugh. And it wasn't.sad

will try to WI tomorrow, as I am looking forward to getting back on plan (why does the enthusiam I have when I an menu planning disappear as soon as I have to cook?), but I am covering another full day at work and will need an early start to deal with the weather.

Ah Ria, am sure today was difficult for you hugs

Sis is doing good, tired and a bit sore, but in good spirits.

Another good day for me. Avoided high syn foods at my sis house today, had KFC style goujons and sw chips for dinner.

Am hoping for a loss of done kind tomorrow! Even a couple of lb would please me!

Kid your day looked good too, well done your dh smile

kid Thu 17-Jan-13 14:58:46

I'm pleased to hear the funeral went well lady. They are never nice experiences but its good it all went as planned.

I'm making crispy fish and chips tonight for dinner.
DH couldn't have the curry as it wasn't going to be ready in time. He had a works do to get to and I was late starting dinner.
DS hated it so I left his in a container for my dad and he ate it, not sure what he thought of it. Me and dd enjoyed it but it was a bit too tomatoey for me.
As I was cooking it, DH said it smelt nice and looked like I knew what I was doing lol.

I weighed in yesterday, a slow loss is a steady loss isn't it? Well I'd quite like to see a speedy loss sometimes.

ladyarwenevenstar Thu 17-Jan-13 18:58:08

hi all. I forgot to WI ths morning - I had an awful night and was running late. Will be WI-ing tomorrow and getting on plan, probably a green day tomorrow.

grinningbee Thu 17-Jan-13 20:07:26

Evening grin

Lady I'm glad yesterday went well. It must have been hard ((hugs))

Who are we pm'ing today?

I will reveal details of the planned venture on FB. The laptop I'm using at the mo is irritating as it's missing half the keys and I'm having to use a virtual keyboard. Pain in the posterior!

Hedgepig Thu 17-Jan-13 21:13:24

Evening don't mind doing the list but it will be late as we haven't eaten yet, I've been to the hairdressers swish swish.

grinningbee Thu 17-Jan-13 21:16:21

Ooooh, get you Mrs fancy hair winkgrin I shall Pm you now x

ChocolatesSnowAngel Thu 17-Jan-13 22:38:51

nice swish movement, is it all glossy too smile

Hedgepig Thu 17-Jan-13 23:04:21

Ok ladies the scores on doors for this week are

Fairhairedandfrustrated lost 4.5lb this weekTotal loss 3st 8lb.
Grinningbee lost 2lb this week, total weight loss 7lb, start weight 15st 12.5lb, current weight 15st 5.5lb.
Kid lost 1lb this week, total loss loss 4lb.
ChocolatesnowAngel gained 1lb this week
Hedgepig gained 1.5 lb this week, total loss -big fat zero current weight 12st 0lb aiming to get back to target weight of 11st 0lb.

Slimmer of the week is FHF yehhhhhh

kid Thu 17-Jan-13 23:11:34

Well done fairhaired, that's a super loss.

ChocolatesSnowAngel Fri 18-Jan-13 00:05:18

wow some fabulous losses well done smile

Well done on your first award bee!!!!

Actually I don't deserve the sotw basket cos sure gained 3.5lb last wk!

So I'll share the fruit between y'all!! smile

grinningbee Fri 18-Jan-13 10:16:00

Well done everyone! Fab loss FHF smile

I've done a mega shop and this week will be making:

Beef ragu
Chicken stir fry
Andalucian pork meatballs
Cheesy pasta bake with bacon (yeah - the pre-digested looking one wink)
Szechuan beef

Here's hoping for another couple of pounds gone by next week!

In going to make chilli chicken and salt chilli chips tomorrow night for dinner.

Your pork balls sound lovely, how are they made?

Huffpot Sat 19-Jan-13 09:01:10

Well done FHF!

Am still throwing up and existing on bread so too scared to WI blush

Hedgepig Sat 19-Jan-13 18:50:56

Boo hiss to throwing up Huff

I've had a good day for exercise 5k this morning in the snow grin but a bad day for SW my nemesis biscuits yet again

Good for you on the 5k!! Excellent!!!

And I remember the throwing up days well! Funnily enough I was always slimmer when pregnant than any other time. Hyperemisis was pants sad

I've had a good day so far - fruit & yog breakfast, chick noodle soup lunch & chilli chick dinner.

Sitting here stuffed.

Good for you on the 5k!! Excellent!!!

And I remember the throwing up days well! Funnily enough I was always slimmer when pregnant than any other time. Hyperemisis was pants sad

I've had a good day so far - fruit & yog breakfast, chick noodle soup lunch & chilli chick dinner.

Sitting here stuffed. smile

ladyarwenevenstar Mon 21-Jan-13 07:58:58

gah, monday-itis. so tired...

I have a bag of quorn fillets (I think) in the freezer - what wold you make with them?

have a good week smile

Huffpot Mon 21-Jan-13 11:40:05

I don't have the benefit of weight loss as after the initial chuck everything tends to stay down hmm
Have learnt not to have a hot drink after 7pm or I'm up weeing all night.

Off to the consultant today so fingers crossed I'll still be able to have a normal delivery with the prolapse!

Sorry Ria, just seeing this now - id do a curry smile

Good luck @ consultant huff x

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