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Bewitched Fri 07-Oct-05 10:11:18

Ok ladies - here it is - a place to confess all of your syns and show off when you've been good!

Hopefully we can all get inspiration and meal ideas from each other this way, so please join in.

I'll start with my diary from yesterday:

RED day

Free food:
Salad (lettuce, tomatoes, radish, onion, beetroot, orange pepper)
Tinned pilchards in tomato sauce
Bernard matthews sage & onion turkey slices
Lean roast pork
Baby carrots
Roast butternut squash
2 pears
Natural fat free set yoghurt

Healthy extras:
28g puffed wheat (supposed to have scan bran too but I forgot)
1 hi fi bar
250 ml semi skimmed milk

3 teaspoons jam (made the yoghurt more interesting!)
150 ml vanilla milk (the one with the mystery syn value!)
Gravy (1 syn worth)

Tommy Fri 07-Oct-05 10:35:33

I will do today's diary tomorrow! Yesterday I had a bad day (with all the cake). Hopefully this will make me not cheat - if I have to tell you lot!!

Bewitched Fri 07-Oct-05 10:51:23

That's why I didn't start the thread until my house had been purged of desserts !

Bewitched Sat 08-Oct-05 15:28:24

Ahem - hope I'm not going to be the only one posting on here!

Yesterday's diary - GREEN day:

Breakfast: Courgette frittata (courgette, red onion, egg, splash milk + cheddar cheese as healthy extras) with baked beans
Lunch: Veg chilli (Morrisons canned) with basmati rice and 1tbsp mango chutney (2 syns)
Dinner: Quorn sausages, mashed potato (with leftover sprouts and carrots mashed in, and laughing cow light cheese triangles as HE), peas, gravy (2 syns).
Snacks: Pear, orange, hifi bar, c150ml vanilla frijj milk (the one with mystery syn value!)

A good day

Tommy Sat 08-Oct-05 19:13:29

here goes: Friday (green day - all my days are green days!)
Breakfast - a peach and a pear, very low fat natural yogurt and muesli (HE)
Lunch - veggie and lentil soup, ryvita (HE) spread with Quark and marmite, Muellerlite yogurt.
snack - banana
dinner - pasta with tomato sauce (2.5 syns) and parmesan chees (HE) and 3 glasses of wine (think 4 syns each - small glass!)

Today has had the same breakfast and lucnh but am just about to go out for dinner so scrap that for the rest of today!!!

Bewitched Sat 08-Oct-05 23:00:51

Hope dinner was good Tommy! I detest marmite, so that's one thing that you def won't be seeing in my food diaries!

Today for me - Green again:

Breakfast: 28g puffed wheat (skipped the scan bran again ) (HE B) with semi skimmed milk (HE A)

Snack: Tesco Irish Yoghurt - pear and mango (they're new ones that our consultant mentioned are free, and made a nice change from mullerlight!)

Lunch: Pesto and tomato linguine (recipe from free foods book)

Dinner: Aubergine and pepper stuffed with mix of brown rice, chilli beans and aubergine flesh, with 28g cheddar (HE A) and salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, onion, kraft italian dressing)

Snack: Hi fi bar (HE B)

Feeling very virtuous today, as no syns .
Might have a piece of fruit before bed, or poss a small mug of hot chocolate (breakfast milk was only 1/2 a HE)

Bewitched Sun 09-Oct-05 23:13:33

Today for me - RED day:

Sardines in tomato sauce on ww brown danish toast (HE B)


Beef casserole (braising steak, button mushrooms, carrots, gourmet onions (Waitrose's title, not mine!), bouquet garni & bay leaves, beef stock from bovril)
Mashed swede, roast marrow, red cabbage (cooked per free foods recipe book - yummy!)

1/2 snack size twix (5 syns)

5 tru free crackers (HE B), 28g double gloucester and 28g mature lancashire (not strictly the right cheese for a red day, but calling in 2 HE As anyway), grapes.

Another good day. Had saved the other half twix for later, but not hungry now.

handlemecarefully Mon 10-Oct-05 23:02:29

I often do the sardines in tomato sauce on a red day for brekkie too.

Today was a red day, and I had a speedy breakfast - just a very low fat muller yoghurt, apple and banana

Lunch - stir fry veg and prawns, plus another yoghurt!, and 2 mini babybel (A option HE)

Dinner - chilli (with the kidney beans counting as a HE) and sugar snap peas, plus slice of wholemean (other B option HE)

Ate some raspberries after dinner, and drank a bottle of budweiser (4 syns)

Bewitched Tue 11-Oct-05 09:18:45

Me for yesterday - green day:

WW brown danish toast with heinz spaghetti

Leek risotto (adapted version of the one from magazine a few months ago - includes 1 tbsp oil (HE B) and 1 oz parmesan (HE A)) - very nice!

Quorn sausages, leftover mash, mushy peas

Snacks: 1 finger snacksize twix (5 syns), 1 hifi bar (6 syns)

Bewitched Tue 11-Oct-05 09:19:18

Forgot my apple and some grapes too!

Bewitched Wed 12-Oct-05 09:03:22

Yesterday for me - red day:

56g shreddies with 200ml semi-skimmed milk (2 x HE B + 1 x HE A)

Wild salmon (microwaved plain) with stir fried crunchy veg (leeks, cabbage, babycorn, mange tout, peppers). 1 tbsp tartare sauce (syns)

Apple, snack size twix (10.5 syns)

Packet of ham (for munching at class after weigh in!)
Home made pumpkin soup with 28g cheddar.
Few grapes

handlemecarefully Wed 12-Oct-05 10:54:52

Sounds v.healthy bewitched...

Green day for me yesterday:

Breakfast: hi fi bar (B option on H.E), grapes, apple, banana and muller very low fat yoghurt

Lunch: baked potato, baked beans and cheese (at work so limited options)..cheese was A option on H.E.

Dinner: vegetable chilli (from the Choose Success Slimming World leaflet) and wholemeal rice, plus 2 slices wholemeal bread (my 2nd B option)

As far as I can work out 0 syns...

Bewitched Wed 12-Oct-05 11:32:03

Very good hmc - I can remember a time when I used to have no syns, but that was def pre-pregnancy! No wonder you're doing so well if you eat like that and exercise.

handlemecarefully Wed 12-Oct-05 12:31:59

Bewitched - not every day is a 0 syn day! (I tend to have 12-15 sins at the weekend for instance).

You're doing brilliantly considering you are pregnant!

Bewitched Thu 13-Oct-05 11:04:52

Yesterday for me - green day:

Linguine carbonara (included 1 HE B of bacon and 1 HE A of parmesan)

Corn on the cob

Pea and potato bake (from free foods book) with quorn sausages

WW brown danish (HE B) toast with lemon marmalade (3 syns).

200 ml frijj vanilla milk (some combination of HE A and syns)

Loadsa wine gums (won them in pub quiz!)

Was a good day until the wine gums!

handlemecarefully Thu 13-Oct-05 22:59:17

You did better than me - I chalked up 18 syns yesterday

Today a green day - rather better:

breakfast scrambled egg, mushrooms fried in fry light and grilled toms

lunch: sweet chilli noodles (a vegetable dish with noodles and 1 syns worth of sweet chilli sauce)

dinner: home made veggie burgers (a SW recipe) and baked beans.

Arabica Fri 14-Oct-05 19:17:59

Hi, it's my first day and so far so good...

Breakfast: fruit, pineapple cottage cheese (2.5 syns as it's not the very low fat kind)
Lunch: beans, Quorn sausage, 2 poached eggs
Snacks: banana, coffee with soya milk (healthy extra)
6pm snack-time 4 Ryvita with smoked trout (4 syns), apple, tomato, cheese triangles (as healthy extra)
Tonight's dinner: syn free chips with sweetcorn, peas, salad and more Quorn sausages (I like Quorn sausages!)
Not bad--smoked trout was eaten because I was using it for DS' dinner and ate it before remembering it was a Green day.

Bewitched Sun 16-Oct-05 10:55:05

Forgot to do this yesterday so have forgotten what I ate on Friday now! Here goes for yesterday though - green day.

Tin Morrisons meat free ravioli.
Veg madras curry (recipe in free foods book) with brown basmati rice.
Hifi bar (HE B)
Baby baked potatoes, 56g cheddar (HE A + HE B), fresh beetroot, balsamic peppers (free foods book), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, kraft italian dressing.
Snack size bounty (7 syns)
Hot chocolate (HE A + 4 syns)

Arabica Mon 17-Oct-05 13:52:48

I'm writing off yesterday! I was having to stay up most of the night to do some work and at about 2am I ate some (OK, all) the coconut and rum flavour ice-cream we had in the freezer. Today's good though. Lots of green things.

Bewitched Mon 17-Oct-05 14:09:21

I'm writing off yesterday too Arabica! Had pub lunch and almost everything I ate was deep fried!

Bewitched Tue 18-Oct-05 07:40:46

Yesterday - green day:

Quorn sausages, potato wedges, mushy peas
Pasta carbonara (1 HE B bacon + 1 HE A parmesan)
Wholemeal roll (HE B) with cheddar (HE A) and beetroot.

2 cadbury's heroes (2 syns each)
1 lindor choc (3.5 syns)
Few too many wine gums

Shockingly low fruit and veg intake now I look back at it.

Arabica Wed 19-Oct-05 19:12:33

It's a green day! Breakfast, 4 Ryvita, cheese; fruit salad, Muler light
Snacks: fruit
Lunch: corn on cob with salad
Evening: spag quorn bol (syn free); Muller light

syns: 2 large tablespoons Branston pickle; 1 tablespoon tomato ketchup.

Bewitched Thu 20-Oct-05 17:23:35

Yesterday - green day

heinz spaghetti on nimble toast (HE B)

jacket potato, cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, balsamic peppers (from free foods book), M&S bean salad in mint vinegarette

Wholewheat penne with roasted veg (aubergine, courgette, red onions, button mushrooms, garlic) and passata, with cheddar (HE A). Used a little oil to roast veg, but less than 1 HE B worth.

3 cadbury's heroes (2 syns each)
2 wine gums
1 lindor chocolate (3.5 syns)

Bewitched Fri 21-Oct-05 23:40:20

Today - red day:

Puffed wheat with ss milk (HE B + 1/2 HE A)
Banana, Orange

1/2 roasted butternut squash, sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, roast chicken, gravy (1 syn)

Snack size twix (10.5 syns)

Ham, tuna, baby baked potatoes (HE B), cheddar (HE A), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, balsamic peppers

2 wine gums (finally finished the box!)

A good day for fruit and veg!!

Arabica Sun 23-Oct-05 10:11:47

Saturday (green day): Ryvita with light cheese triangles AND cheddar (woops); egg
Leek & potato soup; Greek salad (with olives and feta)
stir-fry noodles with tofu and lots of veg
BUT way too much feta cheese and dressing on salad (was in cafe).
Probably about 30 syns at least, but still a good day. Long hilly bike ride (about 6 miles)

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