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Box or something for envelopes/cards

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 21-Mar-17 18:30:28

Assuming people will bring these to the wedding, is there some way of having a box or something to put them in /safeguard them, without going the wishing well or similar route? We are both too old for such whimsy, but I would prefer to think they were safe(ish) in a container....TIA

Tweedledee3Tweedledum Tue 21-Mar-17 18:40:02

A friend had something like this:

Tweedledee3Tweedledum Tue 21-Mar-17 18:41:33

Quite whimsy mind you. Google wedding post box, lots of alternatives come up.

HiMyNameIsUnknown Tue 21-Mar-17 18:43:49

We hired a wedding postbox from the company that we were getting chair covers from. It locked so was safe from non-wedding guests also using the hotel

user1471495191 Tue 21-Mar-17 18:46:32

You could make your own. Cut a slot in the top of a wooden box. Add a lock to keep it safe.

Otherwise, depending on how easy your venue is to access, you could just have a gift/card table, perhaps with a basket for people to put them in. Ask a wedding party member to keep an eye and perhaps move gifts/cards gradually through to a safe place.

Scribblegirl Tue 21-Mar-17 18:47:15

I have an old vintage suitcase I'm planning on using?

Scribblegirl Tue 21-Mar-17 18:54:55

Sorry don't know where the ? came from!!

ImperialBlether Tue 21-Mar-17 18:56:53

You do have to be careful. I've heard of quite a few weddings where envelopes have gone missing.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 21-Mar-17 19:17:57

Thanks all. So fast too! I am quite liking the postbox, and can see the appeal of it having a lock. Vintage suitcase sounds good, apart from the locking aspect, or were you planning on cutting it up Scribble. Also, making a box with a lock is a good idea. Could ask a guest to keep an ey but this relies on them staying sober smile

Soon2bC Wed 22-Mar-17 10:43:17

I have a picnic hamper/basket. it was given to me from someone who got it from fortnam and masons as a hamper, it is top opening and has a slot between the two sides
I intend to tie it with a ribbon so it looks pretty but very well knotted with a drop of glue so someone will have to cut it open to take envelopes. (managed to get the writing off with nail polish remover too!)
At the end of the night we can cut the ribbon, load in any other presents we are fortunate enough to get, carry the basket up to our room for safety.

FunkyChunk Wed 22-Mar-17 13:05:25

I've just bought post box&ref=sr_gallery_12 this for ours.... some of them were so expensive! I'll paint and decorate it myself, I guess it only works if you don't mind a bit of DIY!

SoonToBeMrsJ Wed 22-Mar-17 13:37:26

We were just thinking the same SpongeBob - I'm glad someone has posted about the subject smile
Before someone mentioned the postbox we were essentially going to use a shoe box covered in wrapping paper with a slit cut into the lid. blush

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 22-Mar-17 15:15:34

Thanks people. I really like that box Funky, but I think I would probably put a padlock on it. Need to check if it is hinged at the back. I think it needs 'gussying up' in a way that suggests no-one should be randomly carrying it about the hotel smile

TheLionQueen Fri 24-Mar-17 15:50:57

I bought a cardboard postbox from Home Bargains of all places. It was about three quid iirc!
I decorated in myself and sellotaped the lid on very well.
It was big enough that anyone carrying it off would be noticed and obviously the sellotape stopped any dipping in...

littlemissM92 Wed 05-Jul-17 12:32:56

Apple crate from supermarket .. full with hessian / lace / fairy lights and bunting that's says cards! X

2014newme Wed 05-Jul-17 12:34:22

Home bargains have post boxes in stock for weddings

gabsdot Wed 05-Jul-17 22:55:13

I was at a wedding recently where there was a wishing well thing for presents.

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