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first dance song ideas???

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ChubbyMummy12 Sun 15-May-16 16:15:48

Just that really, we can't agree on a song. So, what was all your first dance songs please? smile

Groovee Sun 15-May-16 16:58:32

I love you by Celine Dion

maggiethemagpie Sun 15-May-16 22:52:08

Sunny by Marvin Gaye. Perfect song for us. Although I must have jinxed the weather on the day as it pissed it down!

HairySubject Sun 15-May-16 22:53:05

Amazed - Lonestar

PolkaHeart Sun 15-May-16 22:55:37

Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Sun 15-May-16 22:58:36

You're With Stupid Now by Aimee Mann is always a good bet.


Needabiscuit Sun 15-May-16 22:59:39

Not married yet, but want Ellie Golding-Army

CoreyTaylorsMask Sun 15-May-16 23:03:03

Forever by Damage

Haggisfish Sun 15-May-16 23:08:16

Dance me to the end of love-eric bibb.

Janeymoo50 Mon 16-May-16 07:32:26

We're having It's getting better - by Mama Cass (in 12 days 😀).

operaha Mon 16-May-16 21:30:56

My first my last my everything, Barry white

SellFridges Mon 16-May-16 21:32:08

You and Me Song - The Wannadies

ThisIsNotARealAvo Mon 16-May-16 21:34:00

Wagon wheel by old crow medicine show

Shadow1986 Mon 16-May-16 21:38:52

Tom Baxter - Better

You probably won't know what this is but if you listen you may recognise it.

Ktay Mon 16-May-16 21:41:39

Etta James - At Last

FranksBobot Mon 16-May-16 21:43:07

Bonfire Heart - James Blunt

HeyMicky Mon 16-May-16 21:48:57

Walking After You by the Foo Fighters.

Lules Mon 16-May-16 21:51:02

Into to My Arms - Nick Cave

FusionChefGeoff Mon 16-May-16 21:53:12

Let's Stay Together - Al Green

ClaraLane Mon 16-May-16 21:55:25

We're having The Book of Love, probably the Peter Gabriel version but haven't quite decided. I love Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran though so would rather have that instead but I was over-ruled.

elephantfeet Mon 16-May-16 22:00:14

We just got married. We had Happy Together by the turtles smile

RavioliOnToast Mon 16-May-16 22:07:11

Ed Sheeran - thinking out loud

CoodleMoodle Mon 16-May-16 22:14:56

We had Earth Angel by The Penguins, which went straight into Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry (DH is a biiiig Back To The Future fan wink).

Lou2711 Mon 16-May-16 22:23:12

Mine and DPs would be ordinary people by John legend as it is our song!!smile

23jumpstreet Mon 16-May-16 22:42:10

I will always love you, Whitney Houston.

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