Ayr and Dumfries and Galloway - best towns to explore? Best beaches?

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tenlittlecygnets Wed 22-Jul-20 21:20:32

Going to near Caaeraverlock on holiday. Dd wants pretty towns to mooch around and shop in. Ds wants sandy beaches for paddle boarding! Can anyone recommend any?

Also going to Ayr. Beach/town and things to do recommendations also wanted please?

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NCTDN Sat 25-Jul-20 23:18:22

We are going to near Ayr too. Never been before so advice would be greatwink

Srictlybakeoff Sat 25-Jul-20 23:42:34

Castle Douglas has a few shops to wander in and out of, and Kirkcudbright is nice. Kippford is a small pretty village but has a pub you can sit out at. The walk from Kipppford to Rockcliffe is lovely and only takes half an hour.
There is a great beach at Sandyhills , and you can do a coastal walk from Rockcliffe to Sandyhills which is lovely , but will take a few hours.
Don’t go to Southerness

thistimelastweek Sun 26-Jul-20 00:09:37

Dumfries House is great.
Culzean Castle too.
Not sure about accessibility in the time of covid

tenlittlecygnets Sun 26-Jul-20 19:50:49

What's wrong with Southerness??

Thanks for the tips! A further q: can you recommend any horse riding in the area? Or paddleboarding?

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Abouttoblow Sun 26-Jul-20 19:55:54

Prestwick main street has nice little independent shops. Beach is nice too. Troon pretty much the same. Ayr beach is normally quite busy.

Abouttoblow Sun 26-Jul-20 19:57:18

Ayr Equestrian Centre is just outside of town. Not sure what it's like though.

tenlittlecygnets Mon 27-Jul-20 20:28:12

Thanks! Seems to be plenty to do.

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Splattherat Tue 28-Jul-20 18:20:05

Totally agree with all Srictlybakeoff’s comments.

This is a lovely area.

SundayReilly Sat 01-Aug-20 18:47:24

Coast is pretty.
Dumfries itself is awful.
Kirkcudbright and coast area are nice,
Castle Douglas small market town ok for shopping
Drumlandrig Castle if open.
Moffat in North of region worth a wander.

NCTDN Mon 03-Aug-20 20:19:01

Any suggestions for tomorrow? Weather forecast is awfulhmm

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