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shbxl Mon 30-Sep-19 14:41:09

Hello everyone. I did have the implant for the first time when I was 15, not much changed and it was ok for me. I then had it replaced when I was 18, then replaced again now I am 22. This time round I feel extremely bloated and my belly looks so big I can't even breathe it in and my anxiety and mood are though the roof but I can tolerate it apart from the bloating, it's driving me insane, I don't drink fizzy drinks and I don't eat crap anymore. I don't think I've gained weight because of the implant, I used to eat very unhealthily so that is my fault but I've been dieting and exercising for months now I've been so strict on myself and I just stay the same weight, nothing has changed. I was wondering if anyone has lost weight whilst having the implant? Or if this effects any changes.

goalpie2 Tue 08-Oct-19 13:24:38

Have you done a pregnancy test just to rule that out? I was told by my doc that the implant increases appetite which is why women gain weight

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