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Core questions?

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Timeforanamechangey Thu 10-Dec-15 12:23:49

I've been struggling with my core for a looong time, it's the ugliest and weakest part of my body by a mile. I've recently started taking my training more seriously but it's really embarrassing just how pathetic and weak my core is sad In the gym if I do classes, there are girls half my size who can lift a quarter of what I lift but they do ab exercises with ease and I collapse after 10 seconds of a plank or 5 sit ups.

What can I do to make a real significant difference in my core? I also have that post caesarean 'overhang' jelly belly thing which is so horrible and I'm convinced it will never go away no matter how much dieting and exercise I do sad Has anyone else had this and sucessfully managed to get rid of it without having to have a tummy tuck?

Sometimes when I do ab exercises it really hurts, not like a muscle burning 'good' hurt but a 'something is about to break inside me' stabbing kind of pain. Should I get this checked out or is it just because my core is so weak and unused to exercise? Thanks!!

Sirona Sun 27-Dec-15 11:41:55

How long ago was your section? My overhang bit has definitely decreased as the years have gone on. Now it's only a slight bump but that's skin.

I sympathise though my core is very weak too. I think the caesarean has a lot to do with it. My scar was also very puckered and tight on one side which I had to get a physio to work on last year.

When you get this stabbing pain do you feel it after as I suspect that may possibly be a pulled muscle? I pulled a muscle on one side, getting out of bed of all things and now it's that side that's pulled a couple of times when exercising (same one that the scar was puckered too). It's a stabbing pain rather than a dull achy just using my muscles pain. I'm resting it, luckily doesn't bother me when walking/running/general moving about only certain ab exercises. I'm going to make an appointment at the physio when it reopens to get it checked out and see if there's strengthening exercises she can give me.

Frustrating as I'm also wanting to improve my core and feel I'm getting nowhere.

No answers yet but you're not the only one.

VintageDresses Sun 27-Dec-15 11:48:30

Tbh you sound far more knowledgeable about these things than me but I've always understood you can't spot reduce belly fat - you need to go cardio alongside the core exercises.

Do you do pushups? They're a good core excersise. Not that different to plank if done correctly

patterkiller Sun 27-Dec-15 11:50:48

Pilates will strengthen your core. It's mostly floor work, YouTube has some good 15-20 minute videos and three times z week will make a difference.

SophieLion Fri 01-Jan-16 15:30:25

Just a suggestion (as you sound like you know far more than me about all this), but is there any chance that you have diastasis recti following your pregnancy? Perhaps your abdominal a have not closed properly and you have a gap. This does cause a tummy which doesn't shift and traditional ab exercises like plank, crunches make it worse (as does Pilates). A qualified physio can diagnose and give you proper exercises to strengthen the transverse muscle and close the gap.


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