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Advice desp needed! Thanks :-)

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Boudicea31 Wed 22-Jul-15 09:21:52

Due to holiday and travel had 3 weeks off lifting. prior to leaving 1rm on squat was 92kg. When I can back I reassessed my 1rm on the major lifts as I was expecting some strength loss and wanted to start the conjugate method. Was pretty shocked that all my lifts had dropped by about 15% and squat was 80kg.
Decided to work on the squat this week with 5x5 to build back up. Today was a disaster , 3 sets in I failed at 72.5kg! And even worse my lower back was starting to hurt even tho it never normally does.
I feel devastated that I seemed to have lost so much progress but as I have now failed at 72.5 when 3 days ago was 80 is it psychological? I feel sort of scared of the bar it feels too heavy when I get underneath it and I don't know what I should be doing as the best way to build up strength I'm half thinking should I abandon the bar bell altogether and go back to body weight stuff? Feel totally demotivated and upset. Can anyone offer any advice on what amount of weight I should be using and volume and how to get back to where I was as quickly as possible?! Hanks ever so much!

Frescoed Thu 23-Jul-15 17:20:35

I'm not a trainer, just another lifter, but for what it's worth I wonder if part of the problem might be less 'lost strength' than reminding your muscles to fire again as they need to. There probably is something psychological about it too - you've forgotten (as it were) what the weight feels like at that level, and your body might take some time to adjust again.

I wouldn't panic, it's only been a couple of sessions. Personally, I'd be inclined to maybe take your weight down to something you can squat comfortably, but which feels like it still has some weight in it - maybe 40kg or in the region of - and just get some reps done at that level, more reps in a set and get the movement/mobility back - do you squat to the floor? You can then build it up again and it probably won't take long until you're back at what you were.

If you're feeling a bit vulnerable under the bar, I quite like front squatting as a strength-building variation - if I get stuck, easier to drop the bar forwards! It requires fairly similar muscle responses from your legs, etc.

Best of luck, don't lose faith!

Boudicea31 Thu 23-Jul-15 21:06:05

Fresco ah thanks for your reply and totally putting it in perspective! I was being a bit OTT I think! Funnily enough I have actually decided to do 5 sets of 10 front squats @ 40kg tomorrow! I usually do low rep high weight but thought this might be a good thing to build back up again and like you say it might just be a case of 'greasing the groove! Than actual muscle loss . But what a shitter hey - not going to take a 3/4 weeks break again! Although Husband had the same break and just came back and did a PR! Hmmph.

Frescoed Mon 27-Jul-15 13:04:53

Ach, surely anyone lifting PBs after three weeks off wasn't lifting enough in the first place? wink That'd be my excuse, anyhow... Any luck with your front squats, would be interested in how you get on. I'm lifting light for the next few months until baby arrives, so no idea whether any real strength will be left when I can get back to the big girl weights!

Boudicea31 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:28:50

Hiya fresco congratulations on the expected arrival! What on earth is it like lifting weights when pg?! I would be running off to the loo every minute. And how on earth do you get out of the squat 'hole' with a big bump holding you down!!
Lol at husband pr will love winding him up with that one!
I am still struggling a bit did some body weight exercises for a few sessions just to try and feel a bit stronger/more comfortable. Tonight I did front squat for first time since before hol and got to about 90% of my previous PR so it's starting to get there. Overall I do feel it's been quite a big setback tho as I reckon it will be another month or so before I'm back up to speed. Also signed up for a weekly cross fit class to compliment what I do at home- excited!! Xx

Frescoed Tue 11-Aug-15 19:13:01

Cheers, it's an experience lifting with a bump. Not sure how long I'll carry on, but we'll see. Lower weights, a couple of lifts are out completely, but my Olympic lifts have improved a bit just by practising form very carefully with low weights. Looking forward to getting back to some heavy deadlifting later in the year though...

Sounds like you're not too far off, how are you finding the cross fit?

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