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Thinking of buying some weights for home use

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KanyesVest Sun 19-Apr-15 17:50:17

Thanks Suzanne. The only trx I've done is at the gym (it's a boxing gym, so very basic) with wall or ceiling mounted ropes and bands, so I hadn't thought of that. I'll look into it. We generally use weight plates instead of hand bars for press ups, so I thought they could double up. PT isn't too keen on weight vests, he said they can be difficult to maintain form with them. I have resistance bands that I use for stretching so I'll have a gander on you tube to find some other ideas. Thanks.

suzannecanthecan Sun 19-Apr-15 14:53:56

you might want to look into resistance bands, TRX, body weight exercises, Press up handles are (I find) very useful for making press ups a bit harder by increasing range of motion.
They also take the pressure off of your wrists.

You can use a weighted back pack to add resistance to some body weight exercises.
Bit of time researching on you tube and you should be able to put together a good routine that can be done at home without buying any equipment.

KanyesVest Sun 19-Apr-15 14:25:29

I'm a weights newbie, only started lifting because my bootcamp instructor is obsessed and started including Olympic lifting in our classes. But, I like the impact it's having so I was thinking of getting some weights to use at home. I saw these dumbbells and thought they might be a good starting point. I don't have the space for anything big, and I don't want to over commit too early and end up with expensive, heavy paper weights. Anyone who knows more than I do have any opinions on them or alternative suggestions? Thanks.

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