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Can we have an 'I'm looking forward to...'

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ASauvingnonADay Sun 27-Aug-17 22:01:51

To make us feel better about going back to school (if you haven't already!)

I'm looking forward to...
Seeing the kids! Genuinely miss them and am worried about a fair few.
Routine and structure
Constant supply of tea and coffee which doesn't involve me boiling the kettle

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bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Sun 27-Aug-17 22:11:34


My DS needs to be back at school. I need to be back at school. DD needs to be back at CM's and gymnastics on my day off.

DS has missed his friends, being bored, and is costing me a fortune. DD has driven me to insanity - she's hard work!

Showing off my new hairstyle! Apparently it suits me.

Finding out the gossip - apparently there is some, I'm not to know, but do know and can't tell because it will totally 'out' me!

Having a class that's less than 30.

New pencils, new books, new shoes, a clean classroom, making new resources (that's next week - on my days off!)

New style of working in Y1 - looking forward to the changes that i have wanted for the past 2 years.

Changes to the school - there have been some building works. i'm intrigued!

A FULL year at school - the first since 2013/14 due to various events that I never want repeated and need counselling for because it has torn away every bit of confidence and trust that I had. sad

showergel1 Sun 27-Aug-17 23:07:37

New school, new start!
My own classroom!!!!!!!

Spent all day making anchor charts for them like you see on Pinterest. (Only because I wanted to, totally unnecessary really)

Cynderella Sun 27-Aug-17 23:19:49

Secondary English looking forward to ...

Seeing some of the staff and some of the kids

Routine ... yeah … no … meh

First year of not really looking forward to very much.

ASauvingnonADay Mon 28-Aug-17 00:03:13

To expand on routine, I MUST get back into a normal sleep pattern asap. 😱

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fatowl Mon 28-Aug-17 05:55:31

I'm back on the 6th to the most disorganised school in the world (not UK), looking forward to getting my timetable!

I am actually looking forward to creating a scheme of work, but still not sure whether I have Y8 or Y9 yet. Possibly both but am convinced if I start doing something definite, I won't be getting them. Sod's law.

Am expecting it to drop in my inbox as late as the 4th, will then hit the ground running.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Mon 28-Aug-17 06:00:06

Looking forward to the September freshness of everything, seeing some colleagues, getting back into the routine.

Although the autumn term is long and very hard work, I do love the weather in September and October.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Mon 28-Aug-17 06:37:23

Routine!! For us and the kids.
Seeing my class - I've got them for second year as moving into the next year group. Worried about a few too.
A clean, organised classroom...

tinytemper66 Mon 28-Aug-17 06:48:55

I am looking forward to half term! Not at all engaged with going back. Too much drama between staff at end of term so meh at going back!

mnistooaddictive Mon 28-Aug-17 06:52:30

Seeing all my lovely colleagues, meeting new classes and a return to routine!

DoctorDonnaNoble Mon 28-Aug-17 06:54:27

Looking forward to being back on the sixth form pastoral team again.
Looking forward to going on maternity leave at Christmas.

WildIrishRose1 Mon 28-Aug-17 07:05:31

Looking forward to seeing the kids, getting back into a routine. Not looking forward to deadlines and marking!

susannahmoodie Mon 28-Aug-17 07:13:09

Not spending £££ everyday trying to entertain myself and 2dc

Listening to audible on my commute.

Seeing my lovely colleagues and students and celebrating our great exam results. I'm a HOD and have been at this school for 18m and feel as if I have proven myself with my results so hoping I'll have a bit more confidence round other staff.

New stationery.

Wearing smart work clothes again.

Trying to put in place my new term resolutions- not snacking on crap in the staff room, good sleep hygiene, taking less work home.

Going away in October HT! grin

Lowdoorinthewal1 Mon 28-Aug-17 07:43:41

School dinners (genuinely, they are lovely at my school and I don't have to make them)
Being with my team
Watching my NQT develop
DS being back in his routine

PumpkinPie2016 Mon 28-Aug-17 08:01:59

Routine - summer has been great but me and Ds are craving structure now!

Seeing my colleagues and kids, especially my form group.

Mentoring a trainee for the first time.

My new classroom (same school but a much better room this year).

New stationary grin

SureIusedtobetaller Mon 28-Aug-17 09:21:21

Seeing my class. They are utterly lovely!
Routine. I get so much more done in term time.
Lovely crisp new books and a nice organised classroom.

emochild Mon 28-Aug-17 18:59:01

New classroom that isn't shared and I have total control of the cupboard

I went in the first 2 days of the holiday to go through -resulted in the caretaker bringing one of the massive outside bins right up to my door

Going in the last 2 days to a deep cleaned classroom and lots of lovely new storage boxes

Totally new class this year (changed key stage) so nervous but looking forward to the challenge

mayathebee Tue 29-Aug-17 11:42:01

I'm a secondary NQT starting a part time job in September. There are lots of things I'm very nervous about but I'm also looking forward to:

getting to know the kids and my new department
having my own classroom
fewer observations!
listening to audible on my commute - I have loads of books siting on there waiting for the start of term
my Mondays off wink

To be honest I'm just looking forward to getting started. I've had a lovely hol but I'm starting to wind myself up with everything I still need to learn and everything that could go wrong. I'm ready to get on with it now.

MrsT2007 Tue 29-Aug-17 11:44:02

The commute.

Half an hour of MY music and MY playlists to sing to. No more sodding Disney, wooooo

toomuchhappyland Tue 29-Aug-17 11:49:55

Secondary English and SENCO here.

Looking forward to:
Seeing my SEN team. They're brilliant people and a great team.
Seeing my GCSE class again.
School dinners.
Shiny new stationery.
Being back in the routine.
Doing Read Write Inc Fresh Start with my year 7 SEN class.

Jenniferturkington Tue 29-Aug-17 11:55:25

My own class for the first time in ten years (ppa cover/maternity leave etc).
My first ever ks1 class
Being able to ensure a few of them are safe/fed 😥
Letting them loose on the box of superheroes and power ranger figures I've collected from carboots all summer.
A brand new box of glue sticks!
Seeing my lovely colleagues.

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 29-Aug-17 12:05:37

Being back in a routine. Knowing the answer when someone asks what the date is!

YY to work clothes and stationery as well.

strawberrisc Tue 29-Aug-17 12:09:00

As I work in Safeguarding - seeing the ones I worry about every holiday safely back to school. Free dinner when I have a club. Amazing friends.

KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Tue 29-Aug-17 13:38:43

Constant supply of tea and coffee which doesn't involve me boiling the kettle What magic is this??!!

I've been off a year and literally done about 3 weeks of teaching in that time, so really looking forward to getting back (although quite nervous, which is weird).

Secondary English, full time supply for now.

Being out of the house and part of a team.
The kids.
Planning lessons and teaching new things.
Having a classroom.
Using my brain.
Using some of the vast knowledge I have gained from a stupid amount of GCSE marking so it doesn't go to waste.
Structure and routine.
MONEY! (I am really, really looking forward to getting paid once a month and not having to mess about with sorting tax/handling cash payments.)

DandelionAndBedrock Tue 29-Aug-17 13:59:47

Having a break from friends and family giving me jobs to do "because you're on holiday at the moment" <glares at DSis and her endless parcel deliveries>

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