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Charles and Camilla divorce ??

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Thebelleofstmarys Thu 10-Jan-19 16:32:49

It's been published in an Australian magazine and also the Bristol Post (random ) that the above couple are living separate lives etc. in preparation for signing divorce papers.

Has anyone else read or heard this ? Can't imagine they'd bother or that Her Maj would allow such a thing . Again .

PickAChew Thu 10-Jan-19 16:36:14

I hear that the Spice Girls and Oasis are reforming for a special joint gig at a private club in Helsinki.

Cranky17 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:06:47

I’ve read that too, she’s not been seen for ages, personally I think she very ill.

CrispbuttyNo1 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:10:14

I thought it odd when she missed the christening recently and then realised I hadn’t seen her for ages. I hope things are ok, I can’t imagine they will be divorcing as they genuinely seem very much in love. I do hope she’s not unwell.

zen1 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:13:20

She was in Scotland with Charles a couple of days ago

BBInGinDrinking Mon 14-Jan-19 00:15:12

No, no divorce.

Redglitter Mon 14-Jan-19 00:16:08

Yeah and early last year an announcement of their divorce was imminent too. I can't see it they seem very happy together but have never lived in each others pockets

abbey44 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:19:28

She did a couple of public engagements mid-December and seemed fine then, although she was reported to have had a heavy cold over Christmas. Which christening did she miss? She was at Prince Louis' christening (back in July) - has there been another one since that she might have been expected to be at?

ScreamingValenta Mon 14-Jan-19 00:19:46

Fake news

HerRoyalNotness Mon 14-Jan-19 00:22:51

I think they appear to lead such separate lives so there would be no need to divorce.

LaurelAndMardy Mon 14-Jan-19 00:23:31

God I’m tired, I genuinely read that as Charles and Diana divorce and was thinking umm, you’re a few decades late to that!

RomanticFatigue Mon 14-Jan-19 00:26:45

I'd be surprised but I have heard they've kept their lives quite separate since they married as it works for them. Who knows what goes on behind anyone's closed doors?

Teddy1970 Mon 14-Jan-19 00:37:02

When I read your post OP I thought it must be load of rubbish but Cheshire Live asked Clarence house for a comment as to whether Charles is in talks with Fiona Shackleton but they've said "no comment" (to be expected) so they haven't denied the rumours..just for the record I know the palace would never confirm it, but they always seem to deny outright lies though..which makes me think something is amiss. I hope not though.

explodingkitten Mon 14-Jan-19 00:40:09

God I hope not. It will stay in the newspapers for the rest of the year at the very least.

LadyBrienne Mon 14-Jan-19 00:51:34

Is this the same Australian news outlet that late last year said princess Beatrice was pregnant and had fled to Australia to secretly give birth?

My mother believed that until I pointed out that if the princess was actually pregnant then Sydney Australia isn’t exactly the place you would hide

FenellasRedVelvetDress Mon 14-Jan-19 00:52:00

To a degree they do lead somewhat separate lives.
Charles is an utter workaholic who has a teeny tiny breakfast, works all day and then has a decent meal around 8pm.
He likes total order in his very very tidy homes. He was born royal and is used to having staff - he knows no other way.
Camilla - who remember was famously described by her friends as “ the laziest woman in Britain” does not have anywhere near the workload of Charles. She does not have boxes and boxes of documents to read and piles of research that have been done.
She does quite a lot of engagements with Charles and does a fair amount of solo work too- mainly of her chosen charities and interests ( children, osteoporosis, victims of rape)
Camilla tends to escape from Clarence House on a Friday. She goes to Ray Mill House, which is her home that she purchased after her divorce from Andrew Parker -Bowles. She has no staff, the house is comfortably messy, her grandchildren visit with her children very often and they can mess about, run, make noise, play and enjoy themselves. Charles can’t bear the noise and the mess and the touching of his things ( which is his prerogative).
Camilla will often cook and it is here that she can just be ‘camilla’, or ‘mum’ or ‘granny’. She can utterly relax there. She has a woman come in to clean but no other staff. No live in staff ( her police protection stay in a little building in the grounds).

I think on the whole Charles and Camilla are very happy.
And even if they were not I don’t think for one second they would divorce. I can’t see either of them wanting to marry again and just as long as they do a few engagements together and look like they are getting on we wouldn’t be any the wiser. They could live separate lives - they have enough homes and bedrooms!

LadyBrienne Mon 14-Jan-19 01:03:46

I am impressed she has no staff

She has increased in my estimates (not that my opinion matters)

If I was her, I’d have staff up the Gazoo


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 14-Jan-19 01:06:24

Wedding not christening maybe?

I doubt they'd be getting divorced. I think it just suits them not being together all the time.

jessstan2 Mon 14-Jan-19 01:08:04

Until proved otherwise.

Notmyrealname85 Mon 14-Jan-19 01:09:34

I’m more interested in how little gets printed in the UK, less maybe restrictions by the royals (not sure they can censure much?) and more board of managers of these papers wanting to keep their chances of knighthoods safe!!

Dreamscomingtrue Mon 14-Jan-19 01:18:50

It wasn’t a christening that she didn’t attend, it was Eugenies wedding, I think I read it was because she didn’t get on with Fergie.

AcrossthePond55 Mon 14-Jan-19 01:19:08

After all the drama and tribulations it took for them to actually marry, I doubt very much if they'll ever divorce. I think they're both old enough and 'old school' enough that if they have discovered they're incompatible they'll agree to live separate lives and put on a good 'public face'.

I think they're both just people who enjoy a lot of 'me time' and have the wherewithal to have separate 'establishments' to facilitate it. Sounds like a recipe for a very happy marriage to me! I love my DH to death, but there are times I wish I had a Ray Mill House or a Highgrove to decamp to!!!

mobyduck Mon 14-Jan-19 01:29:10

I hope this isn't true. Prince Charles and Princess Meghan are the only people keeping this country together due to all the Brexit strife. If they split up goodness knows what will happen.

IdaBWells Mon 14-Jan-19 01:29:22

They seem very unlikely to divorce as both seem to have carved out extremely comfortable lives for themselves and are always holding hands and seem besotted, but stranger things have happened. I don’t think Charles would cope well without her though!

Notmyrealname85 Mon 14-Jan-19 01:33:23

I’ll have whatever mobyduck’s having...

Colorbomb Mon 14-Jan-19 01:34:06

Mobyduck grin thought you were serious there a minute...

Smotheroffive Mon 14-Jan-19 01:44:15

Princess Meghan ha ha! Oh, what? Who"s that? !hmm. holding the country together ha ha ha!!!! grin

disrespectfulpenguin Mon 14-Jan-19 01:46:53

how come you know all that ? e

brizzledrizzle Mon 14-Jan-19 01:51:04

I think they appear to lead such separate lives so there would be no need to divorce

^ This. Who knows though? Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Most likely it's another piece of fake news to give the masses something else to think about instead of what is going on with the government and Brexit.

Rhubarbisevil Mon 14-Jan-19 01:53:08

You obviously haven’t read the real non fake news in the National Enquirer OP!!!!

The truth is that Elvis is in the building.

GirlDownUnder Mon 14-Jan-19 01:54:50

FenellasRedVelvetDress are you Camilla shock

Namechange4572 Mon 14-Jan-19 01:56:53

I’m Camilla and so’s my wife.

brizzledrizzle Mon 14-Jan-19 01:58:00

The truth is that Elvis is in the building.

Don't be ridiculous, he's on Mars - The Sun said so.

budgetneeded Mon 14-Jan-19 01:58:16

who is princess meghan? smile
according to a tabloid here in canada meghan is expecting twins...

FenellasRedVelvetDress Mon 14-Jan-19 01:59:23

Most of it was on a documentary about them which was shown recently.
One in which they both participated, plus William & Harry and other family members. I think it was for Charles 70th birthday - cameras had been following them for months.

I would LOVE a Ray Mill House that I could escape to on a weekend-especially if you could go knowing your DH was going to be ok. If I go away ever it’s like a military operation the planning I have to do !! Imagine - having the bed to!!

Rhubarbisevil Mon 14-Jan-19 02:00:12

Shhhhh... Charles doesn’t want you to know that he’s the King of Mars and has already built his boiled egg Palace there.

brizzledrizzle Mon 14-Jan-19 02:02:22

has already built his boiled egg Palace there.

From his own Highgrove hens presumably?

Rhubarbisevil Mon 14-Jan-19 02:17:42

Yes. They’re all lightly boiled for precisely 3 minutes 14 seconds but they need replacing every time they get above ambient temperature.

thegreatbeyond Mon 14-Jan-19 02:40:49

I thought they were all space lizards?

AcrossthePond55 Mon 14-Jan-19 02:42:18

I hear you FenellasRedVelvetDress, it was the same with my DH if I was going off on my own. Until the time I figured out it was a diabolical plot on his part to make it 'not worth the hassle' for me to go places without him. So the next time I just didn't! He was aghast and appalled. But you know what? He survived AND he managed to not kill the kids! I have to admit I didn't ask a whole lot of questions about nutrition, dangerous activities, or clothing choices when I got back. I figured ignorance was bliss.

AcrossthePond55 Mon 14-Jan-19 02:43:30

^^So the next time I just didn't (meaning I didn't do all the prep work for him)

Teddy1970 Mon 14-Jan-19 07:50:57

Ah, regarding Meghan having twins, another outlet approached Kensington Palace for comment and they said she is having "a" baby...meaning one baby, so they do deny lies..

CrispbuttyNo1 Mon 14-Jan-19 11:49:07

Oops, I’m my defence it was late and I was tired when I posted and meant wedding not christening blush

Smotheroffive Mon 14-Jan-19 16:33:30

Apparently though, Catherine was having twins with all her pregnancies, and that's a fact!! I only ever saw one for each, oh well.

Smotheroffive Mon 14-Jan-19 16:35:38

They lightly boil their highgrove hens Rhubarb ! Gosh, that's all their posh ethics outta the window then.

<tsk, tsk....misses point>

jessstan2 Tue 15-Jan-19 01:43:52

Rhubarb is a funny name to give to a chicken.

Rhubarbisevil Tue 15-Jan-19 02:43:08

It wasn’t a nice chicken.

MDFalco Tue 15-Jan-19 02:49:55

If it's New Idea magazine then you can guarantee that Charles and Camilla are experiencing nothing but connubial bliss. Nothing that New Idea writes has even the faintest whiff of truth.

According to it, Nicole Kidman would have about eight children, including at least two sets of twins.

BBInGinDrinking Tue 15-Jan-19 02:56:17

The chickens are having twins but live in separate henhouses, one hasn't been seen for ages and they are getting divorced?! Sounds like rhubarb to me. Or perhaps a fox.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 15-Jan-19 02:59:55

The same magazine in australia printed a headline stating the queen would abdicate by christmas (the one just gone) and william amd catherine would take the throne .

Apart from the fact that the queen is massively against abdication and blames her uncles on her fathers premature death. So is very very unlikely to do it herself.

The line of sucession wouldnt go to "wills and kate" but to charles.

So basically this magazine knows shit all

Smotheroffive Tue 15-Jan-19 03:08:54

Is this same mag that tricked a nurse into putting a call through to the royals on the maternity ward, and subsequently killed herself for it?!

Smotheroffive Tue 15-Jan-19 03:10:15

Oh! Hang on, that might've been radio presenters in oz

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 15-Jan-19 03:14:37

I've lost track...

So how does Charles get his chickens to taste of rhubarb and why is Camilla having twins for Meghan by a man called Ray Mills?

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 15-Jan-19 03:18:21

Sorry it was from november 2017 that the queen was going to retire/abdicate by christmas and "wills and kate" were going to have a christmas corobation

I wasn't aware that we'd had king william and queen catherine for the last 13 months

jessstan2 Tue 15-Jan-19 03:31:15

I believe:-

Charles and Camilla are quite happy.

Harry and Meghan get on well with all the rest of the family.

Meghan is not having twins but merely one baby - a girl.

They all feel a bit ill after over imbibing over the festive season.

The chickens at Highgrove are called: 'Rhubarb 1', 'Rhubarb2' etc and are a nice pink colour. Their livers are a delicacy.

None of the above is our business.

BBInGinDrinking Tue 15-Jan-19 03:31:37

Charles feeds his chickens rhubarb, after first talking to it, (and sometimes talking it).

Charles' chickens are going to be King and Queen of Australia, once Queen Edna (Everidge) abdicates, although there might be a challenge to the throne from Kylie Minogue.

MrsCatE Tue 15-Jan-19 03:33:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 15-Jan-19 03:35:49

Oh and here we have the "Charles should abdicate in favour of William" bullshit AGAIN!

I thought we had seen the last of that when the fuckwits finally remembered that they didnt in fact personally know Diana and that she hadnt been murdered by The DoE hmm

BBInGinDrinking Tue 15-Jan-19 03:39:05

Everage. Apologies.

Nodnol Tue 15-Jan-19 03:43:37

It isn’t called No Idea for nothing.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 15-Jan-19 03:54:49

I thought we had seen the last of that when the fuckwits finally remembered that they didnt in fact personally know Diana and that she hadnt been murdered by The DoE

Only they believe they did know her, they think she was a saint dont you mrscat even though she was the fakest most manlipative adultress ever and i still see comments how the queen/DoE killed her all over various diana profiles on instagram

PenelopeFlintstone Tue 15-Jan-19 04:09:49

I'm in Oz and I wouldn't believe my own name if I read it in New Idea - and nor would anyone here.

BlackCatSleeping Tue 15-Jan-19 04:11:16

Isn't Charles rumoured to be gay?


NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 15-Jan-19 04:15:38

Isn't Charles rumoured to be gay

Both Andrew and Edward have been.

brizzledrizzle Tue 15-Jan-19 06:24:00

The gutter press seem determined to descend to the sewers thanks to overuse of 'fake it until you make it' approach to journalism.

I wonder how MNers who are tabloid journalists feel, not the ones who come here only for fishing trips but the genuine MNers who probably daren't stick their heads over the parapet.

Rhubarbisevil Tue 15-Jan-19 07:03:04

When Charles inherits the throne he will be known as King Rhubarb I and his emblem will be a gold chicken.

Charles will prove to be an evil king by banning mumsnet and by insisting that we only eat his Duchy Originals food.

MrsCatE Tue 15-Jan-19 10:18:53

Naughttothree I didn't mention the sainted Diana; in fact I thought she was permanently Y shaped...

jessstan2 Tue 15-Jan-19 12:11:21

They are all gay shape changing lizards. Their DNA is complex.

brizzledrizzle Tue 15-Jan-19 22:49:12

When Charles inherits the throne he will be known as King Rhubarb I and his emblem will be a gold chicken.

He'd be well advised not to allow anybody called Jack into the palace grounds.

Studentnurse1981 Sat 27-Apr-19 23:04:00


Jedeye Mon 06-May-19 21:24:00

Don’t believe a word of what you read. I was in the States 4 weeks ago and there were magazines announcing the birth of Meghans baby. It’s just a load if bollocks isn’t it. Charles and Camilla seem very happy to me.

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