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She's here!

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PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 08:14:51

Thanks so much to everyone who gave advice regarding us adopting a new cat following the death of our old girl. The rescue centre were very keen for us to have her sooner rather than later, so here she is! Lottie arrived last Thursday evening and has settled in brilliantly. She cried for the first night and after that has been as good as gold. She is eating and using her litter tray. Has moments of charging around like a loony, we have a big lounge and she seems delighted to stretch her legs! And has chosen one end of a sofa as her snoozing spot in the day. She's a lovely cat, still getting used to people, happy to play but still learning how to be stroked. Definitely not a lap cat yet but maybe this will change.
Am attaching some pictures to show her off! So nice to have a cat in the home again.

Ilovenannyplum Wed 17-Aug-16 08:22:57

She's beautiful OP smile

And that's coming from me, a non cat person!

Abominablebride Wed 17-Aug-16 08:23:43

What a beauty

ConformationFart Wed 17-Aug-16 08:26:48

She's beautiful, I love her sweet little face and whispy ears. So lovely to see she's found a loving slave home.

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 08:32:57

Thank you! We are very lucky to have her. Apparently there were loads of enquiries but no-one else was quite right for her. She certainly seems at home here!

SnakeWitch Wed 17-Aug-16 08:38:32

She is so so beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition! I have a lovely new rescue cat and she's still quite nervous, I wish I could somehow tell her she's safe now and we're going to look after her forever.

OliviaStabler Wed 17-Aug-16 08:42:15

What a lovely cat!

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 08:50:04

Ah Snake I am sure she will get there. Our old Molly was terribly nervous when I first got her, hid behind the sofa most of the time, startled at the slightest noise....she became the most demanding affectionate cat, wanting cuddles at the most inconvenient of times!, very confident and happy. It just takes time, some of these poor cats have had a dreadful start to life. You are giving her a loving home which is all she needssmile
(Was watching Alan Davies dog rescue programme almost in tears last night, how can people be so cruel/stupid, makes my blood boil!)

cozietoesie Wed 17-Aug-16 08:52:54

She's a very beautiful girl. Maybe looking a little ......reserved (in the middle photo) but that's no disastrous thing at this stage,

Good luck with her. smile

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 08:54:35

Thanks cozie that middle pic was her very first day!

FuzzyWizard Wed 17-Aug-16 09:15:33

She's beautiful, a real sweetie. You must post on the toe floofs thread. She looks like she has great ones.

cozietoesie Wed 17-Aug-16 09:21:38

Ah. Her first day? All is explained. smile

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 09:41:19

Ha toe floofs! grin Will do!

Icequeen01 Wed 17-Aug-16 10:21:17

She's absolutely stunning with such a sweet, kind face. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with her. Enjoy.

dominogally Wed 17-Aug-16 16:45:01

Aww, she is gorgeous! How old is she?

Threetoedsloth Wed 17-Aug-16 17:21:47

She's a lovely girl. She'll fill your cat-shaped hole nicely.

ButtercreamIcing Wed 17-Aug-16 17:33:45

Beautiful cat, and such a lovely smile.

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 19:27:45

Thanks everyone. She's about 18 months. Already had kittens bless her, which is why she was given back to the rescue. Apparently the owners claimed their daughter had developed allergies.
She is somewhat aloof regarding strokes, so we're just taking it at her pace, I don't think she's been used to an awful lot of human interaction.
Love her to bits thoughsmile

cozietoesie Wed 17-Aug-16 19:59:11

I reckon that that sprawled-on-the-cough posture shows her true nature. smile I'd let her make the running and not act too surprised when she jumps onto a lap come the cold weather.

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 20:04:20

Thanks cozie it is very early days I know, she loves that spot on the sofa! And is certainly very relaxed. I shall await those winter evenings eagerly!
She is desperate to get out in the garden and explore, but she will have to be patient! Was thinking 4 weeks inside, does that sound about right?

cozietoesie Wed 17-Aug-16 20:06:31


(Autocorrect is sniggering in the background.)

cozietoesie Wed 17-Aug-16 20:15:05

3 weeks is probably enough. Especially if you can time the Great Explore to coincide with any lousy weather.wink What sort of outside do you have?

PosiePootlePerkins Wed 17-Aug-16 20:20:42

OK. We do have a large back garden so am slightly worried about her just charging off down the garden and getting lost. Eek, I will be nervous! She's so keen to explore, we are currently fanatical about shutting doors!

buckingfrolicks Wed 17-Aug-16 20:22:15

Oh she is lovely! So pleased for you and for her.

Geepee71 Wed 17-Aug-16 21:17:51

Yeah, glad you've got her. What a stunner.

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