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Growling and licking privates frantically!

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Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 00:30:50

Growling and licking privates frantically!

The cat, not me!

Any ideas, please?

He is a 16 month old neutered ginger tom.

We are just back from hols and he has had people coming in to feed him, people who know cats. He is well fed and has had the run of the garden for a few days.

When we arrived back at 9.00ish, he came in and in an effort to him in while we unloaded the car I shut him him to the lounge and dining room. Dining room has wood type floor and lounge has new (my pride and joy) carpet! He pooped in the lounge! not sure if he just got caught short or if it was a dirty protest at being shut in or at our being away!

he seems very restless and while eating his food he suddenly started a kind of frantic growl and licked his privates also quite frantically for about a minute. He has done that twice and has now disappeared off upstairs. He normally comes and sits by me as I type late at night but he saw me at the PC and still disappeared off upstairs.

Is he just upskittled or is there more?

Advice please oh wise cat people!

Many thanks

PandaNot Tue 19-Aug-14 00:45:17

Is he still peeing? My cat behaves like this when his cystitis flares up, brought on by 'stress'. It can be an emergency because his urethra can block. Get him seen straight away. If he was mine he would be seen immediately, even at this time of night.

PandaNot Tue 19-Aug-14 00:47:06

It does sound like he's stressed by all the changes - holidays, new carpet etc. Cats are really sensitive to very small changes as we've discovered.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 01:00:06

The carpet is not that new.

He is sitting on my lap purring so I don't think he is in any major distress.

Thanks PandaNot. I thin he is OK but I wondered what this odd behaviour could be about.

He is very affectionate now.

I have seen him drinking but not peeing but normally he does that outside so not observed.

wantacatplease Tue 19-Aug-14 01:01:01

I second it sounds like something going on with his bits, possibly urine infection. Also if he stops being in control of his bowels I think that's a sign of a blockage or's late and my brain is muddled but in any case, vets ASAP.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 01:40:29

Just so no one is worried, to be clear though I did shut him in the lounge and dining room for about 15 minutes while we unloaded the car. I would not normally shut him in with no access to his litter tray or way to get out. He normally doesn't use the litter tray but it is there when the door is shut at night.

I will speak to vet tomorrow and see what he they say but he seems fine now, is sleeping peacefully.

I did wonder if it might be a sexual 'urge' but he is neutered. Or something like a parasite, but we use spot on for fleas once a month and for tape worm once every three months.

We've been away for a few days quite often since he came to live with us so I am surprised if he is too upskittled by our being away but he does seem pleased to see us.

thecatneuterer Tue 19-Aug-14 02:06:50

It could be a blockage of the urethra. This causes extreme discomfort and causes them to lick the area. Ditto urine infection. If it is a blockage this can be fatal if not treated immediately (that means immediately - even if it's the middle of the night).

You need to keep him inside and see what happens with his litter tray. If he keeps going to it and trying to pee, and either not peeing or just peeing a little bit, then he has to see a vet URGENTLY!

I can't stress this enough. Delay can be fatal.

Of course it might not be that at all, but you can't take chances.

Oh, and purring can be a reaction to pain - so not necessarily a good sign.

If on the other hand he uses his litter tray normally and does a normal, nice long pee, then I've no idea what's going on.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 03:10:46

I have spoken to vet, am taking him to emergency appointment now.

Thanks for your help guys.

Will update tomorrow.

chockbic Tue 19-Aug-14 10:00:59

Hope he is OK.

PandaNot Tue 19-Aug-14 10:20:32

Hope he's ok. Purring doesn't always mean they're happy unfortunately. Cats are rubbish at letting us know if they're ill.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 10:23:10

He has Cystitis, which apparently can lead to blockage that could kill him! I drove to the out of hours vet, once I had got hold of a cat carrier (well there is more to that story, tried to take him in a box with holes in first!). I knew I needed a pet carrier but had managed to borrow friends ones for routine visits! First rule of owning a cat must be, get a cat carrier!

Anyway, vet charged a bomb, hope the insurance covers it! He is fine, very distressed by the long journey and maybe on reflection it could have waited to morning, especially as I got lost on the way back and so my one hour round trip too two!

All very stressful for him and me, wish I spoke cat. Now he has to stay in and I have to take a urine sample to my local vets! Plus medicine and tablets.

Cats are stressful!

thecatneuterer Tue 19-Aug-14 10:40:41

Yes you need a cat carrier for emergencies!

Well cystitis isn't as life-threatening as a blockage (although still very, very painful of course) so it could have waited until morning. On the other hand though both things present in a similar way so you had to make sure. Thank heavens for insurance!

chockbic Tue 19-Aug-14 10:56:43

Ponders on how to get a urine sample...

Germgirl Tue 19-Aug-14 11:12:36

To get a urine sample from a cat: get his usual litter tray & litter, put a layer of litter in the tray & cover the litter with cling film. Tuck the film well under the litter & make sure it's loose enough on top to sit in any lumps & ridges. Push the litter down in places to form depressions.
Lock cat in room with the tray (provide water).
He should use the tray without being too bothered by the cling film. Then you need to pour or syringe off the urine once he's peed on it.
Otherwise, you can get non-absorbent litter from your vet, the cat uses it like normal but the pee doesn't get soaked up by the litter so you can pour it out of the tray. Good luck!

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 11:49:08

chockbic, it;'s all sorted, I have a kit! But I like Germgirl's idea.

My kit from vet is tiny beads that look like litter but do not absorb anything. I have to keep cat in for days until he produces a sample and my kit contains a pippet and a little container. I need to refrigerate before taking to vet if I can't take it straight away.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 11:50:55

thecatneuterer yes, similar symptoms, licking private parts and all.

very stressful journey and I might have been better to wait as our vet is 5 mins away but I did not know. He just meowed a lot, heart racing and all very stressful. don't want to do that in a hurry again.

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 11:52:09

It's a half hour journey to emergency vet but took an hour and half to come back as was rush hour by then and I got lost! Have lived here for 13 years!

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Aug-14 23:01:50

He has done a brackish brown wee. Expect vet will want to see him tomorrow.

Italiangreyhound Fri 22-Aug-14 02:05:23

Anyone still reading I am saying more and asking questions at...


AppleAndMelon Fri 22-Aug-14 02:20:21

Thank God this is in the 'litter tray' part of the site - thought I was still in Relationships!

Italiangreyhound Wed 27-Aug-14 01:35:21

Cat seems better, allowed out tomorrow. Thanks for all your help and concern. No need for anti-depressants or re-homing!

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