cctv of dog being abandoned at roadside

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MasonJar Mon 24-Dec-18 16:54:28

from Sky news
Heartbreaking, how can people be so cruel??
I hope they find the bastard who did it.

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fessmess Mon 24-Dec-18 16:59:48

shockfsad wish I hadn't seen that.

Cheripie64 Mon 24-Dec-18 17:01:14

Yes, I saw that, they have the dog though.
The dog looked so obedient, didnt run off, people dont deserve dogs.

ScreamingBadSanta Mon 24-Dec-18 17:04:20

The footage of that dog jumping up at the car, wagging his tail so trustfully, has made me tearful.

If they must get rid of the dog, why not at least take it to a rescue centre.

Here's hoping after the news story there'll be offers to rehome him - from people with the right experience to rebuild his trust and sense of security - it would be lovely if, next Christmas, he was happily settled and being spoilt with Christmas treats.

ADastardlyThing Mon 24-Dec-18 17:17:11

Oh. Oh this is heartbreaking. I'm currently trying to get a bit more info as to where he's been taken, just out of curiosity...........

Dp will kill me but fuck it.

ScreamingBadSanta Mon 24-Dec-18 17:21:16

Dastardly He looks such a friendly dog in the footage and he obviously trusted and liked the people who betrayed him so cruelly. sad

ADastardlyThing Mon 24-Dec-18 17:35:45

I know, I hope the owners cock drops off.

Mind you, people will know him, I can't imagine his Christmas is going well.


PrettyLovely Mon 24-Dec-18 17:37:59

Horrible, poor little dog 😣

Connie5858 Mon 24-Dec-18 19:21:56

It’s broke my heart
We have a dog and we have no intention of ever getting a second
But I’ve just said I can’t see it suffer and would have it

OliviaBenson Mon 24-Dec-18 19:25:32

Heartbreaking sad

glenthebattleostrich Mon 24-Dec-18 19:41:16

That's just made me cuddle arseholepuppy that little bit tighter.

My parents dog was being dumped when they took him. Bastard was fastening his leed to a lamppost and had dumped his food and water bowls. Dad asked him what he was doing and the bloke said oh they didn't expect him to grow so big and didn't want him anymore (he's a Labrador/ mastiff cross). And so dad brought him home temporarily until they could find him a home. I think they've stopped looking after 10 years!!

Bluetitbirdy Mon 24-Dec-18 19:47:18

Hope the dog is ok. I'm worried that it may have been hit by traffic seeing it run after it's owner car like that.

bourbonbiccy Mon 24-Dec-18 21:03:24

I understand how some people get to the point of not being able to cope but I just don't understand why they wouldn't at least take it to a shelter. I Just hate people that are so cruel, the poor dog must have been heartbroken.

So sad, glad a PP mentioned they at least have the dog, so that's good

Bigonesmallone3 Mon 24-Dec-18 21:08:30

I'm so glad this has been caught on CCTV
What a wanker

Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 24-Dec-18 21:11:39

Made me really cry. The ginger bastard will get lots of treats tonight! Not like he hasn't had a beach walk and swim and my undivided attention today...

RSPCA found my beautiful blonde greyhound by the side of the toad in Leicester. She lived with us until she passed away age 12 :-) long and very happy life. I wish all that for this cutie

FlyingMonkeys Mon 24-Dec-18 21:30:37

Oh god his little face 😢 plus two previous owners before and hes only 2 poor baby

Eatmycheese Mon 24-Dec-18 21:34:27

I hope karma comes knocking

Utter fucking cunt. And I hate that word.

youcanthaveitchyteeth Mon 24-Dec-18 22:29:26

Horrid nasty vile cunt I hope he dies a slow
Painful death

MrsTerryPratcett Mon 24-Dec-18 22:42:54

DDog just got an extra walk off the back of this story.

Little trusting face...sad

AloneInMyHead Mon 24-Dec-18 23:01:23

Bastard. Bastard. Bastard.

This will disgust so many people and draw so much attention to this lovely dog that I am sure he will now get a lovely home with people who deserve him. I think he will be very pampered when he does find a new home. I hope he can learn to trust and gets to feel love in a happy home.

We rehomed a cat who had been dumped at the roadside. Bastards were seen just throwing her out of the car and driving off. She died a few years ago, but had a lovely life with us, after her awful start. She was so loving and followed us everywhere.

Good luck Snoop.

sherrysfortea Mon 24-Dec-18 23:26:42

I'm not watching it it will upset me too much

I'm pleased he's been found and being cared for though. He looks adorable in the picture at the RSPCA, I'm sure people will come forward to home him after seeing this on the news.

RitaTheBeater Mon 24-Dec-18 23:31:35

My dog is a rescue and I hate thinking of her being abandoned. She must have thought they would come back for her and they didn’t.

We brought her home in the car and the next time we took her in the car she shook the whole way. We think she must have thought we were taking her back.

ILoveMaxiBondi Mon 24-Dec-18 23:35:17

I can’t watch it. I saw a still of it and that was enough. It baffles me that anyone could spend even hour with a dog and then just abandon it at the side of the road. They are scum. There is no other name for them. Scum. There is something seriously lacking in both the way you were raised and your actual brain for you to be able to do a thing like this. I truly hope that dog never feels fear like that again. It would kill me to think my dog thought I had left him and wasn’t coming back.

Wolfiefan Mon 24-Dec-18 23:39:21

Utter bastards. I love my pets and they bring joy every day. (Yes even the naughty torties). That people would do this beggars belief. Leave it at a rescue. Leave it tied up where it will be found. Do the decent thing and hand it over in person. Don’t abandon it to maybe be hit by a car etc.
I don’t have words. angry

Alliwantisthisorthat Mon 24-Dec-18 23:42:38

I saw this and it made me hug my 2 dogs that little bit tighter. I just can't understand why someone would that 😡. The poor dog clearly loved his owner so much and they just dump him like a bit of rubbish.

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