Isolating with DDs 11 and 13- what can we watch?!

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Confusedteacher Fri 26-Nov-21 00:06:23

We’ve all tested positive which means a week and a bit of the three of us at home together! I’m feeling a bit ropey… would really love to find a series to keep us all entertained.

Things they both like already- Gilmore Girls, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99

The 13yo likes Sherlock, Friends and Buffy but the 11yo doesn’t. The 11yo quite likes things like Bake Off and Come Dine With Me, but the 13yo isn’t particularly fussed.

They very rarely agree on films, apart from the weird phase they went through of watching every Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore romcom!

Thankfully we’re past the Victorious/ Sam and Cat/ weird mermaid shit stage grin

Any suggestions?!

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FortunesFave Fri 26-Nov-21 06:10:57

I'd say Stranger Things for the 13 year old but might frighten the 11 year old a bit if she's nervous. Thing is, there's a decent age gap...enough to make a difference in what they're able to enjoy it's hard.

30not13 Fri 26-Nov-21 06:12:25

Got Netflix?
Sugar Rush, Nailed it?

JuneOsborne Fri 26-Nov-21 06:15:36

Surely you just make them sit and watch every Christmas film that's on Netflix? fsmile

Bunce1 Fri 26-Nov-21 06:16:47

Parks and recreation
The repair ship
Dragons den
Master chef
Emily in Paris

LoveComesQuickly Fri 26-Nov-21 06:18:09

How about films as well as series? I'd say they're both old enough for The Hunger Games trilogy. The Truman Show went down well with my DC at that age. Life of Pi.

Confusedteacher Fri 26-Nov-21 08:27:10

Ooh good suggestions- I was thinking about some Christmas films like Last Christmas and The Holiday… would like to watch Love Actually with them but the 11yo might be a bit young.

The 13yo has watched Stranger Things but 11yo hates anything scary, which is why things like Buffy are out. Truman Show is a good idea! Haven’t seen Sugar Rush, is it like Bake Off?

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EvilPea Fri 26-Nov-21 08:34:30

If you bought an iPhone recently you might have access to apple tv for free.
Ted lasso is just brilliant, Central perk is good if they like bobs burgers.
You could see if theres a Britbox free trial at the moment, they've just put alan partridge on as well as all the christmas specials of gavin and stacey.

Derry girls and father ted on all 4?

GaladrielHiggins Fri 26-Nov-21 08:38:19

Do you have Disney? We loved The Mandalorian and The Mysterious Benedict Society

TwoBlondes Fri 26-Nov-21 08:41:09

Anne with an E

Hoptoit1 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:49:06

My 12 year olds are loving elementary at the moment.
Have also enjoyed young Sheldon, death in paradise, the hunger games trilogy (they've just read the book at school), big bang theory.

SilverPeacock Fri 26-Nov-21 08:58:03

Your 13yo sounds sane as minr - Sherlock and Buffy are faves.

I was going to say the Mandalorian if you have Disney. We loved it. There is peril but not too much.

Back to ghe Future. Second the Truman Show dd liked that. Shazam. Yes to Derry Girls.

The Good Place on Netflix.

EvilPea Fri 26-Nov-21 09:21:41

This is a very very odd suggestion but my 11 year old loved it. If you've got sky theres a ( sweary) documentary called "class Action Park"
Its about an adventure water park in america called Action Park and sort of sums up all the health and safety failings of the 80's/90's, its brilliantly done, and funny in a sensitive way.
She now understands why i say my childhood was a different time!!

ToughTittyWhompus Fri 26-Nov-21 09:24:12

Locke and Key

Comedycook Fri 26-Nov-21 09:27:01

Superstore!! It's dd11 and I love it.

It's on Netflix and itvhub I think

EvilPea Fri 26-Nov-21 09:40:34

Us office is more child friendly then the U.K. one. I struggled through the first series as it was so similar to the U.K. one, but the kids loved it and then I loved it from series 2.

InglouriousBasterd Fri 26-Nov-21 09:49:00

Dash and Lily! I’ve just watched this with my 11yo and she loved it!

rbe78 Fri 26-Nov-21 09:50:55

Good Omens on Amazon Prime - ours were your age when it came out and absolutely loved it (even though the 11 YO didn't get all the jokes).

Mimosa1 Fri 26-Nov-21 13:02:43

I loved all the Blackadders at that age

trevthecat Fri 26-Nov-21 13:03:29

All of sabrina the teenage witch is on prime 👀

Confusedcatlady1 Fri 26-Nov-21 13:07:29

Ghosts on BBC Iplayer is really good.

Confusedteacher Fri 26-Nov-21 21:14:59

Thanks for all the suggestions! We just watched 5 episodes of Superstore, it was definitely a hit, it’s brilliant grin 11yo also liked Sugar Rush

Loads on here I haven’t heard of, so I’ll look them up! Do you have to have watched Star Wars to understand the Mandalorian? They have never been that keen on sci fi…

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RestingStitchFace Fri 26-Nov-21 21:37:33

The Umbrella Academy
Derry Girls
Parks and Recreation
Raised by Wolves
Various series of Taskmaster (maybe a bit sweary in places, but fun.)

RestingStitchFace Fri 26-Nov-21 21:38:13

Yes to Ghosts too, pleasantly diverting...

Phineyj Fri 26-Nov-21 22:05:16

What about Upstart Crow? I reckon they'd enjoy the stroppy teenager, dad jokes and fake Shakespeare-y insults.

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