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PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 09:38:16

It's not quite time to don your woolly jumpers or stoke up your log fires for the winter - still some tennis to be played this season!

An exciting, mathematically challenging WTFs continues, new Davis Cup soon, etc...


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JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 15:55:52

He was right to if he has a bad cold.

Andy looks so happy when he talks about his children.

kazzaD66 Thu 14-Nov-19 15:59:08

Crikey, just seen the result. I wasn't expecting that! Did Dom not turn up or did Berrettini play with gay abandon, having nothing to lose confused

I haven't seen any Murray interviews as yet. Any talk of babies and soft play areas? grin

Fizzywinegum Thu 14-Nov-19 16:00:49

I think Thiem’s got a bit of a cold - Tim mentioned it a few times - I think I’ve caught it - feeling a bit rubbish - the weather here is awful and I’ve got to go out in a minute. It’s very cold, windy and rainy. Madrid sounds like a much better prospect - if only for the tapas and wine!

This is the first time I’ve seen the Andy Murray interview grin

kazzaD66 Thu 14-Nov-19 16:02:04

X post Jane re Andy

Who's got a bad cold?

Raahh Thu 14-Nov-19 16:02:56

Fizzy don't worry, if they've got any down time tomorrow, you will see it again.

It's like all the Konta match repeats at RG grin.

Fizzywinegum Thu 14-Nov-19 16:03:14

I thought Andy looked quite handsome in that interview (maybe I’m really ill grin) it was nice to hear him talking about his children

kazzaD66 Thu 14-Nov-19 16:03:36

Now x post with fizzy grin

Obviously, Dom has a bad cold!

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:03:36

Those cameras they used for the interview pick up every little detail. I would be hiding in my hoodie if they pointed it at me!

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:05:16

Berrettini was also feeling unwell but he didn't say what ails him.

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:08:41

I don't agree with this man!

Fizzywinegum Thu 14-Nov-19 16:11:49

Which man Jane? Chris Kermode?

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:12:49

Yes. AC needs to watch his words!

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:14:11

I don't like no ad tennis and if young people don't have the attention span to watch well tough!

Fizzywinegum Thu 14-Nov-19 16:15:27

Sue told Andrew off then grin. He blamed Djok for the whole Chris Kermode thing.

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:16:09

grin he better watch his back

PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 16:17:33

Yes the first set was close wasn't it - not sure if Dom was saving himself a bit especially if he has a cold or whatever it is, but Berrettini played well.

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PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 16:26:23

Argh sorry x-post with everyone!! I was a page behind.

Andy has nice green eyes Fizzy and a nice jawline. IMO grin

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magimedi Thu 14-Nov-19 16:53:13

I did like hearing AC speak out about Chris Kermode. Don't think AC is a fan of Djock.

Not often I say it, but GO Roger!

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Nov-19 16:57:30

It made me laugh when Sue said you're not supposed to talk about what happens in the meetings and AC said said "well rumour has it then". Tim was looking a bit worried grin

PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 17:02:12

grin I missed that bit

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Raahh Thu 14-Nov-19 17:17:56

magi I'm the same. It really is only for the numbers- I dislike them both equally really, for different reasons. grin

kazzaD66 Thu 14-Nov-19 17:36:45

I saw the Chris Kermode interview. He was very careful not to mention Cock, esp when Sue asked him if he still got on with ALL the players hmm

AC was clearly sticking up for CK and obviously doesn't think too highly of Djok
the players council in the whole episode. It's about the only time I've heard him speak (sort of) sense. (Can you tell it pains me to say this grin)

And yes, he did get a telling off from the headmistress, whilst Tim was obviously wishing he was building a car park somewhere, anywhere....just not in that studio at that time grin

PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 18:19:55

kazza grin I can tell you were posting that through gritted teeth. I

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PrivateSpidey Thu 14-Nov-19 18:21:21

Sorry posted too soon.

That does sound sensible from AC though. He might as well say what he thinks.

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Fizzywinegum Thu 14-Nov-19 18:39:09

It was probably the most sensible thing I’ve heard AC say tbh. Corporate Tim and Sue did look a bit uncomfortable though smile

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