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King Charles III

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Dawnedlightly Wed 10-May-17 21:18:57

Anyone else watching? I'm recording it and watching about 10 mins behind...
I'm enjoying the blank verse and lookylikies

KindergartenKop Wed 10-May-17 21:35:46

I'm loving it, it's a good premise.

GreenHairDontCare Wed 10-May-17 21:38:07

I might download it tomorrow. But, he won't be Charles III will he? They all start using a middle name iirc.

Maudlinmaud Wed 10-May-17 21:40:12

Blank verse, really? Could I sell it to students do you think?

NormaSmuff Wed 10-May-17 21:40:41

Struggling to concentrate on it

peukpokicuzo Wed 10-May-17 21:42:33

Elizabeth II uses her first name. But yes I've heard the plan was for him to be George VII - however I suspect he will choose not to follow that plan when the time comes

KindergartenKop Wed 10-May-17 21:42:46

They don't all use a middle name (see Elizabeth II). King Charles is a bit of an unlucky one though...

Dawnedlightly Wed 10-May-17 21:43:23

Maudlin blush
I think it's blank verse- sort of rhymey, sort of Shakespearean? Free verse? #notanEnglishteacher

CormorantDevouringTime Wed 10-May-17 21:44:05

I think he's decided on George, but obviously Charles III is an easier title to sell the play under. Not watching but I listened to the radio version last year and really enjoyed it. (Except that there is no way on god's earth that Chazza would go to the wall for that particular cause. I get the dramatic irony, but no, not in a million years).

Dawnedlightly Wed 10-May-17 21:44:30

Although the dogs do have big ears 😂

AlwaysTheWinner Wed 10-May-17 21:45:52

I am enjoying the Shakespearean language too!

Maudlinmaud Wed 10-May-17 21:46:33

Oh I'm so excited, I'll watch it on catch up.
Blank verse is unrhymed usually in iambic pentametre, but not always.

elephantoverthehill Wed 10-May-17 21:46:50

I started watching but I think I will watch it properly on Friday night when I am not too tired to concentrate.

CormorantDevouringTime Wed 10-May-17 21:47:07

Yes it's proper Shakespearean blank verse. I think a carefully chosen scene or two might work well for students.

GardeningWithDynamite Wed 10-May-17 21:48:05

Wouldn't it be cool if William became King Arthur? (think that's one of his middle names)

NataliaOsipova Wed 10-May-17 21:49:00

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that it was better (not brilliant, but better) on the stage. It's an interesting idea, but is too contrived to be wholly successful.

NormaSmuff Wed 10-May-17 21:49:45

I do like the language but not Diana ghostly apparitions

SetPhasersTaeMalkie Wed 10-May-17 21:52:17

I'm not enjoying the blank verse. At all.

I'm hard pressed not to laugh at Diana's ghost too.

Perhaps it worked better in the theatre?

RustyBear Wed 10-May-17 21:52:34

I saw the play at Wyndham's in 2015, that was a very bare stage, so this has a very different feel.

Incidentally, Mike Bartlett also wrote last Saturday's Doctor Who episode.

RustyBear Wed 10-May-17 21:53:52

The ghost on the stage was very vague, more just a shadow half hidden by a curtain at the back of the stage.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 10-May-17 21:56:01

I like it now I've got used to it. DS and I can't quite get over the fact that Harry is the same Harry as in the rather more lowbrow The Windsors. It's disconcerting.

SuperBeagle Wed 10-May-17 21:56:48

I'll still call him King Chuck.

TheOriginalChatelaine Wed 10-May-17 22:13:34

Iambic pentemeter within the blank verse is giving it a Shakespearean quality. I'm enjoying it.

KindergartenKop Wed 10-May-17 22:17:58

William, you usurper!

viques Wed 10-May-17 22:22:05

Very clever! Diana getting her revenge at last....

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