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Anyone watching Modern Family S7?

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MissBattleaxe Wed 30-Mar-16 17:29:55

I loved this when I first stumbled across it but now we're at series 7, I'm sort of thinking maybe it's all been done. Everyone's older. I can sort of see the jokes coming... I don't know. The jury's out for me, although I'm such a fan I even feel disloyal slagging it off.

Oogle Thu 31-Mar-16 10:54:43

I love Modern Family but I have struggled a bit with this series. Some of the previous episodes have had me and my husband crying with laughter but I am wondering if it's had it's day. Actually series 6 was hilarious so I did have high hopes for this series. Lily is brilliant.

The thought of no new Modern Family makes me sad though!

MissBattleaxe Thu 31-Mar-16 11:01:54

Yes I haven't laughed much at this one. They may have done all the jokes. The poor writers have really got to come up with the goods.

Oogle Thu 31-Mar-16 11:15:49

I wonder if it's because they write, read through and film in such a short space of time?

I have the boxset of 1-5 and could watch them over and over, they don't get boring. I think the Dunphy kids growing up has caused a few issues, I'd imagine it's very difficult to write for Alex when she's at college, for example.

CaptainHammer Thu 31-Mar-16 14:15:08

Oogle, I wrote a reply but it was basically the same as yours!
I can't imagine there being no Modern Family and I think it could still be good but it's not amazing at the moment. I'm going to stick with it though as the episodes aren't long!

DH and I were wondering after the latest episode if Andy and Haley were still together? I'm sure they are but I can't remember and she hasn't mentioned him recently (or I'm paying even less attention to it than I thought!)

GladysKravitz Thu 31-Mar-16 15:01:01

I agree, I think it's lost its way this series. The kids are annoying and the best characters, like Phil and Gloria, are underused. Even Mitch and Cam aren't getting any funny lines. The bit about the ducks mirroring the kids was just cringy.

It's such a shame because I used to love it! But now I prefer the superior writing of The Middle, American Dad and The Last Man on Earth.

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 31-Mar-16 15:17:23

I think the issue that they don't have any long running storylines in the background. The Haley and Andy "will they, won't they" was resolved quickly. There's nothing to keep you coming back. I still watch it but def prefer The Middle.

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 31-Mar-16 15:17:55

And I'll never forgive the writers for messing around with Mitch and Cam's wedding episode :/

PennyHasNoSurname Thu 31-Mar-16 15:23:52

Ahhh I still love it. Admittedly its not as funny as it once was, but certain aspects are still great. Phil is still amazing. Alex is still sufficiently dry and witty.

However Manny is just not the cutesy kid anymore. And sometimes things go a bit to "comic"

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 31-Mar-16 15:25:38

I think they could have fun with extras like people who rent rooms with Mitch and Cam, or Claire's new work colleagues and even some friends for Manny.

MissBattleaxe Thu 31-Mar-16 17:36:15

And I'll never forgive the writers for messing around with Mitch and Cam's wedding episode :/

I cried buckets at that one. Why didn't you like it?

And Yes- where is adorable Andy? He and Phil had great scenes together.

GeezeLouiseBelcher Thu 31-Mar-16 17:45:32

Phil is the best character. And Claire. Love them!

SheHasAWildHeart Thu 31-Mar-16 18:06:08

Andy is still around I saw him in the last episode.

Cam & Mitch's wedding - all that faffing around with venues was tiresome, they deserved better as one of the few gay couples on TV, although admittedly when Jay saved the day that was touching. Also loved it when Phil surprised Claire and they renew their wedding vows.

NotJanine Thu 31-Mar-16 19:21:30

I still love watching it, although the earlier episodes are still the best.

Not enjoying Luke at all though, the actor who plays him is getting worse! Phil is a superb character and so well played. I think Haley is the best of the 'children' she has very good comic skills: timing, facial expressions. Pity they can't all stay the same age, like The Simpsons

MargotLovedTom Thu 31-Mar-16 19:28:35

It's unnerving as I was watching S3 which was being repeated on Sky ( and was the one series I hadn't seen) while simultaneously watching the current series, and jumping between little Luke and hulking man Luke was unnerving to say the least.
I still love Jay, Gloria, Cam and Phil. Claire's nervous twitchiness is exhausting somemes though. Agree Sarah Hyland (Haley) is a wonderful actress - can do comedy and pathos.

JolieMadame Thu 31-Mar-16 19:46:47

I couldn't get past series 3 although I loved one and two.

Total victim of its own success - so called "normal" family are now dyed blonde, tanned and sculpted beyond possibility and I find them completely unbelievable.

Such a shame, it was really funny.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 31-Mar-16 19:59:03

It's not been as good but I'm really appreciating less Phil.

I love Jay the most, such a great actor with such pathos.

The best bit was him and the old guy last episode.

MadisonAvenue Thu 31-Mar-16 22:28:36

I've lost interest with it this series, in fact I can't remember when we last watched it and it used to be a show we'd all sit and watch together as it aired on Sky. They're all recorded on the Sky box though.

We never miss The Middle though, although I get frustrated at the lack of Region 2 box sets for it.

Ouch44 Fri 01-Apr-16 07:50:28

I'm part way through series 7 though and lost it. Which channel is it on? My series link has failed! Will have to search later. We are such big fans in this house even tried to make a self-flipping pancake with DS like Phil & Luke.

Going to check out The Middle.

NotJanine Fri 01-Apr-16 09:14:22

It's on Sky One

I've never watched The Middle, seen the trailers and thought it looked awful. Maybe I should give it a go.

MadisonAvenue Fri 01-Apr-16 14:15:13

The Middle is excellent, and completely underrated. I've actually shed tears over it, especially when the eldest son graduated from high school. You do need to watch from the beginning though. I know older episodes are shown (as well as new) on Comedy Central but I'm not sure if it appears on Sky's box sets feature, it's on Amazon Prime TV or whatever it's called but you have to pay extra for it and the actual physical box sets haven't been released here since series 2 and we're on 7 now.

Cerseirys Fri 01-Apr-16 14:18:13

Manny writing poetry and chasing after various girls was cute when he was younger but now that he's about 16 it's getting a bit creepy.

Lily however, is brilliant, and I agree that Sarah Hyland is a very good comic actress.

foragogo Fri 01-Apr-16 15:22:19

one of the recent episodes had me laughing out loud like the good old days, the one where they go to Paris - still love this show

Davros Fri 01-Apr-16 16:38:09

We still enjoy it. What is The Middle? Is it the same as Malcolm in the Middle?

NotJanine Fri 01-Apr-16 18:36:30

foragogo - going to Paris? I've not seen that one, are you further ahead? Last one I saw was Jay taking a flying lesson

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