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24 hours in the Past ,BBC ONE

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FujimotosElixir Tue 28-Apr-15 21:37:06

the victorians, its all so grim isnt it? tygers face looks strange to me.

Raggydoll Tue 28-Apr-15 21:47:22

Me too! It's so odd - does he have a broken nose or is it cosmetic - tbh it's very distracting

Hulababy Tue 28-Apr-15 22:01:33

Quite enjoyed the programme. 13y did did too.

FujimotosElixir Tue 28-Apr-15 22:06:58

god knows at first i wonder if it was a big spot lol...i did want to flick goody 2 shes ann!!!

FujimotosElixir Tue 28-Apr-15 22:09:14

*goody 2 shoes ...i quite enjoyed it too, is this a series or a one off..

MissWimpyDimple Tue 28-Apr-15 22:35:49

It's a series!
And yes. What was going on with his nose? He has either recently broken it or he's had a nose-job. Very odd.

DramaQueenofHighCs Wed 29-Apr-15 08:12:42

I'm loving it so far! Also glad to see my favourites seem to be coming out on top and that I'm not the only one who has noticed Tyger's face!

OeufieTheEggaphant Wed 29-Apr-15 12:52:32

Just started watching it and came looking for a thread to see of anyone knew what had happened to his face hmmconfused

OeufieTheEggaphant Wed 29-Apr-15 13:39:51

Just googled it and he said on Twitter

it's my forehead, I tripped over stopping my dog run in front of a car the day before!

Mystery solved!

FujimotosElixir Wed 29-Apr-15 14:02:54

lol bless him as if hes been forced to clarify via twitter,

OeufieTheEggaphant Wed 29-Apr-15 14:19:57

I wonder how many messages he had asking the same question! Looks painful, poor boy.

DramaQueenofHighCs Wed 29-Apr-15 17:03:52

Awww. I can't wait til the next episode.

FujimotosElixir Wed 29-Apr-15 17:42:26

what period is the next episode?

DramaQueenofHighCs Wed 29-Apr-15 18:58:48

It's all Victorian period just different jobs. Plus what you see is really what went on as in they did really wear the old smelly clothes, sleep on the floor and have no mobile phones etc.

So who do do we think is going to 'win'?

DramaQueenofHighCs Tue 05-May-15 22:14:34

So what did everyone think of today's episode?

Samcro Tue 05-May-15 22:29:35

anne was bloody annoying

DramaQueenofHighCs Tue 05-May-15 22:32:18

She was wasn't she! Looks like she's going to be worse next week! The others were great though!

dillite Thu 07-May-15 23:10:34

I just caught up on the first two episodes- really enjoyed them. Anne was incredibly annoying. And so was Zoe with her crying over gutting a bloody fish. I also really didn't like how they refused to do things- that really shouldn't be allowed to happen, as I doubt that Victorians got to refuse jobs very often.

Do you know whether all the other people were actors, or do they actually live like that? They seemed to know a lot about how to do everything and how things used to be done.

justasingularity Fri 08-May-15 10:51:14

I'm just waiting for Anne to rebel and start a revolution and by the end of the series to have completely changed her political allegiances grin

ProfYaffle Fri 08-May-15 11:00:27

What do you mean by 'live like that', do you mean re-enactors? I think they're probably a mixture of people who do that plus subject matter experts such as the Head Ostler in the last episode, he was a horse expert. I assume you recognise Ruth from all the other programmes she's done? She's kind of Queen Re-enactor.

dillite Fri 08-May-15 13:34:36

I mean live day-to day in Victorian era only in the 21st century. I thought that Ruth looked familiar. But I guess all the people were there simply as re-enacterers. Do you know where they filmed? Was it a studio with Victorian sets?

ProfYaffle Fri 08-May-15 16:00:45

Well, obviously no-one can make a living from living as a Victorian. Some people have hobbies being re-enactors from various eras. I don't know where it was filmed but there are a few places like Beamish where it could be.

Hulababy Fri 08-May-15 17:25:19

Two of the locations are National Trust properties, from looking at their website:

New Inn at Stowe in Buckinghamshire
The Workhouse in Nottinghamshire.

Hulababy Fri 08-May-15 17:28:51

Also, the Black Country Living Museum

DramaQueenofHighCs Fri 08-May-15 17:33:50

They were real locations and the 'other' people were indeed a mix of experts, ordinary people and re-enactors.

There were lots of good bits that didn't get shown, (was edited to make good tv of course) and what you see on TV Is what you get. The celebrities' 'scrub' between locations was a cold water Victorian style scrub, not a shower and they (or at least one of them) apparently stunk to high heaven by the end of the experience.

If anyone is really really desperate to know the locations I may or may not be able to get them from my 'source'. (An acquaintance/friend of mine - as in not quite close enough to them to firmly call them a friend but too close to call an acquaintance. )

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